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The 4th secret of Fatima

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posted on Oct, 27 2012 @ 12:34 PM
oh the agony

posted on Oct, 27 2012 @ 09:10 PM
I feel since I previously encouraged the OP to post, and the OP is becoming more and more anti-Fatima, moving further and further away from what I believe is probably the prophetic truth, I have to state that I do not in any way support the anti-Pope, anti-Fatima conspiracies that the OP is propagating.

I also like to state that I do not believe at all in alien contact, pre-tribulation raptures, or pre-tribulation rescues of any kind. If someone has credible and useful information of such "rescues", please send it to the OP, I know he would very much appreciate it.

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posted on Oct, 28 2012 @ 03:20 AM
I have never supported anti-pope or anti-Fatima ideas.
I said that the Fatima secrets have been withheld from public in their whole, and not only the 3rd, but also the others. What we saw to happen with the3rd in 2000, is the tip of the iceberg. If the catholics can't see that, I wonder who can. Or perhaps the catholics are banned to speak what they think? Thanks God I am not. And I know that the current catholic church in post Vatican II era does not forbid the speaking of thoughts. We have passed the Galileo time, did we? For some, incl in the hierarchy, the pre-Galileo status quo is just too convenient. And if possible, they would like to imprison the new Galileos. Thanks God they are not in charge.

In Medjugorje, OL allegedly said in the first years (available not as a message but as interviews with the seers then kids) that the 10 secret will not be removed or lessened, no matter the amount of prayer or penance. The rest could be lessened.

The ET reality is just obvious for whoever can read internet. Check what Fr Balducci has said about the ET. He is the one who published in Osservatore Romano the Neues Europa text, in the interregnum between JPI and JPII. Perhaps he cannot be accused of being anti-Fatima or anti-pope.

During Pope Benedict's pontificate, a conference was organized in the Vatican with scientists about the life in the Universe. I think it was 2009. If I find the clip will post it.

posted on Oct, 28 2012 @ 03:24 AM

Originally posted by Phantomfire707
I feel since I previously encouraged the OP to post, and the OP is becoming more and more anti-Fatima, moving further and further away from what I believe is probably the prophetic truth, I have to state that I do not in any way support the anti-Pope, anti-Fatima conspiracies that the OP is propagating.

I also like to state that I do not believe at all in alien contact, pre-tribulation raptures, or pre-tribulation rescues of any kind. If someone has credible and useful information of such "rescues", please send it to the OP, I know he would very much appreciate it.

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you don't have to approve anything from my ideas. Thanks for clarifying where you stand. I guess you could post instead your own theories of Fatima. That will have a better result for the reader.

posted on Oct, 28 2012 @ 04:09 AM

Russian Orthodox bishop of Murmansk Simon consecrates strategic nucear submarine Karelia. It became a custom every new submarine to be consecrated by bishops or priests, and at least one Borei-class is named after a medieval Russian saint-prince Alexander Nevsky. I think there is another sub named after St George, but I am not sure.

In other words, the apostolic succession from St Andrew that goes down to today's Russian orthodox bishops in unbroken succession, with all its spiritual power, is used to consecrate the nukes that potentially could destroy the West, incl. the Western Christian Churches (not only the Catholic). I don't think the bishop means that, while consecrating and blessing the sailors. But it is a dangerous perspective for a converted and consecrated Russia to do exactly that. Or to use proxies.

For a realistic mind who is careful for any true words coming from Heaven, be it in Fatima or in more recent apparitions, all of that matters. Especialy at the end of 2012 if it adds to the equation with all its apocalyptic theories that still have to be seen. Especially for the sober minded hierarchy. Because I know they know all of that and much more. Then - what? Nuclear winter is what is coming, or what? How many of the Christians will survive, and which of them, is also a question that matters for everyone who cares enough for the post-cataclysmic world, society and surviving of Christian Religion too. Will they survive for example in US bunkers, or in Russian, is also a question that matters. If you care how exactly Christ's Churches on Earth will survive their biggest trial since their foundation on Pentecost. I don't know what more to say, in order to convince the readers and posters if they are not convinced by what I already posted. I know one thing, that the pope Benedict cares for all that, and he enigmatically said in his visit to Fatima shrine, that Fatima secret is yet to be fulfilled by the 100-th anniversary 2017. Between now and then there is one year to be finished yet, and one or more events to happen (not necessarily now, but very likely).
God bless!

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posted on Oct, 28 2012 @ 05:10 AM
I want to add one more detail of that never ending dispute of Fatima enigma. That is the big phenomenon evil of Nazism in Europe in the years 1929 (Italy) 1933 (Germany) - 1945. Now it almost passes generation that witnessed the horrors of that time. But we easily forget that it was Hitler who exterminated in our modern time God's chosen people of the Old Testament - Israel. It was Hitler and the Nazi who endangered the civilization as we know it, with ready battle plans to impose a totalitarian despotic rule over the whole planet. It were the Allies - USSR, USA, UK, France, China, who with united efforts eventually eliminated that greatest evil in recorded history (adding to it the Japanese nightmares in Far East). If it was not for the Soviet Union in all of its diversity of nations, with some 20 mln dead on official account, and nearly compelte ruin of the European part of USSR, perhaps the result of the war would be quite different. Perhaps now the language on internet would be German, not English. Because the biggest continental war in history was on the East Front and was won by the Russian and other peoples over a much hi-advanced technologically enemy (with acknowledgment of the big efforts of USA on the other fronts of course). For those who still think USSR was somehow wrong in WW2 - what did the Nazi do near Moscow?

