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Some Truth About The Innocence of Bin Laden Movie

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posted on Oct, 16 2012 @ 11:13 PM
Sometimes you see something and don't recognize what you are seeing. I live in the Southern California area and we televise the City Counsel meetings on cable television. Like most cities we have a couple of people who attend every counsel meeting and talk about every subject. One of the regulars is a guy named John Walsh, well, one day in summer the guy went off about some movie that was anti-Jewish and that it should be shut down, this guy was angry and yelling and I believe he even said something about the Councilman for that district. I didn't really think much about it at the time as there was legislation that I was interested in.

Fast forward to today. I was watching a video called "Romney Exposed", you can watch it on YouTube, towards the end the video discusses the "Innocence of Muslims" movie and how it was a recut from "The Innocence of Bin Laden" film. It took a little time; but, I started to wonder if that was the movie discussed by Mr. Walsh and after a search on the internet, I found this The anti-Islam-film riots: A timeline

The article has the following statement, "A Los Angeles blogger, John Walsh, sounds the alarm about the film, in a blog post titled "ARE MILITANT ISLAMISTS ABOUT TO GATHER ON HOLLYWOOD BLVD.?" Two days later, at a Los Angeles City Council meeting, he repeats his warning: "A group has rented the Vine Street theater to show a video entitled Innocence of Bin Laden. We have no idea what this group is."

I do not know Mr. Walsh; but, I do know that he has been attending the Council meetings for years and is very consistent, I can also say that he was really upset. For those who care to find it, the Council meetings can be watched online at the City of Los Angeles' website. From what I can tell, Mr. Walsh is an eccentric community activist, committed to his community and sincere.

As far as we know, nobody saw the film. I am not aware of anyone commenting on the film and if they had, Mr. Walsh would have mentioned it, he thought it was a pro Jihad movie and was surprised when he found out it was an anti-Muslim film. You can read his words at his blog, Hollywood and Highland. Now, here is where I have a question, there are four Jewish members of the Council and none looked into the movie.

Politics is simple, if you have a Jewish community then you make a big deal about anti-semitism. If you have a large Catholic community or black community, then you make a big deal about how they are being taken advantage. Not one of the Councilmen said a thing about it, not one. The fact that the movie was being shown did not make the newspapers, television or radio and Mr. Walsh is known by all of those people. Another interesting thing is that Los Angeles has a large Jewish community and they are very active in their support of Israel and the Anti-Defamation League; but, none of them said anything about the film.

Now here is where I have to do some guessing. Los Angeles, like New York and Chicago, is supposed to be a major target for terrorists and the Los Angeles Police Department has a whole office dedicated to working with Homeland Security. I find it incredible to believe that the police, Homeland Security, the FBI, somebody from law enforcement would have investigated the film at that time and they would have sent someone who spoke Arabic to watch it. Are we truly to believe that not one police person would have watched it or wanted to see who went to watch it? Does that make any sense?

There is something wrong with this picture. I want you to understand how sensitive the Los Angeles Jewish community is to threats, a few years back their was an attack on a Jewish daycare center and people were killed. Yet, nobody, not Arabs and not Jews, other than Mr. Walsh, made a big deal about the film and he had informed people. At the time I didn't think about it and when the "Innocence of the Muslims" film's trailer came out, I did not associate the two. Mr. Walsh was complaining about an anti-Jewish, pro-Terrorist film. When I heard Mr. Walsh complain about the film I just thought there would be a protest outside the theater and it would go away. It wasn't until tonight that I started putting two and two together.

I don't know anymore than I have written; but, the whole story stinks. Perhaps someone can track down the movie poster or get a picture of it from Mr. Walsh and his group and translate it. It might explain why no Muslims went to see it. One more thing, Mr. Walsh did not go see it the first night, he said that he went to see it the second night but that he couldn't get a ticket because they didn't show it the second night and he claims on his website that he was responsible for getting the movie shut down. I would like to know why he didn't see it or send someone to see it the first night when it upset him so much that it was being played in the first place. He manages to make every City Council meeting.

posted on Oct, 16 2012 @ 11:45 PM
reply to post by AQuestion

A follow up. I went and did some more research and found an article from the LA Weekly. Here is a link to the article Innocence of Muslims: Gadfly John Walsh Warned Us of June 30 Hollywood Screening

If you read the article it claims that a "source" told the LA Weekly that maybe ten people had watched; but, if you continue reading we discover that Mr. Walsh clearly states that the film was NEVER shown and that NO ONE showed up even though a pretty woman was used to try and bring people in for free.

I have to say I am a little saddened by the lack of reception of this thread. I thought this was a conspiracy website. Here is something else funny, nobody has taken the Councilmembers to task for not having investigated the movie that is alleged to have caused problems all over the Arab world.

posted on Nov, 9 2012 @ 10:44 PM
Well I suppose the Muslims won't go see it, as its slagging off their religion supposedly. The average White won't go see it as it will show them as supporters/racists, the Jews won't bother as they'll have nothing to do with anything Muslim/Islamic anyway for obvious reasons, the Police probably didn't want to vet it as if they gave it the go ahead the Muslims would hit the roof, same goes for local councillors etc. So it seems ignoring it completely was the only way to deal or not deal with it

posted on Dec, 3 2012 @ 05:51 AM
Is Bin Laden even real? I'm pretty sure Bin Laden was CGI. No, no, I'm certain... I remember now that I did indeed read that Pixar constructed Bin Laden.

I thought everyone knew this? Sheesh. don't you people read the fine print on anything?

In related news, I saw a fence company the other day that was called CGI (the fence was labeled with the name of the company.)

Now, can you think of any better "Matrix Moment" experience?


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