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Silly people

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posted on Oct, 20 2012 @ 08:14 PM
Ive watched them for a long time now...driving around..and around...all day. Most of them could use the bus, to go to their pointless jobs...but the shame would be too much for the over blown egos to bear.
So they go, to their desk, and what? What do they all do everyday? When all the stuff gets made in China anyway...and all the phone calls get answered in India, like that was important business anyhow haha..Funny, they even managed to outsource the pointlessness to India now the Indians spend their days listening to people they cant even understand and vice a comedy of pointless activities...everyone getting nowhere...but thats alright, because it doesn't matter if your days are wasted producing nothing as long as you get that pay day, then you can go out and consume.
Buy, buy buy... because you need things...many many things, clothes, cars, and whatever else you can get your hands on, because the things fill the void in your unproductive lives...
then there are the relationships...mostly short term encounters justified in order to build and destroy egos but with no practical meaning...much like the jobs and culture in general...devoid of substance..a notion like commitment seems alien in this era..alien and impractical, I mean why have one marriage when you can have 4.
So civilization continues to stagnate or in fact it slides down art but Damien Hirst..a man who hires workers to make his unoriginal and unshocking ideas (even though shocking should never have been a attribute to qualify something as high art..otherwise serial killers etc, should be known as great artists by that measurement) but its OK because a hell of a lot of people believe the hype and will always drink the cool aid..and the mega rich have the money to ensure a billion dollar price tag means something is of greatness and huge cultural importance..and the majority always believe the hype, even if that means your a member of the Hitler youth ...remember they were a majority movement too, and not that long ago either...
So it goes on...and on...
A society easily lead...because thats human nature, to be easily led sheep..or is it?
Well actually....
Funny thing is...the more highly educated a person is...the more easily hypnotized they isnt that odd.
Well there is a reason for this.
And all that education comes in very handy..for the people playing the Sheppard...because education is conditioning..and it happens from very early on...And the more conditioning, the more open to manipulation you become. Because almost everything you know to be facts...are not fact...nothing more than book smarts...second hand information at best...but dont dare think outside the box.
So you could say some of the cleverest people are also some of the biggest suckers..and its true.

The most ignorant people, and I do mean ignorant...see the Emperor is butt naked and they aint afraid to call him out either...isnt that Ironic...because the most ignorant could care less how ignorant they a contestant on the Maury freak show...unashamed and unembarrisable...yet strikingly honest...not educated enough to cover up predudices...or emotions. not something to aspire to perhaps, i know, but a quality lacking in the educated...and its this quality of honesty and voicing that opinion, no matter how politically incorrect, that may be misguided and ignorant, but ignorance of honesty is what we have in a restrained and curtailed society at large, to afraid to tell the truth of our existences and far too afraid to break the social norms...and make an attempt at actual freedom...well sometimes you gotta be ignorant, and shout out when you know everything is not all right.
This site says Deny ignorance...but you have to be open to ignorance in order to be shielded from manipulation.

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posted on May, 26 2013 @ 10:27 PM
People are like lemmings rushing here and there with no time to ask why. Not many people get job satisfaction anymore (if they ever did). One of the most depressing things to me is seeing the cars on the A1 rushing past. A never ending stream of people rushing to who knows where. A couple of hundred years ago that same road was a beautiful part of England. No one in those days had the means to travel so fast so there was no motorway and they got by. Now that we can,we just make ourselves travel further to work so nothing ever gets any easier.
They say it was quicker to travel across London in 1890 than it is now because of the gridlock, so what's the point. All the labour saving devices dont help anymore as we have so many now.It takes longer to fill and empty the dishwasher than it does to wash what i need in the sink.
All everyone wants to do is shop, blindly being told what's in fashion so we have to earn more to keep buying new clothes we don't need. Is everyone crazy or brainwashed?
My boyfriend can't understand why i don't enjoy shopping, he makes me feel like a freak cos i don't enjoy trailing around crowded shopping malls at the weekend.
He can't understand why i'm not on facebook like his sister and mom are. Or why i would rather walk in the woods with my dogs. I don't know how it got so bad so quick, a combination of the combustion engine and advertisers maybe, but whatever the reason i'm opting out once and for all.


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