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Vlad the Impaler, Prince Charles and a Scientific Study [Truth Stranger Than Fiction?]

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posted on Oct, 22 2012 @ 11:47 AM

Originally posted by Wonderer2012

Human sacrifice dates back to ancient times and whilst it may not seem to happen today, there are hints all around us that 'something' is still alive and well. Note the floor in the artwork for Michael Jackson’s 1997 album called ‘Blood on the Dance Floor’-

Some would argue this is very ritualistic, you have skyscrapers in the background with a dust cloud forming (as happened when the twin towers collapsed), the title is written to appear as blood and we have the black and white chequered floor, the same floor that can be seen in this picture of Vlad the Impaler-

Note that he is dressed in red just as Michael Jackson was in the 1997 album cover and the same black and white chequered floor.

Hi Wonderer 2012 -

You notes several clues which are quite consistent with Royal Families, Ritual Blood Sacrifice, Illuminati Practices and folklore and legends which are actually myths born of reality. Vampires exist, insofar as groups of barbaric potentates including leading Royals and top Illuminati figures continue to this day the routine kidnaping of children and their torture and sacrifice for the purposes of drinking their blood and even eating their flesh. This reaches into several layers of society brought together for multiple reasons, one of which is the youth effect of baby blood as well as the drug effect of "ADRENALCHROME" which is secreted in large quantities by the child's glands into the bloodstream under the effect of horrendous torture such as being skinned alive. THIS IS WHAT THEY GET HIGH ON.

That Vlad the impaler also partook in this by eating the flesh or drinking the blood of his empaled victims is quite logical. I expect that their blood may have been collected like tree sap for maple syrup on the impaling posts? In any case there are eyewitnesses who testify to Prince Charles and family participating in similar ceremonies and there is even allusion made to this in The Beatles' record album's first cover before it was withdrawn, which showed maimed babies as they presumably witnessed in such goings on amidst the British Upper crust.

Such practices are not limited to Royals, Global Warming advocate and former US Vice-President Al Gore is alleged to have been caught more than once traveling with an attache case filled with blood vials to supply his addiction to the potent drug ADRENALCHROME. Of course this requires renewed sources or tortured infants thus a possible connection to the CIA's child abduction programs? Many of the Illuminati still partake in such human sacrifices including the requisite torture, including a number of those at the very top of Freemasonry belonging to Bloodlines opening access to the 33rd degree and above. What you see as a checkerboard floor is the Masonic and Illuminati floor which symbolized the apparent physical world and the invisible dimension in which demons live whom they seek to commune with during their invocations and possession rituals.


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posted on Oct, 22 2012 @ 02:07 PM
I see posts relating modern royal families with various ancient people and laugh. Not because its unlikely to be true, but because simple maths shows that most people alive today with any european ancestry will be related to anyone from Vlad's time, including Vlad himself. They will also almost certainly be related to Charlemagne, Socrates or any other person who lived long enough ago and whose lineage didn't die out immediately.

If you have any white european ancestry at all (even if you're not white yourself) you are most likely related to Vlad too.

posted on Oct, 22 2012 @ 08:15 PM
reply to post by Subterranean13

Hi Subterranean,

Clearly then, you must laugh at all who find genealogy important, given that any Royal lineage is examined very closely respective to tiny quotients of blood parentage. Furthermore, as this happens to be a forum specialized in Conspiracy Theories, those related to Royal Bloodlines often take as their basis the potential and claimed typology of genetic characteristics - conveyed by blood relations - which might have their root in a non-human intervention. To some this is caused by the blending of bloods of Biblical Fame, when demi-gods procreated with humans. Thus Royals, and their Illuminati cousins who are in fact stealth unofficial Royals, would have part non-human and part human genetic heritage. These same conspiracies also claim that drinking human blood prevents the non-human portion from dominating and keeps their appearance human to better blend in with the crowd.



posted on Oct, 30 2012 @ 05:23 PM
I live in transylvania and i can tell you that Vlad the Impaler wasn't like some people describe him, here we learn about that part of history at the end of middle school and at the end of high school.

He just impaled the corrupt nobility (boieri or boierime) and the prisoners from the Otoman armies, he once took all the prizoners and impaled them, creating a forest of impaled corpses which was a blow to the Otoman army's morale.

He only once dined between the newly impaled nobility to scare the ones that were spared. The nobility planned a coup because he didn't let them abuse their power and abuse his people.

So not every piece of BS written on the internet is true history research, good thing nobody started thinking of a conspiracy with the Hellsing plot (the anime).

posted on Nov, 1 2012 @ 01:38 PM

Originally posted by PrplHrt
What the mouse study has to do with it I don't know. Are you implying they knew back then what we're supposedly figuring out now? That's a little tenuous.

I was at the conference where that research was presented (I was presenting my own research); there's a HUGE difference between receiving a transfusion of blood and drinking it. In research this group previously published in Nature, young mice that are transfused with plasma from old mice show deficits in neurogenesis, spatial learning, etc that are not seen when they're transfused with plasma from other young mice (as a control). They identified specific plasma factors that were found to be increased both in normally aged mice and in mice that received plasma from old mice; the point I'm making is that the neurological effects they saw were driven by factors in circulating blood, not blood that is being digested in the stomach. For example, the chemokine CCL11 was elevated in both of those groups, and injecting just that one chemokine into the blood of young mice re-created both the reduction in neurogenesis and spatial learning impairment. Transfusing with young blood in old mice may reduce that and other systemic chemokine increases associated with aging and improve memory, but you're not going to get that (or the inverse relationship) by drinking young (or old) blood - proteases in the digestive system will rapidly digest factors in the blood like CCL11 (trypsin will, for instance, cleave it in about 15 places) and the alkaline pH will lyse the blood cells.
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