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2012 American Presidential Election, the most Tied & Risky since 2000,

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posted on Oct, 28 2012 @ 12:49 AM

Originally posted by The angel of light
reply to post by JamesofOz

Well Dear JamesOz,

The most stable of the big European Economies has been along many decades the Swedish one, that although corresponds to a nation that is under constitutional Monarchy, however, is ruled by a very interesting concept of Market Socialism, based on the idea that the best Market economy is the one in which there is no poverty at all, in which everybody has a minimum of very decent standard of life, what is commonly known in America as to be a middle class.
Thanks for your reply,

The Angel of Lightness

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The angel of light, I totally agree with you. In the US a fascist-corporate power elite ensures that a big middle-class is a low priority over their own power and wealth. Top 5% down wealth redistribution combined with Keynsian economics has time and time again been shown to be the most beneficial system for any advanced economy.
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posted on Nov, 4 2012 @ 10:39 PM
reply to post by JamesofOz

Hi Dear jamesOz,

yes, if the polls are going to elect the President this prediction is already achieved many days before the election.

Now, let me refer to something interesting I found in other thread here in the forum, a Canadian psychic claim that he has already picked up the winner of the election. He claims is going to be Mitt Romney.

Why I see something less clear in that final result than this other supposedly very accurate seer? (well I really don't know how nice is his record in forecasts.)

This are my reasons:

I honestly think, as a person with certain interesting experience dealing with accomplished omens or predictions, included past Presidential elections, that to claim that Romney will win the election in this moment might be extremly bold, since first it is needed to define what is the sense of winning in this context.

Is winning to get clearly the needed electoral votes to be President?
Is winning to get the majority of the popular votes along the entire country?
in other words the President elected by the American people and not by the politicians?
is winning to be proclaimed as President by the house of representatives in a very tied election where even the electoral votes might be the same for the two candidates?
Is winning to be favored by a veredict fo the supreme court stopping a counting of ballots that in many democratic countries or other republics around the world since decades or even centuries ago is the only way to confirm legally an election?

My personal feeling is that the election will be very tied until this next tuesday, that many voters are still having a lot of trouble to take a decision, and the advertising in the media is not helping but confusing the people,and moreover there are many that have no real opportunity to vote ontime, thanks to the situation created by the hurricane.

what would happen if the two candidates have the same amount of electoral votes but lets say hypotetically Barack Obama with more popular votes? Even in such a case Romney can be President without really have won the election, neither through electoral votes or to have convinced the majority of the voters, even with his many fascinating promises of to bring back the eden in to this earth, primarily by legalizing the tax evasion for the great capitals.

What would happen if there are many districts that are now severely affected by the disaster caused by Sandy, even still without power, and therefore without a functional voting system, in which the people will not have a real chance to vote?

it is sad to recognize that the American electoral system has a so big gap in the law through which a President can be legally elected, but that does not mean necesarily fairly elected, that can allow that the leader of the country can be a person that didnt receive really the support of the clear majority of the Americans.

For instance the indirect election system gives more value to the vote of certain states over others, since it is evident that only grave disparities or contradictiones that can emerge in this election, as it was in 2000, between electoral votes and popular ones, only might come from a visible wrong weighting of the correct amount of electoral votes that each State must have in the electoral college.

It is said, by the experts, that the indirect election through an electoral college was created to open differences in between candidates with very close results, that is not necesarily bad, in theory, but when the system opens a difference in favor of whom got less votes, who was not voted by the majority in the country, pardon me but it is wrongly designed.

Here the thread of the election that catched my attention, :


The Angel of Lightness
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posted on Nov, 5 2012 @ 01:33 AM
AOL, I agree the electoral college system is gerrymandered in favour of certain states. It's in desperate need of reform. A preferential voting system based on congressional electorates for Congress, and a state based proportional representation system for the Senate would be ideal. Scrap the gerrymandered electoral college with its first past the post voting system.

posted on Nov, 8 2012 @ 06:23 PM
reply to post by JamesofOz

posted on 1/11/2009 @ 04:20 PM
-The huge political polarization of the American population will be also reaching its end after the 2012 election, the political forces that are pushing for the radicalization of the division will be defeated as a consequence of that electoral result. Nevertheless, that will occur after various so critical moments for the national unity of the USA, boosted by a fierce opposition of the most conservator sectors of the Republican party against the Obama rule

Pls check:

The Peace of God to all that belong the light,
Dear Readers,

Well, we have seen the most tied and risky election since 2000, with a lot of pressure against the incumbent President, with a terrible manipulation of the media that in some points reached the absurd and the offense, like when a semi-retired former star of hollywood westerns suggested that the oval office of the white house had an empty chair.

A lot of division and antagonism promoted by a very aggresive republican candidate that however was unable to impose his will, and the one of his friends, over the one of the entire nation, although certainly was able to push to the election almost half of the electors,

Here the results of the election, what they don't show for the records, and only our generation will be able to remind is that Romney was until well past the 11pm of the Election Night apparently the winner, before the Pacific coast entered in the electoral computations.

So in some way my prediction was correct even in to point the kind of geographical polarization we have seen, President that is more popular in the West half of the country and a Republican nominee that was majoritarian voted in the East half of the country, although he lost the election for his lack of ability to retain the key states of Ohio, Virginia and Florida.

Thanks for your attention,

The Angel of Lightness

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posted on Dec, 2 2012 @ 01:42 PM
reply to post by The angel of light

The Peace of God to all that belong to the light,
Dear Readers,

The statisticians, mathematicians and other scientists will have to research deeply for years to find a logical explanation of why an election that was forecasted not only by Mitt Romney campaign analysts, but even by the team of Barack Obama reelection one, that it was going to be a possible tied victory for the Republican Candidate,in the very last hours, that is, on the election day suddenly changed in a way that allow a not so ample but anyway very clear result in favor of the Incumbent President?

Of course there will be many sophisticate theories to explain this strange phenomenon, but this proves that not everybody that claim to be able to read the future is really doing so, or perhaps can even suggest that there is something else involved in these kind of electoral events?,

Possibly nothing else that the hand of God acting to prevent more damages to be carried to the humanity?.

Why there was a huge Hurricane with winter storm in the East Coast at only few days of the election? would the election be the same if that natural phenomenon never have occurred?

How determinant was this in the drastic change of trends that seemed to be well grounded even for the experts?


Why precisely only at days of the election a Republican candidate with strong support of Romney suddenly started to claim that abortion cannot be legalized even in cases of rape, changing all the perspective of the rhetoric of the extreme right in these subjects?

Please read:

Thanks for your attention,

The Angel of Lightness
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