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Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Rosicrucianism, and UFOs

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posted on Jan, 7 2015 @ 01:51 PM
Excellent thread, too bad I just noticed it today.

This Rosicrucianism is something I have never heard about, compared to how the usual Illuminati rants go on about occultism and Mason without much detail being explained other then the usual Satan, the enemy excuse because they didn't see it there way. Especially men of science and up most renowned credibility looking for some form of spirituality or understanding of the weird.

As for the metaphysical or the esoteric, I personally find that they do give some insight into the nature of consciousness and the attempts at explaining it with metaphysics. However, the problem is that each culture has a bias to it and usually goes with a few taboos, but whether these taboos serve as safety guidelines, or some form spiritual punishment or guilt depends on ones own perception of life and themselves.

Like Jesus being a savior or spiritual hero, granting a placebo or teddy bear effect, or how Satan or God(preference depending) is watching and waiting to strike for no dam reason.

I've been reading one e-book online, by a yogi named Gopi Kirshna called "Kundalini Awakening Systems" where it explains about his internal experiences with kundalini practices and it integration rather then how to arouse it really. A major summary of his story was that he had practiced yoga for 17 years, where one day he has a powerful metaphysical experience which had changed his entire introspect of life, where he goes through personal radical changes where as he felt completely detached from his personal goals or values. Where over the years, he had to let his body adjust to the various subtle changes in his body to get a better feel of it.

What I so far enjoy about his take is that he was believed to have been the intellectual, and how some of his experiences kind of relates to what I've experienced through some of my own rigors of trying to understand my own consciousness. He even goes quite in depth about kundalini, and uses the infamous serpent theme that often related to it. Where he explains that it more of a liquid light that connected to the nervous system, that it has a sinuous movement to it that goes through the body, where it like a snake jumping from one point to the other in mid air. And that it works through various nervous centres through the body, and that main problem is that some times it could be diverted wrong where some organs become stressed or over re-active, or that the nerves are some how starved of this energy. Usually these nerves centre are called "Nadi", where it ranges to the standard 7 chakras, to over 72,000 nerve endings and what not. However, it has a very elusive, volatile nature to it.

I've had something similar happen, where in my early attempt into the supernatural or spiritual was kind of the turbulent one, where I found about the new age and the charkas, and jumped the gun with little to no guidance. Where I was just practicing on what I believed was the third eye at the time, and that I had stressed a part of my brain and made it over active, which lead to a few major problems. Also, the book talks about a yogi term that called "Vrtta" where it means "whirling motion", that it relates to emotions and how conscious has a dispersion and how the mind makes multiples of itself. Where as their strict practices are meant to teach one the discipline to adapt with it to avoid unnecessary taboos.

Anyways, a little of topic, but the practices of Yoga and Buddha have caught my eye, where as they try to understand the nature of consciousness and it workings. Which is a lot better then just saying and brown nosing Jesus from my experience.

Plus it the kung fu fighting I always wanted since Buddha seems more Masculine, then Yoga Feminine display. Its like Mc'donalds with boy and girl toys, I wanted an Optimus Prime with my happy meal.

Sadly Canada's rather boring.

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