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Feds: Nevada teen militia leader planned "mass killings"

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posted on Oct, 17 2012 @ 11:53 PM

Originally posted by Gridrebel

Originally posted by christoph
guns aren't the porblem.

people wanting to kill others is the problem. ban guns, they will use knives, ban knives, they will use rocks.

Actually, right now in areas where people can't/don't have access to guns, (or even if they do), many people are using machetes and baseball bats to kill (many) others. Personally, if it came down to me dying by violent means, I'd rather be shot. Therefore, I hope guns are readily available.
I agree with this guy.

Also I want to know, if the schizos can't protect themselves, who is gonna, the cops who beat them into the gutter?

It's kind of weird to discriminate against others if the weapon is carried for self defense.
I know you guys hate this, but... not all crazies are violent.

Me, I have PTSD and bipolar apparently. I don't own a gun. Plain and simple.
But I am thinking of karate. When I reach certain level of proficiency, then of course, assault with karate is a life sentence because they consider your body a deadly weapon if you use karate technique.

That is why karate masters teach buddhist peace along with the martial arts.
What is the problem in USA, that Switzerland has a rifle on every mantle,
but there is rampant crime in our streets?

You know the answer. In switzerland the MAN KNOWS that the rifle is not to be used against people who are close to him. YOu understand my metaphor? In America, violence seems to be the solution to far too many problems...

We need to be educated

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posted on Oct, 18 2012 @ 03:39 AM
why is everything in the article "claimed" its been 3 freakin months , they don't know if he was or wasn't in a militia, LOL

Steven Matthew Fernandes, who managed to amass "an arsenal of weapons,"

why was he incapacitated in someway that he couldn't walk into a store and get them? i had and "arsenal" of weapons at 8 years old, made tons of improvised "toys" and blew them up, with friends to boot! wow amazing al-Qaeda /kkk/nazi/s-13 or any other terrorist group hasn't recruited us yet is beyond me!! ( i nor any of my friends have any kind of record) just goes to show just because you are interested in things that go boom , doesn't mean you are disturbed or even a terrorist in the making

was arrested by FBI agents last month after three separate informants provided information about the teenager building and exploding bombs, amassing “an arsenal of weapons” and boasting of his killing prowess.

again, amazing how these FBI informants just show up out of freakin thin air lol

Fernandes manufactured, transported and exploded several bombs, and possessed material to make more,” documenting at least one of those test explosions on his iPhone, which he turned over to FBI agents, the document says.

well gee guys you got me, here have some more incriminating evidence to help keep me locked up even longer, oh and while IM at it, let me just keep adding more stories to my other stories so i can REALLY BE LOCKED UP, lol

Based on information Fernandes provided, agents subsequently located a rural site in Arizona where the young bomb-builder detonated at least three improvised explosive devices on Sept. 11.

well good thing we got 9/11 in there, that way we can make people think hes connected to terrorist organizations and wont have to really type it and get caught lying.

The suspect “had numerous firearms of different types and thousands of rounds of ammunition

DHS just bought the post office and weather services 450 thousand rounds of cop killer ammunition, and the guns to shoot them, we should probably look into the DHS, i think they may be a terrorist organization.

Some of the teen’s familiarity with firearms, the court document says, came while he was a member of Boy Scout law enforcement “Explorer Post

i did something similar when i was younger(still not a terrorist) all we were taught was a glock 9, some kind of rifle and a shotgun, not very hard to obtain anywhere in the country and anyone 18+permit with a high school job can amass most weapons in a couple summers

In the E-mail, the document says, Fernandes said the “327th Nevada Militia (327th) is currently comprised of six or seven members, with four or five of these members physically attending training.” It doesn’t disclose if agents with the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force have subsequently identified or interviewed any other those other purported members of the militia cell.

hah he doesn't know how many people are in his "army" lol six or seven four or five, whats in a number anyway lol what garbage remember this happened three months ago, why all the lala reporting, should be cold hard facts by this point no?

used a “special purchasing code” from the high school he attended to buy restricted chemicals from suppliers, the document says.

yet they don't tell us what chemicals he was getting that "needed" a special code, and how did he obtain that special code? maybe his teacher was in on it too, maybe his teacher is a recruiter for terrorist organization or that militia!! most improvised items don't need special materials most can be bought at farm products/lowes/homedepot/contractor goods type stores.

oh and love the photo from aurora incident , what radio shack is not exciting enough?

when you actually start to pick through a lot of the stories on tv news/ and printed news you start to feel all this stuff is made up BS and or realize it really is. i don't know which is worse, knowing a story is fake, or believing in the fake story. any time there is an informant involved with the FBI, its usually means " coerced into doing it/tricked/ made a problem where there was none to fix the problem to justify existence of 800000000 alphabet agencies that do nothing but spy on you and the other agencies lol.

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posted on Oct, 18 2012 @ 06:16 AM
BAN Guns! BAN explosives!
um! any one SEE a pattern here? no?

this and things like it are to get the people to say Ban Guns!
you are all being manipulated. and its working...

yes I believe the CIA/FBI made him do this.
you all know about MKULTRA.
but you DONT think the CIA will ever use it?
silly or what.

they find some one who fits a profile and feed him information.
and all the other ways they use.

most people believe that the government help't in some way with 911.
but you dont believe in this?
you deserve a despot dictator..

posted on Oct, 18 2012 @ 08:16 AM
Stop being so silly! You don't have to be anti-gun to be anti-mass murder plots, or anti- terrorist plot, or anti-explosives. Where the hell was I when being against teenagers building and activating homemade explosive devises became a bad thing?

