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"A change in the air" - What is it?

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posted on Oct, 20 2012 @ 04:17 AM
There is plenty of talk about changes, changes and progressions on a spiritual level, a "big change" of some sort - lets isolate "2012" and leave it in the corner somewhere, and talk about a sense or the idea of a "change"...

A disclaimer first, it could all just be myself whom is experiencing this "change" and "change" has been thrown around for all recollection - renaissance, hippies, new-wave - so it could not really be that big of a deal.

However, there have been ideas about some kind of physical or para-physical phenomenon that results in some kind of major alteration - be it changes in "time lines" or changes in "densities" or even changes to electromagnetic and solar phenomenon, and stranger still, the "crossing over" or the "big shift" and so on and so fourth.

I am going to make a basic theory, that is probably totally wrong, however, the chain of truth leads me to this conclusion and if anything I hope it is some kind of "fuel" for those that look forward to that "something" that is about to occur, and possibly a rationalisation of more "out there" theories.

I posit that there is an advanced electo-biological control grid - yes - and it is hard-wired into our DNA - yes - and that this system is connected to an array of computers that manage the "collective mind" of the system, with our minds and eyes themselves being connected to the "grid".

This "grid" needs "energy" and is channels a light source through an internal network of light-beam reflectors, and when one aligns themselves to this grid, they achieve an "illumination" and in its "hey day" perhaps some kind of "ascention".

I see that this "system" is still activated, and that it creates a kind of "shield" that prevents us from resonating at our natural densities.

This creates a problem, as there are "two selves" - the self that is connected to the system and that is in-line with its energies, and the self that exists "behind the mind".

I am guessing that the system is about to reset or its frequency-matrix is about to alternate - and if you have not "crossed over" to the other side of the program, you will fall back to your natural density, and if I make a really wild assumption it could be so serious - like addicts that have run out of supplies - that people will start to hallucinate and generally "trip out" when the "switch" happens.

This is mostly based on my paranoia and from that perspective all those who have been a bit too obvious when insinuating the knowledge and "changes" that they have been experiencing.

And if this is something to be "targeted" for, then I say a big "screw you" because I thought that "everyone can shift" and thus if there is no foul-play at hand then it should pose no threat for me to actualise the ideas that are usually communicated to me between the lines.
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posted on Oct, 20 2012 @ 04:36 AM

Originally posted by SystemResistor
There is plenty of talk about changes, changes and progressions on a spiritual level, a "big change" of some sort - lets isolate "2012" and leave it in the corner somewhere, and talk about a sense or the idea of a "change"...

The enemy utelises the hype to usher in the next step for the beast kingdom...that will be entirely a contrived event.

They already manipulate the mood of the masses and the emotional direction society takes.

To imagine them turning up the volume on that in December isn't too difficult.

Stop believing your feelings and never be led by them. Which is precisely everything opposite the new age teaches.

You might not like this....

All fallen beings are under the command of Satan and his kingdom does feed off of fear and hatred and sin.

Some specific fallen angels, however, have a particular function in the realm of fear. They exploit and promote fear because that is their particular niche.

The Watchers don't fill that particular niche but could only be said to have an interest in causing fear when or where it is practical for them.

Do you sense a new (false) paradise approaching ?
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posted on Oct, 20 2012 @ 04:54 AM
Could such a change cause anxiety? Because just recently I have suddenly developed anxiety that has not really gone away. I have found no reasonable explanation as to why I have suddenly developed this problem. My best guess is that it was caused by the dramatic change in weather I have experienced over here. However, I have never had this problem before and it is starting to affect my ability to function properly on a daily basis. I have been to a doctor, only for her to tell me that it is all in my head. However, how could it just pop into my head for no reason. I have not experienced anything that would prompt me to be fearful or paranoid.

So is anyone else experiencing such an issue? I have some sneaking suspicion that something bad is about to happen, but by no means do am I convinced of this. Just considering it as a possibility since I have never had a history of anything like this. Yet, it is highly unlikely that I have the ability to be affected by something that hasn't even happened yet. Unless the negative vibrations from the future have traveled through time to affect me in the present or some nonsense like that.

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posted on Oct, 20 2012 @ 07:15 AM
reply to post by Renegade2283
I have experienced the same thing. It started late spring early summer. I went to the doctors and was diagnosed with environmentally induced asthma, "Really" I say. Well since I do not believe everything I am told I start to do some reading and come to no solid conclusion for myself about what might be happening.
September comes along and I go on a nice vacation and the" light bulb goes off". I went on an off grid vacation and made one phone call about my dad. I did not know what was happening in the big world around me only what was happening in the moment where I was. The conclusion for me, my personal energy is messed up and I need to fix it.

