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Politics (Punch & Judy for the Masses)

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posted on Oct, 19 2012 @ 12:23 PM
The following is an excellent video on the state of modern 'democracy' which is nothing but an Illusion of Choice provided to make the masses think they have a say in how their country is run.

No greater example of this political charade can be seen than with the US Presidential Elections where two political parties fight for the votes of Americans, even though both sides are controlled by the same corporate entities and the same foreign lobbies-

The recent election 'debates' are a complete joke, serving as political Punch and Judy for the masses to keep up this illusion. Look at the polling stats-

Obama and Romney are neck and neck, no greater example can be found to show how the elite can divide and manipulate a nation of people. You have two political parties that are run by the same group of people, yet the elite have got the manipulation down to such an artform that America is literally divided into two halves in a 'debate' that is completely pointless. It's only purpose is to maintain the idea that Americans have a choice who runs the country. Both sides will do the same things and take the same path.

You either don't vote and Romney or Obama get in, or you vote and one of them still get into power. Both of them will take the same path, for it is decided by the corporations and foreign lobbies and media moguls that fund their campaigns.

We are not slaves in the physical sense that we are chained up, but economically and spiritually, we are slaves and we certainly do not live in a true democracy.

Just think about money, we have to pay for everything- drive a car- you need permission from the government. You have to pay income tax, in the UK you have to pay council tax, VAT, insurance, we get ripped off on petrol, in America you have to pay medical insurance and have no say whether your drinking water contains fluoride or whether your food contains GMO. At what stage did any of us agree to all this control over our lives? When did the people vote for the Iraq or Afghan wars, or the Libya intervention? Most Americans, if they had the 'choice', would say spend that money at home, but the 'elected' governments do not offer that choice, they serve the powers that put them into power, not the masses.

Increasingly, I admire at least the skill of the elite, it is a shame their power is used in such a negative way. This control system and how they have managed to literally split America into two opposing political halves is one hell of an achievement. They have created a system where people are voting thinking they have a choice, a nation literally divided in two even though either side voted into power will do the same things and wage the same wars, make the same government cuts, continue to increase the surveillance state and support GMO.

Just imagine if that ability was used to help mankind rather than keep it divided.

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posted on Oct, 19 2012 @ 12:28 PM
Continuing on with the theme of your OP, Perhaps the two party system was meant to divide and to keep the masses from coming together as one body to impose change?

Perhaps our current model of democracy is meant to Keep 50% of the country pissed off at the other 50%, as is clearly demonstrated on these very forums

I think I just cracked the code.

This would be the best way to prevent the masses from uniting to invoke change in their country.

The continual perpetuation of this current model just keeps the United States from being United, as evident by the lack of bi-partisanship

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posted on Oct, 19 2012 @ 12:36 PM
S & F for this AMAZING post and thread.

I appreciate the video you used to accompany this thread, as well. Not many are versed well enough in politics to actually understand what is currently happening (Or have been happening for many decades...) This thread proves you are one of the few, who do.

posted on Oct, 20 2012 @ 02:33 AM
Actually, Romney and Obama won't take the exact same path and I wouldn't be surprised if the Obama administration pulls something before the election to takeover. The hedge fund billionaires have, many times, opposed the US government and international banks (as so). This is the group that backs Romney. Other elites are backing Obama, specifically big pharma it seems. Both sides want control but have to be careful about not breaking the illusion that they're ALL well meaning guys. The Fed's support seems divided between these two entities. Either way however, yes, it's not really Democracy and it's a route to Hell. Just which Hell do you prefer?
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