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A couple of UFO Stories

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posted on Oct, 18 2012 @ 06:04 AM
ok, these two stories are 15/20 something years apart but they have a connection as far as i can see..

The first one Happened a Long time ago when i was a kid, i can only guess the years...

1978/80, i was around 11 or 12 at the time, a girl who stayed opposite my house..(dont recall her name now) sure her second name was Moon or monney...Anyway she reported that she and a friend were walking home when they saw a large Orange Ball directly above them...They ran in terror..
They said it followed them, they Told their parents and i'm sure it made local papers, not sure if it made National papers as well as i was 11 or 12 and didn't read newspapers at that time, but i remember the incident was the talk of the town at the time went by we all forgot about it and the story eventually faded ...

Roll on 15+ years later, i used to help out a friend who had a Stall at a local Market..(The Barras in Glasgow) and
a small business selling mainly Curtain material and duvet covers and stuff..

Anyway, the stall was only open Saturday, Sundays and Friday nights were for getting the stock together for the next Day..
We sometimes worked until the wee small hours, it was a kinda Friday night meet up more than work...we had fun whilst cutting up the material into yardage and loading the van.
this night in question i'm about to tell you about i wasn't working, and when my workmate told the story the next day i'm glad i skipped out..

We'll call my workmate Davy...
Davy finished up at around 2:30am and drove the 9 miles from the unit home....around 2 miles from home Davy had to turn off the main Motorway and drive through a country road...Basically a short cut..

He was driving down toward a old bridge were they had a set of traffic lights either side of the Bridge, the bridge was a one car bridge...
He should have stopped at the red light but as it was 3am in the morning we normally just drove through the red lights either side of the traffic, good to go...

Just as he was heading across the bridge he said he notice the road light up around him...His first thought was Police Helicopter, but he just drove on...well why would he stop.

further up the road from the bridge he drove into a well lit area, he's now on a main road with streets, housing and lighting...Davy kept rolling....about 5 minutes later Davy was Home....Here the fun part.

He told us all this story and has never deviated from it as far as i know..

On stepping from the car he heard a Hum..Looking around then up, there it was...a huge Ball of brilliant Orange light..

I'll just give the description as told to me..

"It was a Large glowing brilliant orange ball, bigger than his house about 30' above the roof..
The ball was Humming and it appeared to have some sort of liquid swirling around all over it..Like when you mix petrol with water...
The hairs on the back of his neck stood on end and he bolted for his door...he woke him Mum and sister up as he said.."i just wanted someone else to see what i was seeing" His sister got up, he asked her to go out and have a look up as he was still in shock and a bit frightened...she saw nothing..

Now i had known Davy for a few years before this and he wasn't the least bit interested in UFO, or at least it never came up in any conversations i have had with him, he seemed the most level headed of all of us, very quite compared to our crew actually.
i asked a few guys who had know him since childhood if he was prone to BS, but they said he wouldn't make anything like that up...they/we done the usual ribbing him and teasing him about it for a few weeks until he and we got sick of that's the story of the two girls i knew and Davy's Encounters...

Just thought i would share...Cheers

Ps, i have lost contact with those guys over the years, so dont ask me about Davy having any missing time as i had no interest in UFO's or abduction at that time myself....though now....I just wonder, Maybe..

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posted on Oct, 18 2012 @ 07:24 AM
reply to post by Stevie777

Hey. I signed up just to reply to your post. I always find it interesting when people report seeing orange UFO's, as I've had an interesting experience with an orange orb.

I was on the summit of a range of mountains in my town. I was there with my girlfiend. We were sitting in the car at about 8 or 830pm. She was looking up at the stars and asks me, "whats that?". It took me about 5 seconds to get in position to see what she saw.

What I saw was an intense orb of orange light. There was no sound, and the light refraction seemed static... as in, it wasn't a typical light that you see twinkling in the atmosphere. it just gave them impression of being in the upper atmosphere or even above it/in space. It didn't move in a straight line either, it moved like it was an insect in the wind, slight variations in its course(i later wondered if it was maneuvering around space debris). It traveled across at least half of the sky, and when it had reached about halfway, it suddenly accelerated, and arced up/away from us, in two distinctly noticeable bounds, and disappeared into the background of space within less then a second.

Needless to say, we were scared #-less, shouting to each other, what the # was that?!?!? i promptly turned on the car and drove the # away.

posted on Oct, 18 2012 @ 07:53 AM
The first story about the two girls could easily be swatted away by saying.."well, two excited 10/11 year olds saw a Chinese Lantern"....this happened 30 years ago, not saying they didn't have chinese Lanterns 30 years the Chinese have probably been using them for a thousand years, but i had never heard of, or saw a Chinese lantern until two years ago, and when i saw my first one i had to double maybe that's all they saw..???

But the Second story, Davy's Story,
is the one story that got me interested in this subject, without doubt..I think i'm a good judge of people and i usually can smell a BS story a mile away...this was something different from a genuine stand up no nonsense guy......and i believe him.

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