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On Sophistic Anethema

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posted on Oct, 19 2012 @ 09:54 PM
What you are reading are just words on as screen. They may or may not come across to you as genuine or even cogent. Such is the nature of text based communication. But for me? These words, and almost all of the words I post to ATS, are as close to "stream of consciousness" as one can get in such an environment. Sure, I sometimes have to find external content and sources - that much has to be contrived. Pictures and little ironic or mood setting video clips are contrived as well. But as for posts like this? They are typed nearly as fast as my mind can think of them. Even though I can type about eighty or ninety words per minute - my fingers are still frustratingly slow when compared to the words they are trying to keep up with. This is why I tend to typo. Even though I am watching the words hit the screen, as they are typed, my eyes aren't really paying much attention. My mind is focused upon forging the words together - and not much else.

Tonight my stream of consciousness has me at the same point it has been at for the past few days. For what it's worth, I've had a pretty damned interesting life. In one of his poems Jim Morrison asked "Did you have a good world when you died? -enough to base a movie on??” My reply is, honestly "By the time I was twenty - and at least three sequels since. I've seen some crazy things. I've done some even crazier things. I lost the ability to blush a very long time ago - and not much shocks me. Not much provokes me to emotion. But over the past two or three months? I have found myself emotionally provoked and my jaw, literally, gaped open not just every once in awhile, but several times per day, every day.

The world has gone insane and, apparently, only insane people have the capacity to see it.

Most of the time I would write such thoughts off to spending too much time on ATS - and I'd run off to read straight news, or catch up on movies or TV shows. That is usually the remedy for the symptoms of ATS over indulgence. In fact, for the last week or two, I've been doing a LOT of that. It hasn't helped a single iota. The world still seems like it is going batsnot nutso. And it's getting exponentially worse with each passing day.

Click one thread and Iran is the last bastion of freedom on the entire planet - with an armada of stars and flags to show a LOT of public support for that statement. Click the next, and it is a thread explaining that Iran is the most evil country on the planet - with an equal number of accolades and little tokens of support. Republicans are going to sabotage the entire economy if Obama is elected. Democrats are going to burn the country down if Romney is elected... again, all to much public support in both cases. The rhetoric has tuned up to a war drum intensity - I've argued with people on the right who want to eliminate all taxes and say "to hell with the poor - let them work if they want to live". Then I've seen the far left reply with equally as polarized and rhetorical, empty jingoism. The namaste crowd is convinced that we've got roughly two months before we either all die, are transmigrated into higher forms, become big balls of musical energy, or God knows what else. The survivalists are comparing their large bore guns and planning to ruck their generators and squirrel jerky making equipment into caves to ride it all out. And the human race, on the whole, appears to be acting like the cast of a very hard R rated zombie flick. We are ripping the flesh from each other, psychologically speaking... and not giving the first flat damn about any of it.

The entire freaking planet is like a powder keg and it seems like every Tom, Dick, Harry, Jane, and Sue has a sudden urge to strike every match they can find.

What the bloody Hell is going on? I've been in more fights than I can count. Violent, dangerous, extreme street and bar fights. I've even been in a riot. I've had more guns pointed at me than I can even begin to number, and not once did I feel a single tinge of rear. But now? Now I stop, breath deeply, and truly do feel worried. It is like "they" have put something in the water... something designed to make us all turn on one another with the ferocity and absolute abandon of caged and starved beasts. Could it be all the Prozac flushed down into the toilets, mixing with whatever other chemicals and heavy metals we were already consuming? Could it be that our own genes can see what monsters we are becoming and are setting us to auto destruct for the betterment of this world and whoever might survive the fallout of a planet gone insane? Could some group of idiot savants be sitting in some secret lab somewhere, calibrating all of our electronic devices to resonate in frequencies that affect us in some unknown way? A case of short sighted Pavlovs giving their dogs rabies just to see what happens next?

Maybe it's just as simple as media wanting our constant attention but having ZERO understanding of what the garbage they feed us might to do our humanity.

I've said it before on ATS, and I'll say it again now. I joke about being crazy fairly often - and post about the reality of my illness, when it's applicable and I feel it might help others. In these posts I sometimes say that God gave me a gift for seeing patterns. It's the truth. I have a hard time, often, focusing on single subjects, due to racing thoughts and a sort of egocentric - but detached POV. But the patterns... they appear as abstractions to me, like fuzzy objects. And I am very good at making out the underling shapes. Couple that talent or gift with a life of experiences that fall outside of the norms and listen to my warning.

A storm is coming. It's on the horizon already. How fast it moves, I cannot say. But it seems to be moving fast. It's a hate filled, absolutist, blind and prejudicial storm that wants blood. It want human sacrifice. It wants to watch us revert to our primitive state and to rip each other limb from limb. It wants to mock us and laugh at our folly.

Most conversation, for several months running around here, has been about picking sides. About polarizing. About being part of a team. Take it from a twisted, scarred, and battle hardened soul. Divided we wont' just fall. Divided we will be the mechanism of our own demise.

A website filled with people who fear the Georgia guidestones and the words inscribed upon them... and yet seemingly bound and determined to make those words come true... and all for something as petty and pointless as dogma and rhetoric.

Maybe the freaking Mayans did know something that we don't yet understand. Maybe the tried to warn us. Meh, then again, maybe their crappy warning has burrowed so deep into our psyches that we're going to make it happen just to have something to talk about. Something more exciting than the newest movie, or hip new show.

Pride cometh before a fall....

Folks, look around. Most of us are awfully damned proud. And the earth is going to shake and rivers of blood will flow when our individual pedestals begin that domino effect collapse.

Are we really this easy to defeat? To turn against our own.

