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tapped cellphones

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posted on Oct, 15 2012 @ 02:42 AM
Let me first state I think my cell phone is bugged or tapped. By who I have no clue. Now I know there are going to be skeptics so I will address the issue I have had with different phones over the course of 5 years. First off my phone turns on and off by its self. When I say turns on and off I don't literally mean on and off I mean its in screen saver mode blacked out and the light will turn on and off throughout the night. I will be no where near it and my wife has witnessed it as well.
I know what your thinking updating it's not a smartphone and I do not have internet on it. #2 Echo sounds like being in a hallway during phone calls "ringing included" but phone is fully charged with max bars. #3 Popping/clicking sounds in the back ground only my phone can hear and extreme digitalization aka distortion of voices with full bars.

At first I thought issues with the phones but it has happened to 3 different phones all a different brand. I never thought it was a tapped phone I even called Verizon and addressed the issues and they sent me a new phone same kind and the same thing happened with a brand new phone. Only today after years of this crap did I start to wonder and looked up the issues and to my amazement an article said that these are normal issue with a tapped phone. The reason I bring this up is because I became a member of this site 5 years ago under a different name and I wonder if anyone has had the same issues?

The battery dies super fast on my phone as well and i have had instances with cross talk where I hear other people on my phone. I really don't think I have anything important to say. Nothing any government agency would need to phone tap me for so I question if it really is tapped but I have every sign of a tapped phone. Has any other member had this issue with their phones?

posted on Oct, 15 2012 @ 02:50 AM
All cell phones are technically "tapped" since all of your voice calls and text messages get sent to fusion centers to scan for key words. Your phone is not exclusively tapped like an old land line would be because that is not possible on a cell phone. The cell service quality all over America has degraded significantly in the past year, either due to Solar Maximun or the integration of the fusion center software.

Welcome to your new freedom.

posted on Oct, 15 2012 @ 03:27 AM
It's possible. Those are the symptoms of being tapped. But in all reality you have nothing to worry about unless you did something extremely illegal. Those weird thing you mentioned about your phone can just be temporary due to solar activity, or just something with the cell tower.

But relax, and calm down. You have nothing to worry about. If there is anything crime you commited or something suspicious, there might be a reason. An ex spouse, ex friend, ex boss or any one you think are could also be that.

All honesty you want to avoid being tapped. Get a iridium satellite phone. That's what terrorists, arms dealers, CIA and various intelligence agents use.

posted on Oct, 15 2012 @ 04:07 AM
reply to post by digital01anarchy

I used to work in the telecom industry. What you are describing are signs of being tapped, but on a land line. Even then it would probably be a sign that amateurs were doing it.

When I was working in New Orleans switch house we had to find an open line. We took a handheld technicians phone and tapped into one line then another. Finally, we decided to wait until a line cleared, this required listening to the conversation between two women as they chatted away. They never knew we were there, and I was not interested in what they said, only when they hung up.

Was this legal for me to do? Absolutely. The same way that Fed EX, UPS and DHL has every right to open any package they feel is suspicious. Your privacy rights often only protect you from the government, and these days even that is minimal.

Another thing to consider is that the Intelligence and the telecom people have been working closely together since the war. On some Fiber rings - long distance - there is a wall with a locked steel door. On the other side is the same type of equipment as the civilian side but only those with Government clearance are allowed inside. What is this equipment for and what does it do? I can only make an educated guess that it is to "demux" the signal on the fiber and to listen in on conversations. However I could also guess that they have some fibers in the ground for Government dedicated communication. Both may be correct at the same time, but it will not put clicks into your conversations.

As to cell phone traffic; The more technology that is involved the easier it is to tap. But I still don't feel you would hear any echo's or clicks. Not unless they wanted you to hear them of course.

At any rate that is my take on it judging from my experience.
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