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The Truth about Bain Capital

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posted on Oct, 18 2012 @ 12:01 PM
I did a search and didn’t find this. Maybe this belongs in the Rant forum.

It’s a slightly dated article. But it’s also highly relevant considering that everyone likes to bash Romney on his association with this Company, but yet give Obama a pass on his ties to radicals.

“Oh, he shipped Jobs overseas, you say!”…cry me a river, the same Unions that invest in Bain are charging their employer entirely too much when the product isn’t selling. That equals a failed business and as pointed out in another thread, concerning the loss of 20 jobs vs. 400 jobs, well, the 20 have to go in order to restructure and keep the company afloat. And to keep 380 jobs here.

I just have to look at LTV steel here in Cleveland. They complained, moaned and whined against modernization because jobs would be lost. They did it so much that the company sold the plant and the new owners closed the ENTIRE plant down, leveled it and now there is a Wal-Mart there.

I’m sure Wal-Mart pays a competitive wage compared to a steel worker.
Am I right?

Before you bash Romney and his ties, do some reseach and look into Obama and his past ties. ATS is full of threads.

Think for yourself. Research and vote with your head...not your heart.

By the way, I didn't vote for either the above.

I'm TDawgRex and I approve this message.

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