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No work still!!! No jobs anywhere. Year and half unemployed

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posted on Oct, 21 2012 @ 11:09 PM
Here's an easy

Do you have these qualities?

- Experienced handling large volumes of calls
- Presentable
- Proficient in English
- Responsible
- Punctual
- Great Interpersonal Skills

$15 an hour

That's one...of 100...posted TODAY

posted on Oct, 21 2012 @ 11:20 PM
Well my advice is simple...

The two associates degrees are worthless

Detroit right

Odds on your liberal... either way, you are going to have to abandon the liberal stronghold and let it die... the taxes and cost are way to high

Children or no children

Two prong attack....

1)lower all your cost

cheaper food
lower cost of electric bills
lower water bill
lower insurance cost
Lower car cost

2) job search
no dice on whining
everyone of my friends who has been looking for jobs have them... (my help)

all bills are taken care of with savings growing

sorry every thing you mentioned, are excuses... are you to good to work for that amount of money...

Well beside entitlement issues here I can see why you were not hired... your various post in this thread point to why... My gf is a manager... she read it and said nope out the bat...

she said if you were whining about not finding a job for 10 an hour it means you did not learn anything in college.... To her it means you have no work ethic and mangers who make a living off reading employees sense this... you come off in the interview as bad vibe and not worth it

we have a lot to cover if you want help... a lot...I am rude, mean, crass and everything else because most of you dont have the courage to say this to this man..

If you listen I will help, otherwise enjoy being broke...

Mods if there are complaints it is because people are scared and yet do not want to do what is necessary to live. I will not apologize for the truth...and will walk through this help

posted on Oct, 21 2012 @ 11:29 PM
my answer in part

Kent Walls rant III:testicular fortitude

lowering prices I answered

first part is get your cost lowered one way or another

part two is .... I'll help but I am the family member people call on only when they need something... not for dinner

posted on Oct, 22 2012 @ 12:20 AM
reply to post by Jordan River

I'm sorry to hear about your difficulty. Again.
However, I haven't had a full time gig in over 3 years. I still manage between $17,000, and $25,000 for these last few years.
My industry is Performing arts, and my area is not a huge market for them.
Now, I am versatile as I am a drummer, technical director, production manager, lighting and Scenic designer, electrician and carpenter. But still anyone with skills should be able to make some money regardless.
I turned down min. wage jobs, because I can make more working piecemeal.
Find your niche, and succeed.
Don't make excuses for yourself.

In some ways I'm on your side. The job market sucks, but you can make a living if you try. We think to much of full time gigs. I've found I can make as much or more in less time working as needed (in a very specific industry), than I did working full time.

posted on Oct, 22 2012 @ 01:29 AM
reply to post by Jordan River

There are jobs out there. Though probably not the ones you want. Been there, done that.

The one thing that differentiates between you and me was and my folks made no bones about it, once you leave the nest...there ain't no returning.

Oh, you can visit for a period, it's just you can't live here.

It's quite the motivator.

Look into logistics & the trucking industry. They are always hiring and pay well. Of course, truckers are rarely home, but after three to ten years, you can usually transfer to another company who gives weekends off.

Screw them degrees for now...think certification. The degrees will come in handy later.

I'm a high school drop out who started attending community colleges and was the first in my class to retire. I still don't have a degree, but I have quite a few certs. I did this by joining the military and using every opportunity to further my education. ...a...time. Bought and paid for up front.

Good luck. Don't be afraid to move on, just be aware. You can do it as well.
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posted on Oct, 22 2012 @ 11:05 AM
This sounds pretty familiar, I also live in Michigan and honestly it is pretty hard to find a job right now, and I even have a degree. I have basically done everything I can do for now, with over 80 applications and resumes out there, it's a waiting game. I crawl job websites everyday, yes even craigslist. The thing with craigslist is that it seems like half of the job postings are not quite legit. They say they are looking for one position, but then call me back and offer me a different position with which i do not have experience. That has happened to me 4 times. It is more than frustrating and can totally relate.
What I have done, is switched gears. I just started getting my pale doughy butt in gear and decided to take the entry level law enforcement exam to be a conservation officer. It's free, and if you pass you get put on an active hiring list and if you are chosen the training is free. I would go through police academy, which is paid for by the state. So I thought why the hell not. It's an extremely long process, but I have absolutely nothing to lose.
That may be what you need to do, not this exactly, but totally switch gears. maybe try something that you never saw yourself doing before.
Good luck, and stay positive and remember you are not alone.

posted on Oct, 23 2012 @ 09:35 AM
reply to post by Jordan River

McDonalds, Wendys, you name it....they mostly hire 100% students and just a few out of thousands of older people.

