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Astrology and the 2012 election.

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posted on Oct, 19 2012 @ 09:15 PM
Ah, not what you expected of me was it? Now, please note I don't buy into astrology, but I just wanted to do something a bit more light-hearted. Well let's get right to it. What do the charts proclaim for this election? Well most of the portends favor Obama, but it should be noted Mercury stations retrograde during the voting period. This is likely a bad omen for Obama and points to a close or contested election. Now, for some more analysis from people a bit more versed in the art. I will try to pick sources I think are not politically motivated.

Astrotable Talk

So Obama is likely to stay in power until Neptune has finished with him, which will be well into his second term. With the Nodal emphasis at the election shifting from his Asc to his MC, he will need to make his appeal less personal (Asc) and more based on his achievements in office (MC) to win the 2nd term, which is what you’d expect.

There are some rather grim aspects as well which may well foretell a violent end to Obama's 2nd term (if he achieves it).

Visual Astrology predictions (rather lengthy)

Venus as Morning Star favours the one who holds the crown

Venus as a Morning Star was considered more independent, desiring to function alone or give favours which are powered with rashness, haste and or free-thinking. Generally this does not favour the political networking and back-room deals needed for any rival to rise to power. For this reason it is rare for the 'king' or the king’s chosen heir to lose power at a Morning Star election. Indeed there have only been two occurrences in USA elections since 1900 when they did, that of the first election of Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933 when he took the White House from the Republicans, and Ronald Reagan in 1981 when he took the White House from the Democrats. Every other election since 1900 which has Venus as a Morning Star has resulted in no change to the 'party' that is ruling the White House.

Now, the arguments for Romney

The Case for Romney

Finally for the day itself, we can look to Saturn, ruler of the presidency and career matters generally. On Election Day Saturn in the sky appears at 3 Scorpio, and makes dramatic contacts to both candidates’ charts. For Obama, Saturn falls on natal Neptune at 8 Scorpio, a planet ruling disappointment, confusion and abdication, or loss of position. It squares Mercury at 2 Leo, perhaps suppressing Obama’s vote, and is inconjunct his natal Moon at 3 Gemini, possibly bringing on a depressive emotional state and forcing adjustments in domestic arrangements, such as a move from the White House. And it forms a T-Square from Obama’s natal opposition of Mercury to Jupiter at 0 Aquarius, potentially signifying a restriction or limitation on Obama’s personal ambition and his political standing (both Jupiter).

Who wins the 2012 Presidental election?

It would seem that with the imminent ingress of Jupiter into Gemini (June 12, 2012) the scales will soon tip to the Romney's end. It's not just Jupiter entering the 1st house of a natal chart, it's ticking off all those powerful eclipse and nodal degrees. Jupiter will be transitting Romney's 1st house right until the electional date, giving him a strong boost. We should also bear in mind that all this powerful stuff »sits« in Obama's 4th house, and could ask ourselves a simple question: which house is stronger, the 1st or the 4th? Or: what brings us more success, more resources and more fame? The 4th house is not just the house of the family and the homeland, it's also the house of beginnings and endings. The feeling that Romney could become Obama's »end« cannot escape me.

The overarching problem is Mercury in retrograde. This is likely to be the largest factor in the election. Looking forward, we might see a contested election ala 2000 Bush V Gore. Traits which favor Obama are his sun sign is Leo, which is one of three generally occupying the white house (Aquarius, Leo and Scorpio being the more prevalent) , however Romney's sun conjunctions are more favorable.

So, I say we look forward to a hotly contested election with accusations of wrong doing on all sides.
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posted on Oct, 19 2012 @ 09:56 PM
Astrology is amazing intuitive elusive
and I think if understood completely,
Richard Tarnas made an amazing case
for the authentic power of Astrology.
His book Cosmos and Psyche was heady
and painfully thorough .
I thought.

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posted on Oct, 21 2012 @ 02:14 PM

Originally posted by antonia
So, I say we look forward to a hotly contested election with accusations of wrong doing on all sides.

I don't think you need the pseudoscience of astrology to reach that conclusion.

posted on Oct, 24 2012 @ 02:47 PM
A famous Serbian astrologist has a forum on his web site about the elections in USA.


It is in Serbian though. Anyways, the verdict is that the aspects favor Romney.

Will know soon...

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