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Rocky Mountain Apocalypse Movie (DNA/Aliens/Alchemy/Occult Symbols/Anti-Christ and More!)

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posted on Nov, 10 2012 @ 03:02 PM
I do not see them as creators of energy centers or some of the reality we live with in this testing centers, ie. the Chakra's, just manipulators. And they don't win. No win for the zero's only for the hero's, PERIOD. Because infinite layers of progression and infinity depict way more advanced and Loving Higher Ups, and I came in knowing there was a perfect plan and knowing all souls are going home, for there is no other perfect ending.

But here, metaphor, archetype, symbols, or real, the Chakras relate to the 7 rings of Saturn, or rather the 7 seals.

I see them quite simply as this: that which you need to overcome here and so you break their seals, ie the pseudo law book of the wolves or the lessons in this realm where earth fell in a past cycle.

The lower ones are all about survival and health and can result in greed, dog eat dog social darwinism, or BEAST, OR, the higher meaning is to actually go from higher level to transmute the lower and to simply see them as: 1. energy or health/vitality needed for good works, and life purpose. To respect your temple, for it houses Spirit/Soul/Goodness/Light and Divine, Our link to Good Family and God. And by doing this, we honor everyone else's temples and would never harm a fly if we can, and walk with great equality, upholding all life and mercy on nature/lightly, giving thanks when we are forced to participate in food and necessities.

This also involves learning free and clean energy and upholding nature and future generations substainability and living with Love.

We would never support a political belief, or economic belief, that would harm anyone or force anyone to either be a slave or perish or live homeless.

So out goes money systems and realators as well.

And we need to wake up and be collective watchdogs because anarchy isn't safe and protective of our temples or other people's temples or earth's/natures, so this means councils of citizens and really keeping educated and searching for answers and the highest ideals upheld for human and nature rights.

In all if you take the Highest energies into the lower ones, you can set one huge foundation for all of them and blast those seals out of the water so to speak.

The second and third can be transformed to really learning, growing, serving others, and sharing, caring.

The heart is wondeful.

The throat is based on the heart and is actually the Ministry of Christ. It means putting your talents to use helping others.

This opens your true pineal connection to Family, Higher Self, and God/Goodness.

And the crown is realizing that connection.

And that frees you from this hellish zone reality.

So, i guess, I'm turning these things around/running with the light square version. Set good intentions in your heart. See Love Love Love.

Also, the wolves are going to be sent home without eating any cookies. Period. They get no cookies or snacks. I want everyone counseled, healed and set free. And will accept nothing but that, never anything but that. Knowing full well that as an infinite part of infinity, my mind, thoughts, understandings will be shared with all others, and in No Time, already have been, and so only Love exists up there, have no doubt that even if the worst thing seems by illusion to be happening in this distorted dream lab world, it won't harm the souls. They're going to share all the data and grow enormously in wisdom in the end. (not saying its because of me, rather, me slowly trying to reach up to the level where everyone else shared the love already, just saying, one good thought was all it ever took, and that was ever so long ago by many people already.)
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posted on Nov, 10 2012 @ 03:13 PM
The thing is this, dark plans that are insane are shadow. They are not even real. All that is Real is Love and Goodness. The Real World/Universe, exists outside of this shadow one. Bad plans aren't real and you have to be really alligned with insanity to be temporally sucked into ilusions for a time. But one day all the illusions are going to be blasted away with Truth. I hope that is the time that will be coming soon. I don't give insanity any reality base. This is just a bad dream. Trying to free real souls from it is the hard part. Some seem caught up in shadow and need to touch base with their own soulstone more.

The problem I do see with what they're doing, is it amounts to spellcasting. The universe, is an ocean of waves and sound, frequency affect it. They understand this, so they cluster associations together to cast spells. They attempt to create a standing wave of frequency that can affect the wave nature of the shadow universe around us.

I don't like them doing that, they are harming real souls in the process and doing stuff they have no right to do and really causing pain to real people. And it is unbelievable to me that the minute one person's free will, ie to be safe while they grow their love, doesnt slam dunk bad guys free will to harm them. I won't allow that. They need to be sent to the corners ASAP.

When I say , won't allow that, its not me slam dunking the universe. We all should not allow that. We all have a say in what we see or agree with or allow. We should be standing up and not allowing it and seeing only Love and Goodness and everyone waking up and helping each other and bringing Goodness into this world/platform/storybook, whatever it is. Because only good thoughts are real, the rest is just illusion/shadow.

Edit to Add: And THANK YOU!

Wow, the part about Christ, And Lucifer. That really clears alot of it up. Because the coding is really bad. Even Quetzcoatl is born of a virgin, and has a Christ association, plus a dragon and bad association. And his coming to the people , blond and blue eyes , bearded sort of makes me think of the Mormon Bible as well.

They tie so many things in. That you don't know what is up and down. As a pre teen Spirit led me to the Word of Christ, and the new testament, and the Love there, but they always teach that its a trap, even say it in reverse speach. I think they're the ones who are trapped in really unloving thoughts and don't remember home. And this difference between the two is essential. I don't have to always try and sidestep the traps in the new testament. The Love is there. And I think this thread just answered the prayers I've had every night. I gave up on the codings in everything and have been praying directly for answers regarding Christ Yeshua/Jesus, for the truth about this, and your video just seemed a part of what was given me.
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