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Earth, Heaven, Imagination, Reality, Matrix, Doom and the meaning of 2012!!!!

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posted on Oct, 21 2012 @ 04:06 PM
we belong to 2 realities. the invisible reality, and the invisible reality. the imagination is invisible, and the physical reality is visible. earth is limited. the imagination is unlimited. EARTH IS A SMALL PIECE OF THE IMAGINATION. earth is the product of the imagination. earth was designed to be limited. but we as human beings within the imagination have the ability to access the imagination which is unlimited. we can bring things from the imagination into the earth. it is very important to understand that we belong to the imagination, and that means EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. our present earth is only focused on the idea of reason and fact. this is good. in fact very good, but earth has neglected the imagination. this halts our progress. how can anything change if we dont imagine a new world? the imagination is everything that reality is and then more. it is the truth. earth is just the imagination with perceived limits placed upon it.

your soul is your rational mind and your ego mind. heaven is your imagination. your soul exist within the realm of imagination. when you imagine that your god that becomes reality for you. your complete mind is what makes you god. this is because you live within the imagination and the physical world. find the perfect mix for yourself. imagination a world where you are god. imagine what you would create. if you believe in your imagination it will become real. this is the nature of reality. continue to believe in a new world. a new paradise will emerge. IMAGINATION IS REALITY, AND REALITY IS IMAGINATION. you create your reality and experience your reality simultaneously. DONT SEPARATE YOURSELF FROM YOUR IMAGINATION. the world will tell you that your not a god, or that your not the creator of reality. believe this if you choose, but it will damn you and you will become a victim to reality, and not a creator of reality. its your choice. thats the best thing of creation. your mind, and your choice.

THE IMAGINATION IS GOD. we are within god and god is within us. god is nothing more the other half of us. the imagination created everything. it is the beginning and the end or our reality. it created us and it is us. earth tries to classify the imagination as false, fake, unreal, or impossible. this is a crucial mistake. we must understand that we need our imaginations to rebirth the world.

earth was birthed from imagination. but earth has forsaken the imagination. EARTH IS MEANT TO BE LIMITED, BUT WITH ACCESS TO THE UNLIMITED. if we open the door of imagination then we can change our earth. everything is created by agreement, and belief in the imagination. so if we agree to recreate and restructure earth according to the imagination...then imagination will manifest what we desire. THIS IS ONE REASON WHY 2012 IS AN IMPORTANT LANDMARK.

We are again dreaming of a world that is harmonious, and its not just a few people. its many different people from many different walks of life.

if you cannot believe in the new world how will you ever enter into it? how can you ever discover it?

rediscover your imagination and believe that it is the true source of reality

if your money minded
how can you imagine a world without limits?
if your politically minded
how can you imagine a world in which there are no rulers?
if your negatively minded
how can you imagine peace?
if your self minded
how can you imagine unity?
if you are religiously minded
how can you imagine that you are God?

allow yourself to imagine. believe in your imagination. trust and have faith in your imagination.

imaginations is reality, and reality is imagination. bring the two together as one and watch your world change. you as an individual have the answer to the problems that plague the world. so what are they? what are the solutions? this may sound like a shallow question but it is deep very deep. ask yourself what if i were god?

if your always thinking about whats not possible how can you experience the impossible? if your always thinking about reality how can you perceive the imagination?

posted on Oct, 21 2012 @ 04:18 PM

posted on Oct, 21 2012 @ 04:28 PM
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And thus my signature I've had since registering is amplified just a bit more.

posted on Oct, 21 2012 @ 05:01 PM

Originally posted by soulshn

my favorite song...john was way before his time

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