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posted on Oct, 20 2012 @ 07:43 AM

Originally posted by Nudgeme
The conclusion for me, my personal energy is messed up and I need to fix it.

How exactly do you go about doing that? Crystal pyramids, meditation, or something like that? Because I could never meditate because I don't have the ability to "empty my mind".

posted on Oct, 20 2012 @ 09:01 AM
The change in the air is exactly that: Change. A couple of days ago I had a huge jolt of god-only-knows-what run though me. I meditate a lot so I tried to find out exactly what it was. The only thing that I got was "Everything has just changed". I searched for a frame of reference for that but found nothing. I still have nothing for it. But at that point I went to my oracle cards and asked for some sort of answer as to what had just happened. I spread the cards in an arc and waited for a familiar pull toward the card bearing the answer. It came. The card pulled was "Change is inevitable". LOL Okay, that got me closer to nothing. The advice on the card simply said to accept and embrace change.

Whether we like it or not, change is constant. I don't know how that change was so much more compelling than all the other change that goes on around us all the time but something huge has happened and it will become apparent to us as is relevant to each of us.

If you want to learn to meditate, you must make the effort to quiet your mind. It doesn't come easily to most people. I'm one of the very fortunate ones for whom it did. But like all things, there are as many ways to achieve it as there are people to practice it. Don't give up so easily. There is no single way to do any given thing. Find your way.

posted on Oct, 20 2012 @ 09:49 AM
reply to post by SystemResistor

The change you (and others) sense is a very real process we are going through, 2012 is the "fulcrum" point in which for the first time ever there will be more positive energy than negative energy on the planet collectively. what you 'sense' are more people shifting to the positive side.

your theory sounds similar too what is happening fundamentally, although it isn't correct (sorry). Yes there is an electro-bio 'control' grid, and it is hard wired into our DNA but it is not connected to computers. We are all collectively connected to each other and to the earth, after all we are all from the same 'source'. we are connected through our inner selves, our core vibration, or put plainly we are connected through love. we are entering a time in which we are resonating more closely with each other and the earth. We are nearly all on the same vibratory 'page' so to speak. we are becoming more aligned with our true core selves, we are becoming more 'light', more love. We are slowly ascending to the 4th density and this will be a lengthy process. In no way is this like a shield, think of it more like a magnifying glass, focusing our energy, raising our vibrations collectively much faster than ever possible before.

The 2 minds you describe are the higher self, and the physical mind. the higher self is more connected to the 'source' it knows whats going on and its pushing you ever so slightly in the right direction. However the physical mind sounds like its not buying into this, it doesn't believe this is physically happening so its putting up its defence in the form of your theory, to convince you this is all physical and REAL. But inside you in your heart you know something is not right, that something is happening that you can physically see. This is your higher mind trying to guide you. All you can do is follow the higher mind and show your physical mind your beliefs are changing. beliefs are key to changing your vibration and resonance.

Nothing bad can happen from this, if you 'miss' it or not. everybody will experience this differently based on their belief system. remember that life is meaningless, it has no built in meaning, your job is to give it meaning. hope this helps.

posted on Oct, 20 2012 @ 09:59 AM
reply to post by SystemResistor

See I've been experiencing strange things since February/March, but my situation is complex.

My body is fighting an infection (there is a lot of controversy so I won't name it) that my doctors think could take almost 2 yrs for my body to clear.

Feb/March was when I tried ACT - Advanced Cell Training. A sort of programing the mind to fight the infection.
The guy who came up with the concept also goes into a lot of Dr. Emoto's work.
It was working great til I tried not taking my medicine in June. I had a bad reaction and ended up in the hospital.

Feb/March was also when I downloaded music files developed by Joe Vitale that go with his book "Zero Limits".
This is a concept based on Ho’oponopono a Hawaiian philosophy similar to the "Law of Attraction" that clears and cleans negative energy from the body.

So all this has made me feel really weird. I had moments were I literally felt my body purging tons of negative emotions that I had locked away. Which actually allowed for me to absorb more positive energy.

I started to think "It's just me, I'm going through a lot right now". Then my husband started feeling it. But his "stuff" will make it sound even stranger. He stopped drinking alcohol on 11/21/11 after 20 yrs of drinking. Once all the toxins cleared he started feeling my energy. I can place my hand on his chest and he describes a swirling vortex. Neither of us have done energy work or Reiki.

So I started reading stuff on metaphysics, energy, frequencies. My husband wants me to try the frequency machine people use to fight infection. I'm not too keen on that one.

