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What do you make of "THE TRENDIES???"

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posted on Oct, 17 2012 @ 08:36 AM
reply to post by Xatnys

On the fringe there isn't much money. The further into the mainstream fluff you move, the more money there is to be made. He is a big personality....ripe for mainstream monetizing. And, as sid points out....he is just a free man plying his trade.

posted on Oct, 17 2012 @ 08:48 AM
The way I see it, it's like this:

We each have different psychological makeups.

We are constantly trying to find our place within society.

Some of us relate to this or that label, and latch onto it.

From that point, we find people sufficiently outside of our social grouping, and tend to look down or up at them.

This is entirely natural.

Hardcore members of this site are deep thinkers, and abhor mindless emoting people.

Hardcore emoting people who fit into the "norm" (majority social grouping for the time being) abhor the "weirdos" who think deeply.

Everyone points the finger, and life goes on.

I find trendy people to be a nuisance at times, but at other times I actually enjoy their presence and entertain the small, cute thoughts they have. It really depends on my current mood. I can jump in and out of nearly any social group at will.

The more you mature, the more you'll (hopefully) make your peace with psychological deviations which are outside of your sphere of acceptance.

Just leave them be to chase their butterflies.

We each play our part, and even if you downplay their importance, we're all needed to keep things flowing in society.

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posted on Oct, 17 2012 @ 08:59 AM
That's what I'm caught thinking when I'm in the middle of a traffic jam, or in a queue or something when I have time to observe people's reactions.

Thing is... We who have a minimum of information about the *possible* scenarios regarding TPTB or when SHTF are really much more prepared, should anything happen. We won't be caught wondering what happened, in shock, having no idea what to do. Or even trying to get any help from the govt. or something.

It's natural selection, those who seek information, deny ignorance, and make themselves ready are more apt to survive... and dare I say so, make humankind better.

posted on Oct, 17 2012 @ 01:22 PM
reply to post by Xatnys

Hi Xatnis,

Answering your rhetorical question about AJ's “Trendie feel”:
I don't know, maybe he should get an Image Polishing Adviser and act more like a Ben Bernanke... But I'm not so sure...

I've noticed that in reality, Alex Jones talks a big game, but in actuality he's not changing much of anything in society.

I think he does, keep in mind that he is a something like Investigative Journalist, not Spartacus, he does the job the MSM should be doing.
He reaches thousands of people every day, sells products that are not from Corporations, gives jobs, pay taxes, inspire others to step in.. I don't see what else he could do.

Throughout his tenure the bad are still firmly in power, the taxation is still as rough as ever, the march toward a One World Order had hardly missed a step.

That's also not the job of the Media... He is in the infowars business.

He's still egotistical today, and loud-mouthed. Still rarely lets his guests get a word in edgewise, and fills his call-in lines with throngs of gushing gratifying callers(ditto rush, anyone?)

That's true, he is a little too obsessed and over excited... maybe it comes when you overdo something. In My opinion he should show up less and stay more in the back stage. Play the CEO.
However, it's his show... It's working well to him and maybe he likes it that way.
To be frank with you, I think, as he steeps back, in the deep of his heart he also hopes that nothing really big changes. We all would with that much money...
But the big boom is still looming in the air and his legacy doesn't loose any tiny bit of value.

It is my humble opinion that no, we are not winning the "war" on for our mind.

Really? I think we are... But not so sure... I hope we find some spare power inside ourselves.

Oh I don't dispute that he's gotten information out to folks that have helped them to see the "bars" of the "prison" so to speak. But I would contend that most of the people that "AJ" would claim to have "woken up", were already dis-satisfied with current events on a national and or global scale. And that most folks "waking up" to the situation that the nation and the globe find themselves in, most of those people already were predisposed to feeling that something was amiss. They could "feel the situation" even if they couldn't see exactly what was going on.

That's true, your post sounds very logical and reasonable, I just would like to add that I also don't see him as the "leader of the revolution". He is already doing another job.
This leader thing is the biggest hurdle for any kind of change. We need more coordination & respect and less idolatry.

Thanks for your views
Deny Ignorance

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posted on Oct, 17 2012 @ 02:05 PM
reply to post by Raist
Hi Raist,
Thank you anyway...

