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ESO set to make astounding disclosure!

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posted on Oct, 24 2012 @ 08:46 AM
reply to post by NotAnAspie

They have to pick places so far away that there's no hope we know any details about them. They can make up whatever stories they want. This also shows "their" aliens are so advanced, their motives are beyond question. Also proves you should do anything those aliens tell you, like donate all your money.

posted on Oct, 24 2012 @ 01:11 PM

Originally posted by DAVID64
reply to post by NotAnAspie

our money.

I agree with some of this but I'm not so certain about the alien part. Not sure if I see what you are saying.

Let me explain this. I'm constantly doing this and it might get annoying but it often turns out to be relevant and in this case very much so.

When was 5 I met a man in my kitchen who looked like a gray and he had skills that seem very "gray like"

He was definitely an ET but I hesitate to not explain and just call him an ET because I don't know where he came from, only that I might have come with him and that he and I BOTH were humans on THIS planet as well in past lives.

So is that ET? or ED? (extradimensional)... or is it interdimensional? I don't know but anyway....

My point is that I'm already convinced. I know we have had visitors. When I hear something like this it's like a huge flashing sign because I know they know but I still do not believe this big barked up story about how they are controlling the government so I'm not sensing the gist of what you are saying, I just want to make sure you understand my view.

To me disclosure is not proof of ET life, it's proving that someone... anyone... is capable of telling the truth because we already KNOW visitors have been here and know that they know.

That's just a reminder of what is already laid down in the minds of many as well as why they are here and that they are a part of this world. I just want to stress that.

Having said that, what this piece of information reveals to me has nothing to do with their agenda (which I think it is pretty obvious that there is an abrasion, a conflict between ETs and those in charge or things would be much different) Even if they have cooperated, it does not mean, nor does this discovery mean that ETs and government agenda is identical... nor does it indicate any type of ET control behind the curtains.

Perhaps you'd like to explain how this appears to you.

As for ETs controlling things behind the curtain, I think they are experts at accessing probability and this makes them appear too wise for some... and that it can seem as though they control the very intricate mechanisms of life itself at times. Now THIS is something I understand. They ARE shapers. They ARE influential... but the biggest part of this quality about them I think comes from their foresight and the length of their memories and knowledge. It comes from them being able to flow in the natural ebb of time and use this as a benefit, an advantage. The skill comes from a responsibility with such skills. They can out live their mistakes... see well beyond their own and the mistakes of others. This gives them a unique and valuable perspective. In other words, it is sacred knowledge.

They do not control life in full because then they would have no strife of their own. Everything would go according to their plan and it doesn't exactly. Not immediately without that natural unfolding. It only seems that way to some who might be more distant from their essence. You cannot feel their intentions, plans and desires because you are standing outside.

They have wants and fears as well, I think.
I believe this because I have been analyzing many minute details as things have been unfolding and this has been NO easy ride for them!

When someone says certain things it makes me aware of the loss of detail in this whole charade.

Their are many different reasons that NASA could have hid information about Alpha Centauri but a statement like this being indicative of complete congruence in ET and human agenda is premature. To think it automatically means that they have a completely joint mission going and that the ETs are the one's barking orders is a reach... and one I think is done in fear.

The whole thing can be scary and it can get stressful to think about such thing as if your mind is racing for answers but it goes away and in the process, you come across details and ways of thinking that make you aware that NO MATTER WHAT....

There are problems in disclosure concerning sides that are pitted against one another.

If all the powerful and all the advanced were all on the same page, then a lot of things that have happened would not be taking place and we would be much more aware of our overlords.

I can't take you through all of the same details, it would take years because that is how long it has taken me to break a lot of this down. It is just so damn complex.

If you have an idea you want to suggest and debate this with me knowing that I do not see them the way a lot of people, then tell me what brings you to this conclusion and then I can see the relative points between mine and your paths of thought and then we can truly discuss this... because at this point, it seems like a strange and obscur suggestion to me to say that this means ETs are asking for donations.

posted on Oct, 24 2012 @ 01:20 PM
Also, why would anyone with full power need money to begin with?

I must say... I am just SO perplexed and a little alarmed at these statements.

It really does indicate to me how far away people in general are from being able to wrap their minds around this.

People must be terrified at the conclusions their minds are coming to. You really have to be careful and look close... let more than just one set of details come to you.

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