It's like the cleaner my body gets the more I feel that there is a connected energy network. It cycles every few weeks. Hard for me to track because the growth cycle of the infection cycles too. I get super sensitive and can't be around people. Then it levels off, sort of like when you get off a rollercoaster and it takes a few minutes for your head to stop spinning. This has been going on for months.

The last time I was in a group of family members at a BBQ was few months back. They kept remarking on how positive and upbeat I appeared to be. This was coming from a couple very "grounded" banker types. They usually focus more on material things. They are clear cut sheeple.

I theorize that if your frequency adjusts it effects those around you. I said to my husband a few months back "Just picture it for someone who is really grounded. It's gonna be hard for them. It seems to be an easy adjustment for people that are open minded. But for the ones that are closed and stuck in this materialistic reality is will be a struggle. I could see a ton of people freaking out, going to doctors saying what is going on"

I love going through my books every once in awhile, and yesterday I picked up a book about alternate interpretations of Nostradamus. It was published in 2001. I read this one quatrain and thought it was strange. The author had an interpretation but I don't agree with it. It was in the part of his work that pertained to this time frame.

" Bodies sublime and infinite, visible to the eyes,
Will become clouded over by their own reasons,
Body, including the forehead, senses, head and invisibles,
Will diminish the sacred prayers."

I think it sounds like the government/elite dulling our senses with toxins. Invisibles in reference to the senses sounds like the chakras.

So yes I feel something. And I think something will happen. I think we just have to wait and see.

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posted on Oct, 20 2012 @ 06:33 PM

Originally posted by Renegade2283

Originally posted by Nudgeme
The conclusion for me, my personal energy is messed up and I need to fix it.

How exactly do you go about doing that? Crystal pyramids, meditation, or something like that? Because I could never meditate because I don't have the ability to "empty my mind".

Maybe you should just listen to music/sound of different frequencies that changes things in your body. Some humans including myslef have minds that cannot be turned off because their minds are too fast and want to experiance things and cannot stop thinking and analysing things around them. You can experiance a lot of things and be very harmonious even if you mind is nonempty. Meditation is being relaxed from my point of view in the moment.

posted on Oct, 24 2012 @ 04:10 PM
It's all about frequency and consciousness. As more and more people are waking up they are connecting to their consciousness and realizing they are part of a bigger picture. We have forgotten who we really are we have been made dumb and ignorant, only caring about ourselves. The highlight of most peoples day is when they hear that a new iToy is on sale. But now with internet people are learning who they really are, we are beings of light.

The Conscious Source is the origin of all that is, was, or ever will be. Beyond space and time, it is the source of every fluctuation in space and time. It is the Being from which all beings arise, the inner life of all living things, and the consciousness that looks out upon the world from every pair of eyes. It is the universal “I” that says “I am” in a million billion different ways.

The Conscious Source

posted on Oct, 28 2012 @ 07:51 AM
reply to post by Renegade2283

I have "fell below the water line" so to speak, and I experienced a kind of "system malfunction" - I saw what you can call the "eye" embedded into everything - televisions, pavement, carpets and I have also seen what is "behind" television commercials - usually "eye" symbols and other various symbols and animations. When I "fell" it was a living nightmare, all kinds of voices and "paranoid" phenomenon happened to me. I can see that the "system" is built into everything - even cellular phones.

posted on Oct, 28 2012 @ 07:52 AM
reply to post by Rapha

Yes, "false paradise" - "wolves in sheeps clothing" that lure the younger ones into joining without really knowing what it is about.

posted on Oct, 28 2012 @ 07:59 AM
reply to post by oneisall

Yes, in the general spiritual sense, it is up to the individual, we are all connected and love is the answer as thus we will never forget each-other and are thus immortal right down to the eternal "one" that exists in eternity, however, there is a separate "system" that I refer to:

From my own explorations, the "system" cannot stand any form of paradox of thought, a tell-tale sign of computer technology. I believe that the "light source" is actually a star, and it is part of an ancient network that allows those connected to create a "light body" - basically a higher dimensional and artificial "matrix" system - basically, technologically-assisted usherance into the fourth dimension.

You might not think that it uses computers, however, the computers in this sense are conduits or tools to be used - in addition to an outfitting of various astral "puzzles" and "games" that give questions and answers when the individual unlocks specific segments, resulting in the "enlightenment" when it is unlocked, and thus completing the calculations required for entry into the "light system" matrix.

There appears to be a "competing system" that is attempting to break-in to the programming, however, if you lose the game in the end, the energy that you have harvested so-far will be re-channeled into the matrix.

You can choose to believe me if you want, however im sure it is computers, very, very advanced computers.
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