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Romney more anti-gun than Obama?

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posted on Oct, 23 2012 @ 08:13 AM
Romney is antigun.
So is Obama.
So was Clinton.
So was the conservative hero Reagan.
Bush Jr. was anti-gun and wanted to renew the AWB.
Bush Sr was anti-gun and banned importation of certain firearms and pushed the whole "sporting purposes" nonsense.
Carter was anti-gun.
Nixon called guns an "abomination."

Every president we have had for the past half century at least has been anti-gun.

Kings dont want armed peasants. they reluctantly tolerate their own armed knights but secretly fear them.

The only real check they have is they want to serve another term so they largely save their biggest grabs for when they dont have to worry about reelection.

Assuming Romney would want to serve a second term he is the lesser evil choice for gun owners. However he is still an anti-gun politician.

In many ways the NRA is itself an anti-gun organization.
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