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JFK assassination witness Malcolm Summers dies

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posted on Oct, 18 2004 @ 07:28 PM
Malcolm Summers which can be seen in the Zapruder movie died at age 80.

From JFK assassination witness dies

Malcolm Summers, one of the closest eyewitnesses to the John F. Kennedy assassination, has died of a heart
ailment at age of 80, a funeral home said.

Summers, who was just a few yards from the incident, can be seen on the famous movie of JFK assassination shot by amateur
photographer Abraham Zapruder as the man diving to the ground as the shots rang out.

"I heard Connally say, 'They're going to kill us all!" or 'shoot us all!' I'm not sure which one on that deal. And then, I heard Jackie Kennedy
scream out, 'Oh, God! No, no, no!' And it was a shrill. It was very sad to hear that when you think back," Summers said

Conspiracy theorists, who do not believe accused presidential assassin Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, have cited Summers as
saying he saw suspicious characters in the Dealey Plaza area.

Click link for full article...

I guess this witness died of natural causes (others didnt).
Or at least his age suggest that it probably was of natural causes...
If he really knew something, I guess hed told us by now...

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