Im assuming that poster above has never done it, or doesnt need to. Lucky him/her.

Im in Detroit area as well.

My wife cant get past the GOLDEN CALL for an interview...which is what everyone waits for that never comes...and when it does, nothing happens.

For her....its 3 years. Hard on us? Absolutely. Check your U2U, Im sending you something. God bless...dont give up...
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posted on Oct, 23 2012 @ 11:16 AM

McDonalds, Wendys, you name it....they mostly hire 100% students and just a few out of thousands of older people.

Im assuming that poster above has never done it, or doesnt need to. Lucky him/her.

Do what? Work for McDonald's or Wendy's? I guess I'm confused because it's not in the same paragraph, if that's what you mean then I called around to a few places to inquire and all of the jobs were part time, and I'm talking 15 hours a week at 7.50 an hour. That's barely worth the gas money to even get there, besides the fact that there is no health insurance. Also, I did work for Burger King for 3 years out of necessity so, yes I have done it.
And as for the lucky comment, yes I suppose I am lucky enough to choose not to work for McDonald's or Wendy's because I have found a different "gig" I guess you would call it helping a family member's campaign for a seat on the local college's board of trustees. In return, she is paying what little bills I have (my phone and car insurance) by the way I am married and my spouse is employed so he is still taking care of his half of the bills. Yes, I guess I am lucky to have awesome family.
But this was really never the point. My point was, that it's hard to find a job, even with a degree and certifications and that it may be time to reevaluate some skill sets and maybe try something different.

posted on Oct, 23 2012 @ 01:03 PM
In a attempt to respond to everyones comment as of lately, i've been absent due to a tramatic day. I will try to give everyones comment the benefit of a doubt on helping me. I've been drained

posted on Oct, 23 2012 @ 05:58 PM
Take a look here and see if anything will help you. I created that thread specifically to address issues such as you have expressed. Basically you need to get your head into a different space because what you are doing obviously isn't working.

Given what you have said, it looks like your biggest issue is where you are. You are living in a city that has failed utterly. We can argue why this has happened forever, but we can't really argue that it hasn't happened. Unless you think a miracle is going to happen and Detroit will suddenly become as vibrant and exciting a place as, say, Hiroshima, then I think you need to evaluate whether it is worth your while to stay there. It is NOT true that "every other place is the same." In my area there are "Help Wanted" signs in the store windows.

Now retail never made a clerk rich, but if you want out of the minimum wage world, you need to be qualified at something people will hire you for. Obviously, those two AA degrees aren't doing much for you now, so long term you might want to get yourself trained in something with better prospects. Liberal arts is not going to cut it.

It is not true that there are no jobs. There are planty of them. It's just that you haven't gotten yourself into one of those spaces. I have a friend who has just been offered three separate jobs, all paying him over $200K per year. Indeed, these three firms are vying for him, upping the ante trying to get him. Why? Because he has the skills these firms need. But even he will have to move to California to accept one of them, leaving extended family behind.

So: Short term: Get out of Detroit and think about what I've said in the link above. Long term: Get yourself better educated. That's what it will take. And good luck.

posted on Oct, 23 2012 @ 09:08 PM
reply to post by Felyn

Ive u2u'd the OP with some leads....Youve taken it the wrong way. Theres nothing, nothing, NOTHING wrong with working any of these you, I have as well. My point was that there are thousands of applicants..even un-employed execs here in Mi lined up for those jobs. Now too, even at Home Depot, Walmarts...nearly everywhere..go in, ask about leaving an application...they point you to a corner and a computer. Ive posted this conversation from this very Forum.
Re-evaluating your choices doesnt help much when it leads to this:

(I get applicants every day and the conversation goes exactly like this: EVERY-DAY.) *One of the Big 3 Auto Makers Business and Plant Managemnt Offices-Worldwide

Applicant:“I’d like to see someone in Human Resources please”?
Me: ” Im sorry, there is no one to talk to”.

Them: “Ok, I’d like to leave my resume then.”
Me: “Sorry, we don’t accept any resumes.”

