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posted on Oct, 20 2012 @ 08:50 PM
Its too late to go for this election. But what if we all dont die on 2012, or before 2016? What could we all agree on, that the main stream media couldn't spin, that would allow us to take back control of the electoral process from the corporations.

Do you get those Obama emails begging for money every couple days? What about romney asking for 100 bucks in his emails? Its cause they need it. The election is decided with cash, or who has the most people with the most cash to support them. This goes deep into the whole system right down to the public debates. Why only obama and romney? Weres the independent canidate? Imagine if Obama or Romney had to get grilled about Tower 7, the civilian drone kills, nwo influence, Billderburg attendance? Just by asking the prudent questions you can assure that they will have to be more straight forward and less dodgy. Think that would make the evil powers that be retreat and seek a more subtle and far less effective approach?

So how do we get our questions asked? How do we get a fair selection of candidates?
Control the national presidential debates. It will be 2016 by the next election. If we can keep the lights on that long, then we be even farther into the internet age. In 4 years I can imagine cable TV being close to obsolete. I have been hooking my laptop into my flat screen and watching movies and shows that way for over 4 years. I only turn on the Digital Antennae for Football. Other than that, no TV. Over the years more and more of my peers do the same. Moore's law baby. Mainstream media is going to have less of a hold on the populace as long as we beat back the internet laws.

Its not a far stretch to imagine us as the people gaining control of a presidential debate and getting the most popular questions asked. Poll them online, stream the debate online for free. Show viewers reactions.
We can do this with a very broad mission statement that will speak to voters of every party. Our only mission is to have a truley publicly held debate. The questions will be publicly decided, the candidates, down to every detail.

I have some experience in web design and coding so i am in the process of setting something epic up. Stay tuned for more info.

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