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How "The law of attraction" ACTUALLY works

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posted on Oct, 20 2012 @ 07:28 AM
Good day. After browsing this thread regarding the law of attraction i cant help but notice it is inaccurate AND incomplete so please let me correct this.

The thread:

Quoted from ATS user skyfloating.

So, this is how it works, imo

For naive and childlike beginners it works just like they say it in the movie "the secret". It works like magic until the cynical, questioning, skeptical, worried mind kicks in. After the excitement and novelty has worn off, this is how it, imo, actually works:

Focus. Something is focussed on, until it becomes familiar. The familiarity with it builds trust and the attraction of "things like it", things similar to it.
Focus can be applied in many different ways. One can look at something out there in physical reality or in here, in the mind. One can write about it (writing being even stronger than thinking), speak about it, listen to others speak about it, see it, touch it, feel it, do it, immerse oneself in it (whatever it is one wants to attract). But this is all done in the sense and tense (present tense or past tense) of it already being real, solid, substantial, important, normal, appreciated (rather than needed, wanted, longed for). Basically, one focusses for while (in this manner), and then "lets go of it". "Letting go" not in the sense of loosing interest, but in the sense of no longer requesting or requiring it (afterall, you have to pretend its already real).

And thats that.

The law of attraction is the basic law that *what you put out, is what you get back*. What that means fundamentally is that your reality will literally manifest into what vibration, or state of being you are in the present. Reality works just like a physical mirror, to smile you don't pull your lips up with your fingers, you change your state of being from the inside to smile. When you are in an angry mood your reality will reflect that, nothing will go right and everything bad will happen "on purpose" to you. when your happy and vibrant, your reality will reflect that. its as simple as that. You literally create and manifest your reality to match your core vibration. Controlling it is simple, if you change your inner your outer will have no choice but to change. And how do you change your vibration? your belief system. Its *your* interpretation that gives meaning and in turn your beliefs are created. You are ALWAYS believing in something, its what makes reality so real to the physical mind. This is also why you can't manifest everything, only that the physical mind can understand to be 'possible' is possible. Remember that you are always attracting things in your reality its just a matter of playing with it to see what works for you, any questions?

posted on Oct, 20 2012 @ 08:50 AM
You are absolutely right. But I think what the original op was trying to say was in his own opinion and not based on factual research. As I am sure this is in your own opinion as well.

But I do believe however that your interpretation of the law is in fact right on the money

posted on Oct, 20 2012 @ 08:53 AM
Please add further comments to the ongoing discussion...



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