The only free people are those living off the grid and those few are being destroyed either literally or figuratively.

I can not agree more...

All these people "predicting" things that never come and yet they also fail to predict that they are going to be sick next week.

I also have a problem with predictions.
What scares me to death is the Cashless Society. If we also swallow this one, it will be Slavery Certificate to all of us, plus all generations to come.
The ultimate trick for Infinite Dominance.

Look at daily life struggles that keep us so busy we cannot break the chains that bind us.

I know, there is not much we can do...

however, you mentioned the Ajs film Police State in one of your pos. And I remember seeing this some years ago. I don't remember so well but it was not so bad at all. If we ignore AJ and the relatively bad overall production, there was a lot of good info there.
He touched upon very sensitive topics.
I listed some of them, and right bellow how MSM relates to it.
Just to highlight the difference. I hope you have some patience left.

1) PS: Governments across the world using Terrorism as a pretext to scare their population into submission.
The MSM international community actively spreading fear and lies to back it up. Just think of the Anthrax, WMD, Mushroom Clouds, Patriotic Act shows and so on

2) PS State controlled surveillance of individuals.
Backed up by the MSM in unison

3) PS: Illegal Secret arrests, illegal checkpoints, illegal warrant less searches.
Covered and ignored by the MSM as long as they could.

4) PS: The paradigm of: Left right, gays vs straight, atheism vs religion, we against them... all the usual Divide and Conquer tactics.
MSM spending broadcast time with the spread of hate, blind nationalism, intrigue & irrelevant scandals from tasteless celebrities

5) Ps: Puppet Political System, where all sizes of the “electable political spectrum” serve the same masters
Our cheer leaders “Journalists” and “political experts” in the MSM selling it as the highest form of democracy, just “sexing up” the farce to give some taste of legitimacy

6) PSmovie: military knowhow and technology being used by local police.
Again, MSM too busy with the latest achievements of the likes of Paris Hilton and Tiger Woods to at least give us a few lines us about it

7) PS: powerful central banks & the banksters
The main financiers of the MSM business. Here we can see clearly the MSM rolling the red carpet to the gangsters with their army of short sighted “finance experts”

8) PS: Concentration of power in the hands of a few.
More MSM spin, wavers, distortions, distractions and flat out lies

9) PS: CORPORATIONS, taking the world over.
Also Big sponsors . MSM doing it's best to convince the common sons and daughter that it's perfectly logical to see CORPORATIONS as PEOPLE.
In short, they are just BIG BOYS. There are no jobs, no economical growth, no middle class without these Big Boys agenda.

According to the MSM, the world would be an Inferno if the CORPORATIONS (I mean, the Big Boys), suddenly had to pay taxes, follow the law or have be liable for the damages they inflict on on the commons. Or if they have to be punished too hard for any environmental or economical disaster they cause. That's what they mean with too Big to Fail.
The MSM, till this day, is trying very hard to inform us about the dangers that comes from decent jobs and wages. It should be seeing as a burden to Big Boys.
Just check Quest is Business!
If we go for that, the MSM warn us, soon we'll see massive withdrawal of cash and Investment Money from Concerned Investors that soon or later will have no other choice left as to look for cover in a more Capital Friendly banana republic.

10) PS: States abuse of secrecy & the systematic dismantling of the Bill of Rights being used to cover the A$$es$$ of a behind the curtain Elite.
And where was/is the MSM on this one?
Be my guest.

Peace and a spark
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posted on Oct, 17 2012 @ 04:04 PM

Originally posted by Thunderheart

Originally posted by r2d246
I was at the mall the other day. I was thinking about how Alex Jones calles the brainwashed, zombie, sheeple slaveclass....."the trendies".

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I'm confused as to why you posted this person's intro thread then I realized that the guy who got laughed off of the thread was you. So you just wanted to bring attention to the fact that you got publicly humiliated to the people in this thread. Well I guess some people have some strange hobbies.

Anyways back ontopic. I don't use Alex Jones or Infowars as a primary source of information, but I do think that the articles on the site and some of the stuff he says is worth listening to and worth responding to. I did make a two threads about articles that showed up on the Infowars site because they parroted my opinions on the matter at hand.