To Hell with parties, and religions, and borders, and fear, and rhetoric, and allowing the rich to make the rules. If we don't remember that we're all one big family? Well, then we'll be lucky to come out the other side of this one small family.

It's time to let it all go and find each of our own still, small voices. There's too much at stake.

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posted on Oct, 19 2012 @ 10:46 PM
You are right on so many points but I don't think it can be or will be stopped. It would be nice if somebody could bring all the seperate sides together like one big happy puzzle but it seems impossible.

There's just too much hate in the world.

Can you imagine strapping a bomb to your body walking into a building and blowing yourself up just to kill other people? That my friend is true hate. I don't think that can be changed.

You're right that it's spreading maybe not to that extent but it's like a disease. Maybe it's just easier to hate than it is to love. That's the way we as society have made it and for some reason people like it that way.

posted on Oct, 19 2012 @ 10:50 PM
Dear Hefficide,

Simply awesome.

Where does the system fail? Do we know what is right anymore? Do we want to do what is right? Are we capable of doing what is right?

We're capable of doing right. If we are to know what is right, who will teach it to us, and will we listen? Why should we want to do what is right when there are so many immediate social and material rewards available for doing wrong?

With respect,

posted on Oct, 19 2012 @ 11:10 PM
reply to post by Hefficide

Very clear perceptions Heff, and thank you for bringing it up here for discussion.

It used to be a case of I was nuts and everyone else was supposedly sane, at least that's what the majority used to say over the past 40+ years. And I was nuts because I could see things that others couldn't.. not only in terms of non-physical stuff, but the bigger picture of humanity tearing further and further away from what is truly important, and creating massive separation while doing so.

It occured to me at a fairly young age that this was based on our Mindset of Might is Right, which is obviously extremely wrong since it does not help all peoples.

I also began to understand some years later that we must ALLOW this growing madness to go it's natural way, to a very natural conclusion, and only applying our actions to those things we can actually change ourselves.

Many more years later I discovered that we were supposed to be working on attaining Equanimity, so that we could observe all things and yet not be affected by any of it, so that we could focus more on what we can change.

Now my friends have been telling me that I seem more and more sane while everyone else around us is caught up in this growing madness.. the chase for dollars for lifestyle, and to walk over anyone else in order to gain that supposedly most important stuff.

So it looks like you too must be becoming one of the more sane ones in this timeframe, one who will not be shedding tears as the rest continue wreak havoc on themselves.

This mindset cannot go out with a whimper.. that is not it's nature. It must go out with an almighty bang, and we must allow it so we do not need to invite the experience back into our future to be completed.

Hang tight Heff... it will all be over fairly soon, then the real hard work starts.

posted on Oct, 19 2012 @ 11:18 PM
Close your eyes, Heff. Listen to the music of the spheres. Don't lurk at your windows, maybe have an intercessor rescind all of your personal contracts? Don't worry about tomorrow, today has enough troubles of its own. Pay attention to the synchronicity you are experiencing and if you time it just right, perhaps you can get someone out of the loop we all so enjoy?

posted on Oct, 20 2012 @ 02:53 PM
reply to post by cavalryscout

Agreed, it is like a disease... a virus of hate? An STD of the mind? Socially transmitted diseases? The effects of having our primitive sides accessed far too often - just to trick us into buying?

The more I think about it, the more I think this is probably along the lines of the truth. So many people, now, have access to what one could honestly call real and valid "arcane arts". They understand the physiology of the brain - but not, so much, the mind that dwells within the brain. They do know how to toy with our instincts. They can use visual and aural cues to illicit subconscious reactions.

Madison Ave creating billions of psychological Frankenstein monsters - or Bourne style programmed crazies - all in some vain quest to make us want to buy products or to vote for "their guy".

When I was younger, and in school, one of my teachers said that one theory about the fall of Rome was that they used lead as a spice. I found this absurd in a way. I thought, in my youthful exuberance, that I would not have used lead as a spice... I was positive that I would have somehow sensed the danger and avoided it.

Is this mental tinkering of today, like the lead of Rome? Something future students will learn about, in disbelief, while saying "Well... duh!"?


posted on Oct, 21 2012 @ 01:10 PM
reply to post by Hefficide

I was trying to find one or two lines to quote from your OP, but I couldn't - they all go together like a matched set

So, I'll just say some stuff and hope you get what I'm trying to say

We're all feeling it

We are connected today in a way that was never possible before Hefficide - we know as much about what's going on in Tokyo or Tehran as we do about our own home town. We haven't learned to adapt yet to this flow of information. We haven't learned how to find that still voice inside while we're simultaneously being bombarded by the noise this planet is generating these days. There is real trouble in the world. The world is smaller, so any trouble is trouble for all of us now - not just some of us

Our economy isn't ours - it's tied in to all economies everywhere. Violence there has consequences here. A natural disaster in one part of the world causes ripples everywhere

I think we sense each others confusion, apprehension, anxiety and fear the same way a dog can sense these things - as it moves through the group it gets exaggerated, embellished, intensified...

There are many things that give me hope - here are just two examples:

No - I'm not joking

We're still more connected than not, we're still more united than not, we're still more hopeful than not

Not a pep-talk - I'm the last one to be handing out pep-talks these days

but still...


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posted on Oct, 21 2012 @ 10:07 PM
I think it might be something a little more simple.

The human population is simply at its highest number ever. Which means more opinions and more followers on both sides of any debate.

More minds to think. And yet at the same time, so many claim to know everything and people aren't relying on their brains to remember things anymore, because of the trusted internet.
An article on the subject:

And most importantly, I think, more people that are bored, or broke, or both and in need of the creation of drama.

It means as things were never black and white, now they are even more shades of grey.
And that crazy has more company.

Sometimes it can be entertaing, sometimes frustrating.

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