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Libyan Rebels Using Chemical Weapons Against Other Libyans?

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posted on Oct, 21 2012 @ 07:21 PM

This time the pro-occupation media are acknowledging the commission of further crimes against humanity after ignoring the usage of chemical and other illegal weapons on cities refusing to surrender to the U.S.-led occupation of Libya last year. Photo: 12-year old Abdullah wounded by chemical attacks

There are also unconfirmed reports that chemical weapons may have been used in the fighting.
Ali Alkasih, a spokesman for the Warfalla Tribe abroad – the same tribe which supported Gaddafi throughout his 42 year rule – told RT by email that chemical weapons had been used in the attack resulting in one death and dozens suffering from suffocation. He added that tanks and artillery had also been used, information based on personal sources in the town.
RT was unable to verify these reports but Annie Machon, a former agent in Britain’s MI5, told RT that, “Gaddafi’s regime is reported to have stockpiled chemical weapons while in power so there is a possibility that there are still a lot of old chemical weapons floating about in Libya that might fall into rebel militia.” Although she added that she doubted that, “This stuff has been given to the official Libyan army and is being used against dissident populations.”

RT Discussion with former British MI5 Agent (after the 5 second add)

At least when Saddam gassed the Kurds there was the ideological difference in that these were people who did not see themselves as Iraqi, and were often fighting with the other country (Iran) against him.
But the people suffering in Bani Walid really do see themselves as Libyan. They are not being supported by another country either -just making a last stand against the Western-backed, mercenary government we have imposed onto Libya.
Really it’s a shame if the use of these weapons is almost a good thing in that it delivers attention to the sheer evil of our mercenaries actions and involvement with them.

Other Things MSN Has Tried to Keep From You…
1. Libyan "Rebels" crying & threatening government for not getting paid...

2. Famous: BBC Airs “Live Footage” of Libyan Rebels Celebrating in Tripoli with Indian Flag

3.Good things Gaddafi did: Literacy from less than 20% to over 83%
Other facts:

4. Massive Rebel-Mercenary Killings & Torture of Black People Kept Hidden

5. Similar News Distortion…
Syrian Rebels try to use prisoner as unwitting suicide bomber –was almost immediately withdrawn from BBC news.

Privatisation of Libya continues despite (or because of?) low prices brought by chaos

This was already underway under Gaddafi, but has now been accelerated (as well as ruined by Libya’s chaos)

TRIPOLI (Reuters) - Half of Libya's economy will shift into private hands within 10 years, a privatisation official said, creating opportunities for foreign investors to snap up assets in the oil-exporting country.
After decades of Socialist-style economic policy and international isolation, Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has begun tentative liberalisation of some parts of the economy and foreign investors are beginning to return.

And Romney says he’d be even more heavily involved in Libya!!! Really Demo-Rep's choices are marvelous: War under Obama, or more war under Romney. Nice to know what countless US patriots have really fought & died for.


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