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Resident Evil 6 has Organization eerily similar to Illuminati.

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posted on Oct, 13 2012 @ 02:33 AM
Always have been a fan of the series. When I heard RE6 was coming out and would have zombies again, I knew it would be awesome. Great game with a pretty hefty play time. With around 20+ hours of single player (or coop) game play, I think it was wonderfully done.

Without any huge spoilers.

Derek Clifford Simmons was a presidential aide to Adam Benford, the current PotUS, advising him on national security matters such as the threat of terrorism.

Simmons feared that by revealing the truth of the Raccoon City Incident, America would lose its foothold with the world’s government.

Pretty much you find out Simmons is a member of "The Family", doesn't go deep which makes it all the more interesting. The similarities are astounding, which made the game even better to me. Well "The Family" is a secret fraternity which was founded by one of Simmons' ancestors; the fraternity had shaped the development of the western world for centuries.

Tons of money, secret society, shaping the world as they saw fit, obviously deep connections in government and how the world is run.

Don't want to go into any more detail, but I found it funny and wanted to share.

Its a great game and I highly recommend it.

posted on Oct, 13 2012 @ 02:37 AM
Play this game if you want to turn yourself into a Zombie

posted on Oct, 13 2012 @ 10:37 AM
secret societies are hot topics amongst gamers.

nothing more than playing on the illuminati card to up sales.

the illuminati is what they want you to believe in and is hidden in music as a marketing scheme to keep people that are paranoid about this type of thing busy and to keep the real secret organizations from being noticed

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