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Synchronicity and the Lottery

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posted on Oct, 13 2012 @ 02:20 AM
First off, I play the lottery maybe a few times every other year.

So, I went into the corner store the other day to grab a few things and when I got to the counter it came to 10.76. So I gave him a 10 dollar bill and I reached in my pocket to see how much change I had and I had exactly 76 cents. 2 quarters, 2 dimes and 6 pennies.

So I played 1076, 176 and 076 50 straight/50 box.

The number was 716.

So I hit the number Box.

I went into the store and I wanted to grab 3 Vitamin Waters but only 2 were left. If there were 3 then I wouldn't have played the number. I was also planning to get a small pack of Big Red gum but they were out of the gum.

To me, synchronicity occurs when probable states of the wave function of the universe becomes entangled. As observers we can notice these events because I believe the wave function is real.

Because it's real, you're going to have 2 or more probable states measured that are in sync. The thing about these probable states is that they're not bound by "time." Therefore a future probable state can become entangled with a past probable state.

10.76 is in sync with the 76 cents in my pocket and that's in sync with the future state of the 716 lottery number.

I have a friend who was deciding on whether or not to become a Doctor or to pursue something else. He stopped in Super Market to talk to his friend who was the Manager about plans for that night for his birthday. A lady went into Labor and he was the one who helped calm her down until the Medics got there.

She gave birth to her baby on his birthday and that sealed it for him. He was going to be a Doctor. He's now doing his Residency and he's married with a kid of his own.

Again, I think synchronicity is probable states of the wave function becoming in sync and we can observe this when it happens. These entanglements are not bound by "time."
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posted on Oct, 13 2012 @ 02:40 AM
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We have Keno that is played in the restaurants in Massachusetts. I dreamed that I was using a golf cart while riding around in my local restaurant. I stopped to watch the Keno numbers come up on one of the monitors. Instead of numbers, the letters of Jackie Onassis' maiden name came up on the Keno balls: BOVIAR.

The next day I switched the letters to numbers B=2 O=15 V=22...

I played those numbers for at least five hours and lost my shirt. My brother had come in to play Keno, too. I told him what I was doing. When I left, he jumped on those numbers and lost HIS shirt! lol

Even my dreams lie to me.

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