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is 2012 another Ground Hog day for New age movement??

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posted on Oct, 18 2012 @ 06:52 PM
Does 2012 herald the beginning of GroundHog day for New age movement?

If we look at the current world of humans, our society, social mannerisms, and also them other biospheric intrinsic qualatative attributes that animate our human forms such as empathy, love, hate indifference, passion, intellect then what attributes are we able to legitimately point at and say yes humans have made significant step of evolutionary progression.

Compare the average suburbanite human in the world today with lets say the citizens of Rome 2000 years ago. Put them through a full suite of pyscological and physical tests. Whats difference? Will we see any noticable difference?

And bear in mind with this comparative challenge that the Roman citizens had their 2012 ascension event with Christ. Christ was in one way of viewing it was the name and the label of the new age movement back 2000 years ago.

So this brings me to my questions.
What wil be different this time in the 2012 new age of ascension??

Will we see arise from it a world populated by humans who will show significant difference and improvement to the human animate forms over the last 2000 years??

Or will it be just eventute in a another wake up call of the alarm by the new age clocks as it ticks over on midnight Dec 2012; to Herald the beginning of another GroundHog day??

Once the alarms goes off should we get out of bed or just hit the Snooze control and keep sleeping?

What do you think?

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