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The Syrian Rebels, Funded by YOU, showing what your money buys. ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE

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posted on Oct, 21 2012 @ 12:23 PM
This is NOT a post I am happy to make. I am not posting this link in an attempt to make a political witch hunt. I am fed up with the lies. Lies about lies about dis-info and propaganda. These are the oppressed rebels, known as Al-qaeda afiliates, that the current administration are funding right now. The Free Syrian Army, Syrian free militia currently attempting to overthrow the Assad Regime.

It is a crime against HUMANITY for any government, military or private interest to fund these "FREEDOM FIGHTERS" any longer. We are accountable by our complicity.

This is Syrian center for documentation website

About the Syrian center for documentation:
•The Syrian center of documentation is an independent youth media project created on 1-11-2011. Its members are Syrian journalists and media representatives who collect information through a variety of sources on events taking place in Syria, compare this information with the center’s reports from all the Syrian cities then transfer and update the news hourly.

•This center is an attempt to document all the events taking place in Syria since 15-3-2011 aiming to create a comprehensive database contains all the information related to the Syrian crisis.

•We have no problem in apologizing for any mistake that is stated in a previous newsletter, correcting it after checking, and trying to avoid making the same mistake.

•The center contains:
A daily newsletter in Arabic and English besides an archive of all the newsletters since 11-12-2011
A list of all victims, civilians and soldiers, who died due to the crisis in Syria from 3-15-2011 which the ability to search their names, where they died and how they died
Videos and photos’ sections which contain what our reporters and website visitors send us.
A map of the calm and the tense areas in Syria.

There is no affiliation or articles submitted by any Legitimate Syrian Government that I could find.

I don't feel like or want to detail anymore of this site. If you don't get it, or have difficulty navigating, I will help as best I can.

WARNING VIDEOS and PICTURES on this site are not censored. If a video or title says "Free Army militia assassinates civil persons and drive over their bodies using a tractor" that is what it MEANS. Be responsible. I am not trying to offend or violate any rules. This is reality, and it is the truth.

MODS, if this is wrong forum please move. I am not linking to any content from site period.

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posted on Oct, 21 2012 @ 12:36 PM

Free Army militia has assassinated 15 civil persons and driven over their bodies, using a tractor, as activists say the assassination place is in Aleppo outskirts, on 18-10-2012

Sounds like those guys are fighting for a free Syria.

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