Them: “Fine. Then can you tell me when that person would be in?”
Me: “There wont be any person in to talk to. The Human Resources here is not for that. They don’t hire.”

Them: “Ok. Where can I send my resume to?”
Me: “They wont accept any resumes”.

Them: “Then, how can I apply here?”
Me: “You cant apply here or at any sites. Youll have to go online and fill out an application and attach your resume there.”

Them: “Ok. Where do I send it to then?”.
Me: “Ive no clue. You have to go online.”

Them: “Well, then…when will someone look at it and call me in for an interview?”
Me: “They wont call you back and probably youll not hear from anyone. They will call you if theres some opening somewhere-sometime”

Them: (now totally frustrated): “How then do you even apply for a job, get my resume looked at, and just TALK to someone”?
Me: “You wont. They’ll call you maybe sometime.”

That’s how it is here in Michigan whether its McDonalds, Home Depot or Walmarts…nearly everywhere. You have executives trying to get into minimum wage jobs with very impressive qualifications.

Its the same for everyone: Go online and apply. Jump into the stack of applicants....all of which will never even get an acknowledgment they applied. [url=]

posted on Oct, 23 2012 @ 09:12 PM
reply to post by Felyn

Attention all respondents: Thanks again for your responses to this thread. Lets try and help the op, ok? Im gonna try...Peace

posted on Oct, 23 2012 @ 09:14 PM
reply to post by mysterioustranger

Finally someone who gets it... Honestly at&t will be one of my hotspots to hit up tomarrow thx a lot.
and yes that is the rhetoric

posted on Oct, 24 2012 @ 04:38 AM
Talk to Obama, he created 5million jobs in his term in office, he might have one for you lol

posted on Oct, 24 2012 @ 09:56 AM
reply to post by mysterioustranger

Sorry, I guess I misunderstood what you were trying to convey, and took it the wrong way. I totally agree, it's almost not even worth it to "hit the streets" as far as job search goes anymore. I've also ran into "We are having a job fair on this date" oh great you mean I get to stand in line for 3 hours with 150 other people for one position. Awesome!
On the topic, I know there are a few Best Buys that are hiring Best Buy particularly the one in Novi I know for sure.
Also Comcast is doing some hiring for a couple different positions in different areas Comcast/Infinity
Both are pretty good companies to work for with good benefits and pretty good pay.
I know this may not be helpful, because like mysteriousstranger said, there are a LOT of people applying for not a lot of jobs, aside from actually leaving the state there's not much you can do but fill out applications online, and then wait. Try not to get to down on yourself though, there are thousands of people going through the same thing.
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posted on Oct, 24 2012 @ 12:53 PM
reply to post by Felyn

Thanks for the reply friend! Im lucky to even have a secure job these days and am able to volunteer in my city. My wifes not been so lucky...lets all try and give those searchers a hand and a lot of credit for persevering.

And any job leads we hear of! Thank you again!

posted on Oct, 24 2012 @ 01:07 PM
reply to post by Jordan River

Check your U2U box every so often afew days apart....Ill send you stuff as I get them.

posted on Oct, 24 2012 @ 08:25 PM
Pretty rough up north here too. Been doing odd jobs the last few years and still live at home as well. I've been looking for jobs in Mt. Pleasant(nearly impossible with all the college students) for months. And now I am looking in Caro as well. No luck as of yet for me. But it has got to be really rough down in D-Town. Best of luck.

posted on Oct, 24 2012 @ 08:42 PM
reply to post by Jordan River

Indiana is building several assisted living facilities throughout the state. Your degrees will get you work.

posted on Apr, 2 2013 @ 08:35 AM
why not try looking for security guard jobs in Detroit? Easiest job in the world and usually always hiring to baby sit buildings and stuff.. most people dont like working night shifts also so it might be more available.. Get paid to sit around 95% of the time... at least until you can move on to something better. But it might be more dangerous to do in Detroit....

Certifications and degrees wont get you anywhere because you'll have no work experience. They only hire experienced workers first. New graduates don't stand a chance and you'll end up volunteering for free for who knows how long just to get some experience. It's always good to have the certification or degree but it usually takes forever to actually find a job with one in this day and age. Every field you research people say the same thing... no jobs for new grads.. no work experience? you'll never get hired.. market flooded with new grads...

2013 and there's still no real work anywhere.
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