I spent five hours this morning walking and riding through the woods hunting, rifle in hand. I love firearms, my rifles are a huge part of my life.

posted on Oct, 18 2012 @ 09:26 AM

Originally posted by 3chainz
reply to post by Destinyone

I didn't say anything anti-gun in the debate thread....I pointed out there was a military grade convert used at Aurora, which was related to the debate itself, that's it.

I'm personally pro-2nd amendment but think there should be stricter rules to buy a gun, like close the gun show loophole. People with schizophrenia should not be able to buy weapons, they are dangerous...They can go to a gun show and buy one with no problem though.

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If you are pro 2nd admendment Then you would be for less restriction of guns.... As the admend. states that we have a right to bear arms to defend ourselves from a tyrannical government and this right shall not be infringed .
Conceal carry infringes on my right to bear arms, you should not need a permit to bear an arm.5 day waiting period infringes on this right also. By saying we need stricter rules you are in fact saying you do not agree with the second admendment. A rock, knife, fork, chop sticks are dangerous in the right hands...where do you draw the line?
I believe we should be able to have the same armaments as our government for how can we defend ourselves with inferior weapons?
Originally posted by Wonderer2012

Originally posted by usernamehere
Nobody cares, everyone is interested in protecting their own dust, it's too late anyway.

People may not care at this very moment, but that is because it doesn't affect them right now.

Very soon, it is going to affect everybody and we will all have choices to make.

Could be an economy collapse, we don't know, but evil is at work in preparation and we'll all have choices to make in this lifetime.

The sad thing is if we wait until it affects us then we will stand alone when it does. Everyone has different things that makes them mad. One person likes to own guns another freedom of speech, so when they come down on the guns the freedom of speech person says " Sucks to be them ! they don't need guns anyway" then they take away freedom of speech and this guy goes crying and whining why does nobody help. The pro gunner says " I would but I am stuck behind these bars, Oh by the way thanks for sticking up for me on the gun issue!"
Freedom of speech says "I DIDN"T!"
Pro gunner says " EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!"
Draw a line in the sand and hope they never cross it or help defend all RIGHTS not just the ones you like.

posted on Oct, 18 2012 @ 10:21 AM
I know what you mean about the coercion, but I agree that is likely not the case in this instance. The guy was too brazen. While this behavior is bad, I believe there is a good side to idealists similar to this guy. Not the same, just similar. For instance, all signs point to our federal government taking away more and more of our rights and freedoms as time goes on, disregarding our Constitution. When the federal government ignores the Constitution, this is not a little thing.

We have every right as Americans to stand up to tyranny, and have no right to be tried as terrorists for defending our Constitution. Now, the difference, of course, in this case is that the guy was not a hero fighting oppression or tyranny. In a strange way, in his mind, maybe he thought he was, but this is just not the case. Terrorists kill innocent civilians, while revolutionaries do not unless forced into a position by their opposition. People in the know, as it were, claim Al Qaeda, for instance, are revolutionaries, as opposed to terrorists. This is true to the extent that their organization used terrorism as a tool, but it doesn't define them.

Did you know that only 10% of Al Qaeda's budget went towards funding military action. The majority, well over 50%, of all their funds went to paying members. Just an interesting tidbit of information for you guys. That is noble, while their ultimate goal and means of achieving it are not.

But my whole point is that groups such as the one mentioned in the article are going to be paramount to our liberty one day. It is inevitable, as a capitalist system has never proceeded for very long. America will fall, likely from within, and I hope and pray that there are similar groups who are hell bent on doing the right thing. Of course this time is not now, and that is why we are only hearing about the crazies in this spectrum and these organizations. All of the true patriots are biding their time, in my opinion, until the state of our country reaches utter despotism. We are on our way, well on our way, but we are not there yet. It will be years. How many, I don't know. But I know that whatever happens, I will be on the side of justice and human liberty. How about you?

posted on Oct, 18 2012 @ 10:39 AM

Originally posted by christoph
guns aren't the porblem.

people wanting to kill others is the problem. ban guns, they will use knives, ban knives, they will use rocks.

I can tell you right now, if I only had a rock to choose from..
I may rethink my anger.

posted on Oct, 18 2012 @ 11:11 AM
What we don't know:

0ne of the informants heard about the guy's boastings on a blog. So far, we know nothing about what he had on his computer, what internet name he was using, or what sites he frequented.

Another thing we don't know is what high school he graduated from, and what his teachers/fellow students thought of him.

And, as pointed out by Widowmaker in a post above, how did he get that “special purchasing code” to buy the restricted chemicals?

I think the big clue was his date of arrest--two days before he was due to report to marine boot camp. The cops had first heard of this guy's activities back in February; my guess is they tried to cultivate him into actually acting on all his crazy talk, and only when they realized he was just a talker, not a doer, did they move on him, so they could get what mileage they could out of this botched operation.

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posted on Oct, 18 2012 @ 07:00 PM
would anyone be surprised if they found out the fbi learned of this plot while playing multiplayer online matches of modern warfare.

OMG # talking is a plot y0!

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posted on Oct, 18 2012 @ 10:02 PM

Originally posted by christoph
guns aren't the porblem.

people wanting to kill others is the problem. ban guns, they will use knives, ban knives, they will use rocks.


Guns make it extraordinarily easy to end a persons life.

Stand 10 metres away, don't look them in the eye, aim for centre mass and squeeze the trigger.

Try standing face to face, staring someone in the eye, and plunging a knife through their stomach or chest, and pulling it out, feeling the skin hugging the blade, to then drive it in again, all while the victim is screaming and begging for their life.

Do both of the above, and then say guns don't make it easier to kill.

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