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Rocket Stove and home-made kindling

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posted on Oct, 15 2012 @ 06:04 PM
ALiens, nibiru, zombie apocalypse.. or rather grid fail, disaster, or personal armageddon..

Im putting together another whole outdoor kitchen.. and along with my other things, I wanted to try a modified rocket stove as a perm fixture, but use scrap to manufacture the kindling.. aka mulch and scrap paper logs and bricks. I was wrapping up my design and thought Id share a bunch of the info with you all before I deleted my mass gooberwad of links and such with a new OS install.
Hopefully you all that are interested will use it as a jump off point for your research and your own design once you have the basics down.

My whole deal was efficient fuel burning and easy manufacture of fuel from cast off or scavenged materials. Making logs, bricks, charcoal, and pellets.. next season I will finish the design of the whole thing and post some pics.. and see which material and configuration is more easily found, manufactured, and efficient as far as a fuel.

In the end I plan on THIS bad boy.. and figure Ill have a hell of a fight with the ordinances and etc. Ive got this love hate relationship with the energy co out here.. and the co that sold me this trane system.. and heating this mausoleum in the winter. The more I have learned about this over the last few yrs.. its not rocket science.. its just really not hard. The leap from flipping your heat on to working toward efficiency and retrofitting things is the hardest leap. I plan on doing this with all salvaged parts... if possible. Ive been watching and pricing and visiting everything from junk yards to energy seminars and shows.

A little flawed, but a good jumping off point
Love the nutball!

Now.. Im one of these wackos that goes to our local park where our homeless are parked ever since our mayor shut down the ONLY shelter.. there are normal folks there who got sucked up into things and now are homeless with their wife and kids are scattered throughout family trying to survive. Teens kicked out or in circumstances besides being jerky teens... real tragedies out there in real life. Heard the stories... makes me sick. I cant bring them all home or support everyone... so to help I arm them. WInter is coming and I hand out these corny booklets I print up at kinkos with the bare bones simple plans/schematics/pics on dakota holes, rocket stoves, safety using them, etc.. Im writing up a proposal to Mr Rice.. Ill include a link.. where state laws in the bi-state area can be utilized for folks to have shelter and an address.. squatting bacially. The big whine is about cant live without electricity and flushing toilets, etc. Well folks didnt have that before and managed just fine.. and I have an idea how to accomplish this legally and with no social repercussions.Being a very petite female and older.. it is oft times dangerous for me to get out there.. but Im hoping to build a greater network of folks who can go with me.. or start in their own towns. I have a crazy idea that homelessness is NOT necessary any more than hunger is in this country.
I do believe we are closer ever day to the playing field being more level between our classes of citizens.. as in poor and poorer. I also believe that it is my duty as a human being and American to do my part in giving the best weapons possible to share rather than whine on a msg board and never do anything. I feel a llittle more justified in crabbing if Ive actually went out and walked the walk... sometimes stomp.... other times tiptoe..

I am not a xtian, but have never had an issue dealing with, working with, or loving them. WORK with people for Gods sake.. even if your ideologies clash. I respect Mr .. or rather.. Rev Rice immensely.. regardless of his human failings. Those who speak against him.. I guess you have to see if they have walked the walk for decades or not concerning renewable energy, homelessness, hunger, and normal human entitlements.. our rights as human and Americans.

Ive seen over the yrs a lot of absolute crap and wrong info in the survival section of ATS.. some deadly or so entrenched in fantasy here that its dangerous. I hope youll help me change this on ATS.. and if you have read this far in my babble post.. you will help me over the next few months when I find it too cold to go out much and haunt ATS. Im eager to learn what some of you have to say on things and learn as much as share with you.

posted on Oct, 15 2012 @ 07:29 PM
reply to post by Advantage

Star and Flag...and kudos.

You do what most never think about, and those who think about almost never do. The rocket stoves are pretty awesome! I'd never seen one before, but what a nifty way to cook.

Thank you!

posted on Oct, 15 2012 @ 08:45 PM
I made the rocket stove (3rd video). It works great. It is heavy so would not be good for back packing. I keep it in the basement and I can use it in emergencies. I ended up buying the Solo stove for my BOB which takes small fuel and weighs ounces.

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