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posted on Feb, 22 2013 @ 03:39 PM
reply to post by SubTruth

P220 ( extra clips)
power bars
two liters of water
water filtration
duct tape
first aid kit
spare socks ( hate when my feet get wet)
and that is enough to get to where i need to go. anything more and it will just slow you down

posted on May, 28 2013 @ 01:37 PM
Well I have not posted in this thread in awhile and I just got some new gear and thought I would add it.

Wise foods 7 day food supply kit. I have not tried it out yet packaging is very nice it comes in a bucket with a lid. When I actually eat some I will post the results.

Gorilla brand duct tape. I love this stuff it is awesome and a really good trick is to take a old credit card or any plastic card and wrap the duct tape around a few times to have some for your BOB.

Bulldog brand multicam grab bag. This thing is awesome and has room for a lot of kit. It even comes with a bag of extra zipper pulls and cords which is a very nice touch. It is made out of 1000 cordura so it is tough as nails.

Goal Zero aa/aaa solar battery charger. I own a ton of goal zero kit and it is the best out there. It is high quality and the customer service is second to none. This is a perfect item for any and all BOB.

posted on May, 28 2013 @ 01:49 PM
Also if anyone has used Wise Foods or other brands I would really appreciate any and all feedback. I am new to this dehydrated food thing and would love good input. Thanks

posted on May, 28 2013 @ 01:58 PM

Originally posted by SallieSunshine
I'm not sure if this counts as "gear" - but I think everyone should have a lice comb and if you have a pet with you, you should have a flea comb. I have never had to use a lice comb, but I have used flea combs on my cats and they work pretty well.


This is actually a great idea and yes my dogs would bug out with me and the family. And keeping them clean and healthy is very important to me. I was also thinking about booties of some kind for when the ground is very rough.

Thank you for the idea I will use it.

posted on Sep, 30 2013 @ 12:14 AM
reply to post by SubTruth

Every so often I post some new gear and this time it is a fixed blade knife. I finally broke down and convinced the wife to let me spend the money and get a Chris Reeves green beret. It comes with a spec ops combat master sheath.

I am really happy with it I do own other higher end knives like the Australian made Hardcore Hardware and Benchmades. And to be honest this one has them beat hands down. I wanted a good sharpener to pair with it and because the sheath has a front pocket I went with the Gerber downrange. It is pretty big but is of the highest quality much better then my benchmade sharpener.

I also bought a goal zero rechargeable flashlight and it is a great idea but poorly made. I have a ton of goal zero kit and I was very surprised at just how cheap this was made. The sealing o'ring on the tailcap was broken from the factory and the threads are bad. I contacted goal zero and the customer service was terrible the first time and better the second. I might actually switch to Brunton after this one.
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posted on Oct, 14 2013 @ 02:11 PM
reply to post by SubTruth

I live in a very rural wooded region of New England, and have an old family riverside plot of land with a very old camper on it, with no electricity. This is only a few hours hike from my home, or a 15 minute drive. Since I plan to go there in the typical SHTF scenario, a few of these "non essential" comfort items would certainly not go in a typical BOB, but since this thread is about "gear", here are my favorites, with links, and a brief description & picture. Most of these items I acquired for normal hiking and camping over the past few years, but are definitely part of my SHTF plans. You may be surprised that half of my favorite pieces of "gear" are electronics, but with my homemade faraday cage, some of them just might still work after a blast.

This small biolite stove runs on twigs, is 5"x8" at 33oz & also produces electricity to charge my phone (which I do not plan to use as a phone, see further below) biolite

This brunton charger also can charge my phone (which I use to store many gigabytes full of PDF survival files) brunton

I am no survivalist, and I have not taken the time to learn how to make a small animal trap or do at least 5 gigabytes worth of reading that I have stored on a tiny MicroSD card in my phone, but I have over 1000 files in PDF form and keep this Samsung Exhibit in a homemade faraday cage ready to be pulled out and charged up with one of the above items, to learn on the run in a time of need. PDF viewer

This rechargeable small Polaroid speaker works over bluetooth with my phone above, and makes listening to music, audio books, and movies far more enjoyable. It too charges with the biolite or brunton via USB, as well as the battery pack further below. speaker

This digital TV tuner by Hauppauge makes my laptop a television and picks up over air HDTV. Maybe emergency information will still make it to the airwaves, but I currently use it with my pc hooked up to a large flat panel HDTV as the tuner in it broke and this cost less than replacing the tuner. It works as a DVR with my pc and I use it to follow what little good programming there is out tuner

I don't have a picture of my folding 80 watt solar panel that I constructed from solar cells I bought online, but it is similar to this. solar panel

With this I can store solar energy or transfer energy from a car battery in this portable battery pack that also has jumper cables, an emergency light, and an air compressor battery pack

This rechargeable Coleman lantern lasts several nights on one charge from the above battery pack, and has 3 light levels. I really enjoy having this around on a rainy night if I'm stuck inside the Hubba tent reading. The bulbs are impossible to find anymore, so I'll eventually upgrade. lantern

This Leatherman Wave has all locking blades and several tools I need in one handy leather pouch. leatherman

This is my 1 man Hubba tent, 20"x6" packed & 45oz, it can be used with just the tarp and poles, or just the mesh and poles, or with both, and sets up in the dark in less than 5 minutes with the connected pole system.
hubba tent

This Easycot packs down to just 6"x7"x40" and though it weighs 21lbs, it fits in the tent above, and opens in seconds with no assembly. easycot

This Therm-a-rest dreamtime mattress self inflates, weighs just under 7lbs and packs down to 6"x25". The soft fleece cover is washable, and it has an air and a foam mattress inside, and is very comfortable. dreamtime

This 1 piece silk sheet is sometimes all you need over the mattress above for a comfortable nights sleep, and I pack it right in with my sleeping bag which is just below. silk sheet

This UltraLamina 0 degree sleeping bag packs to 8"x15" and weighs less than 3lbs, and it is highly wind resistant as well as super soft and comfortable. sleeping bag

So those are my favorite items of "gear" and I have lots of other things like a cooler with wheels on it, fishing gear, kayak, 25 lb bags of rice as well as lima beans, hand cranking radio/lights as mentioned in previous replies in this thread, knives, vegetable seeds, a pressure cooker is essential I believe and of them all, I have put the most time into the PDF files. I believe information could be a form of currency one day, if things happen to get black out bad. Every US Army manual out there, recipes, digital copies of books, some over 100 years old. I also created a PDF of all of my favorite paintings from artists like Da Vinci and Michelangelo. I have most of Beethovens symphony sheet music, countless fictional novels from great writers, poets, 40 of my favorite movies, audio books, hundreds of discographies of music, and I am adding to that PDF file list all the time. I enjoyed this thread and the survival forum is one of my favorite places on ATS.

posted on Nov, 2 2013 @ 01:12 PM
reply to post by SubTruth

Love your kit buddy..........awesome stuff. I want a biolite stove so bad. I also use solar I have been using goal zero but lately I noticed the quality is not the best anymore. I am thinking about switching to brunton.

I also just purchased a Chris reeves Pacific knife and it is even better then the green beret they also offer. The knife is epic. Chris you make awesome knives.
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