I feel you need to be able to filter the BS with alternative news just as well as you have to be able to filter it with the MSM. Its not like everything the MSM reports is bad, there is plenty of solid reporting still being down on both fronts and in order to build a solid opinion you need to be able see both sides and piece the information together that makes the most sense.

posted on Oct, 17 2012 @ 04:20 PM
reply to post by sidLives

Any of the big name "news" organizations are crap most of the time too. I trust them no more than anyone else.

The only way to get any real truth is to take all of it with a grain of salt and listen to all the versions. Meaning listen to some of the fluff AJ squeezes out of his pie hole along with the poo that comes from the mouths of mainstream.

Put the two together shake vigorously and pull out the closest bit to the truth.

To think that AJ or mainstream has all the answers is foolish and placing all your eggs in one basket. Both are going to let you down. It is like politics, both sides suck equally. Everyone in DC right now is a worthless sack and should be flushed.

Edit to add: Basically AJ is as bias as the MSN you cannot only listen to one news source.


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posted on Oct, 18 2012 @ 03:05 PM
reply to post by Raist

To think that AJ or mainstream has all the answers is foolish and placing all your eggs in one basket. Both are going to let you down. It is like politics, both sides suck equally. Everyone in DC right now is a worthless sack and should be flushed.

That's also true... I know that, but I'd like to see something more solid against AJ. Why should we beat everything down without backing it up?

In my opinion, AJ does a heck of a good Investigative Journalism. He does a lot of research, he present his viewers the already in Public Domain official documents and give it us on a silver platte.
Everyone should be able to do the same. Ok, most of us doesn't hv the the time and resources to look for things for themselves, but they could at least check the veracity of his findings. Nobody does, even in the MSM.
That's where he is winning the information war and making some money.
I hope you get my point.

peace & spark

posted on Oct, 18 2012 @ 03:35 PM
reply to post by r2d246

I'm guessing you boycotted your English class for fear of being a trendie?

I call them trendites, interesting I've never heard Alex Jones refer to them as such.

The fact of the matter is there are trendites on all aisles, all sides, I've met so many trendite Ron Paul supporters for example, oh you think all Ron Paul supporters know what their talking about? Try talking to them. Same for Liberals, Conservatives, Democrats & Republicans, Green Party & Independent.

posted on Oct, 18 2012 @ 04:30 PM
reply to post by sidLives

I get your point, but the problem I am seeing is you are feeling defensive about AJ and jumping to his side no matter what is said.

As I said I have been listening to him and ATS and the MSN for years. All these sources have crap filling them. Each of them dramatizes findings to draw in an audience and make money. Think ATS is not making money? They make money every time you come to this site through advertising that you do not even have to click on. AJ and the MSN most likely have the same setups on their sites. No big deal everyone has to earn a living. He has that right and so does ATS and the MSN.

The thing I am saying is this. Sure some of his stuff is good; some of the other stuff he spurts out of his pie hole is crap. Just like the MSN, just like the politicians, they all are out to get your attention. However, you are taking it too personal. I say some of his stuff is good and some crap and you ask why we dismiss his stuff without checking. I have looked at his stuff and over time I found a few cracks in some of it and it failed to hold water. Again this goes back to the broken clock it is right twice a day. Even a liar tells the truth from time to time and some liars lie so much they believe their own lies (look at politicians as evidence of this).

AJ has some good points no doubt, but he is not the full truth. I am not willing to follow him, nor am I willing any longer to purchase his wares. That said just because I refuse to buy his product does not mean I do not take to heart a part of what he says from time to time. Just because I am critical of him does not mean I am blowing him off completely, attacking him, or simply do not like him.

I do think however, he is starting to follow only the money more than he is the true passion he once held. AJ has changed over the years.


posted on Oct, 18 2012 @ 05:02 PM
reply to post by Raist

That's fine... I respect your opinion.
I also don't see myself as a AJ follower and I know that he is nowhere close of being a "impeccable warrior".
As Don Juan once said applies to AJ well:
"Self importance is man's greatest enemy"

I just wanted some sources and more solid arguments/examples.
I'm sorry for any misunderstanding.

Long life to the multitude


Deny Ignorance

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