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The duality of the mind swirl

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posted on Oct, 21 2012 @ 02:59 PM
When two or more indivduals occupy the same physical space the form of that space will be deterimed by certain behaviours; and niceities that if not exercised in unison can lead to a inception of a homogeneous form of characteristics that moves amd shift in swirl.

Now im not saying the swirl it is a bad thing in itself, because as the swirl by its very nature encompasses lateral movement; and some of the greatest ideas ever the world has experienced has seen them arise out of this.

We must ask ourselfs however can a person who thinks insides the swirl of feelings of ideas, can they maintain the tread in its currents, can they keep head above water indefiniety and not tired, be dragged beneath the depths?

Can a person become addicted to the lure of the swirl?

And what is the lure exactly?

and if they feel themselves tiring by its undertoe what can they do or anyone else do to ensure they stay aloft?

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