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Atheist Vs. Mystic. A friend leaves the Atheistic stance after this correspondance.

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posted on Oct, 15 2012 @ 11:06 PM
reply to post by dominicus

Um, I think that was a bad example of an atheist, dominicus. That dialogue in your OP is like little boys talking about who trumps who.

posted on Oct, 16 2012 @ 12:43 AM
reply to post by Titen-Sxull

As I stated we KNOW that this isn't true, we know that our senses can be fooled and that our experiences cannot always be trusted and are not always accurate.

So who's to say we're not fooling ourselves with everything we know? Just because the majority of folks don't experience God, doesn't mean they are right

prior to the mind...remembering my existence as consciousness prior to even having been born in a body...

But let me guess, you had this experience while meditating, you had this experience AFTER you had a mind and a body. Sure you EXPERIENCED this memory, but you did it only while actually having a mind.

The memory itself, came from a very deep place within, from an area that I have never experienced before and not from the regular thinking or memory data bank as we all have. It was more along the lines as if I found the source of intuition for the first the way, I wasn't meditating when the remembrance came up.

you had this experience AFTER you already possessed a mind, so how on Earth does it suggest you had consciousness BEFORE having a mind? What it suggests is that the experience was solely IN YOUR MIND.

Show me some facts that prove consciousness relies solely on Brain matter. There already theories that discuss non-local consciousness, and if that's so, then consciousness can retain memories not based on physical matter

Mind, where all of this stuff takes place, where it begins and ends and outside of the mind there is no evidence for any of this.

And yet science shows that reality happens/exists prior to the mind making sense of or perceiving it. There is a delay there.

By the way, the way you present the term mystic makes me wonder if you've considered the possibility that being a mystic and being an atheist at the same time are possible. I know there are probably new agers who have "visited the source of consciousness" who are atheists, or believe we were created by aliens. As was mentioned attaching GOD just brings with it baggage

spiritual humanist I believe is the term. The thing is, baggage it may be, however the initial concept around which the baggage revolves, is never the less the same.

And what if Spock takes me on a tour of the cosmos and shows me the source of all consciousness?

Well, I'd do some research to see if others have been on tours with Spock. If its just one claim, that doesn't hold too much weight. If I try repeating what you did to get this experience, and don't get there, that also losses weight.

On the other hand, I can probably produce a few hundred historic testimonies, if not a thousand. I can also follow the techniques left behind to reach this said "source" to see if it is reproducable in me. Fortunately, it was reproduced in me and even though it was as described be others', the experience itself went completely beyond anything that I could have possibly imagined it to be. I would never been able to imagine such a rich and profoundly transcending experience.
reply to post by trysts

Um, I think that was a bad example of an atheist, dominicus. That dialogue in your OP is like little boys talking about who trumps who.

Really? That was hardly the motivation behind my logic, so perhaps your adding an assumption
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