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Amanda Todd's Alleged Tormentor Named By Anonymous

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posted on Oct, 15 2012 @ 10:05 PM

Well good for Anonymous I love it when they find these sick #ing people!

The tragic story of B.C. teen suicide victim Amanda Todd has taken another bizarre twist as the internet hacking and activist group Anonymous has named a man the group says was the girl's primary tormentor. Anonymous published the name and address of a Vancouver-area man that the group claims was bullying and preying on Todd via the internet.

During her nine-minute video, the teen explains in hand-written notes that she was in Grade 7 when she was lured by an unidentified male to expose her breasts via webcam. She says that a year later she received a message from a man on Facebook threatening that if she didn't give him a show, he would send the webcam picture to her friends and family. She says police later told her the man followed through with his threat.

The man himself has now been threatened online by others vowing to carry out vigilante justice, a development that worries Vancouver defence lawyer Eric Gottardi.

You know the guy brought it all on himself. I have no sympathy for him and I sure hope he gets what he deserves.

Hey dick it's not so fun now is it?

posted on Oct, 15 2012 @ 10:09 PM
Sorry already posted - please remove thread.

posted on Oct, 15 2012 @ 10:10 PM
Add thoughts and opinions to the existing thread on this topic here:

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