We could still wonder what Hitler would do with V-2 rockets and other inventions, should the war last 1 more year only.

How that fits Fatima and other prophecies? The Known text of Fatima mentions WW2. It is written by Lucia in 1941 when the war already started (1939 Nazi Germany attacks a number of countries from Norway to France to Poland). In 1941 Germany prepared for a sneak attack on USSR.

I don't have any insider info whether the text known as Second Secret, that naturally would have continued in the Third secret or part, and would end with the words "In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph", whether or not there are witheld parts referring to the Nazi. Whether or not the role of Russia in defeating that evil is mentioned explicitly. Russian conversion is a good portion of the secret, but not the whole secret. What we have is a big enigma. Because the released in y 2000 vision of Lucy of the papal martyrdom is obviously not the missing part from 2nd secret of WW2 up to the final triumph of the Immaculate Heart. That will tell you every researcher of Fatima that you may find online. As for ex. We still have missing parts. To say that is not something wrong or something anti-catholic. If Pope JPII said what he said, and pope Benedict said what he said (see previous posts). I would say, it is anti-catholic Not to keep search and urge officials to do their job. They are not sinless, as we know of many scandals, far more than the sexua. I mean the so called ecclesiastical masonry that pope John Paul II battled with quite successfuly (P-2 masonic lounge scandal, etc). Enigma is the 1 month long papacy and death of John Paul I. Pls see wikipedia for more info on that. That all are questions that cannot be skipped by the Christians, even if not Catholics, if they do care. In the era when the information becomes the main tool for democracy and freedom. We are not going back into the totalitarian past, that currently I am talking about during WW2.

Evaluating the history of 20th century, we encounter several evils, one of which is the Marxist communism. Let it be noticed also that the late Soviet Union did a lot about improving its internal and external record, incl. human rights record. What was done during Stalin, the persecutions, was loudly denounced and not repeated in the periods of Kruschev and Brezhnev. We cannot say it was just the same as Nazi, or even worse. The religion (orthodox and others incl. catholics) survived in the Soviet Union. In contrast, after the Jewish extermination, Hitler started persecuting other minorities, incl. Catholics. it is known the saying: when the Jews were imprisoned, the Catholics were silent. When the Catholics were persecuted, there was no one to defend them (quoting in memory).

So let be more realistic. We have a really heavy heritage from the Cold war that erases everything before it. But there were times worse than the Cold War. In fact the Cold war was a time of de facto world peace, maintained somehow by the superpowers, including by the prayers and sacrifices of silent prayer warriors. They are who deserve to be gratituted now. In some cases, when these old people start speaking of apparitions of Jesus and Mary, in some cases they are silenced today. Let then remember the already approved Hungarian seer during Communism Elizabeth Kindelmann with the devotion "Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary". Thanks God that Jesus appeared to her during communism, when the religious fanaticism wasn't as strong as now! Now I guess she would be silenced as some contemporary seers were.

posted on Oct, 28 2012 @ 05:15 AM
Just to mention the Cross of Dozule that nobody talks about, as if there wasn't such a requirement of Jesus to build a cross in France before the End Times,... We have missed so much info, and still some have face to tell us there is nothing to be concerned about, issues like Planet X, 2012, or is nothing to be concerned about! That is terrifying, and even more terrifying that the people who have to be loud ae silenced. No matter the internet. Yes there are few who do the struggle. And what if those few stop it? What if the remaining alive seers die, and the remaining prayer warriors just stop to do what they are doing - at the expense of so manyself-denials?We are just a step from the nuclear and planetary catastrophe, and then we will beg for a sit in the shelters. I did my part guys! No matter if you paid attention or cursed me, that is that!

And if there is something really big, as big as planetary cataclysm, it is responsibility of everyone to seek the truth. Once it happens, what matters what I or someone else wrote in any forum? What really matters? For yourself? Now is the time to make the difference! It means not only survival in physical way, but survival of Christianity on planet earth.

As for other planets, I already talked, and you could check other threads too. They will not cease to exist if they are denied. Actually, ESO just discovered a convenient earth-size planet in the nearest star system Alpha Centauri! Just too hot, but there might be more and cooler...
Is it in Fatima or not? Is it in other apparitions and secrets or not? If it is, we all lose too much because we don't know it. And if it is not, let I be wrong from the beginning to the end. I admit I am capable of many errors.

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posted on Oct, 28 2012 @ 07:33 AM
I already quoted Esdras but seems nobody pays any attention to anything beyond his own horizon. Esdras says the dragons come from Arabia. Now, or after 2000 years - unknown.

Anguera, ongoing apparition of Our Lady in NE Brazil, Bahia, seer Pedro Regis, has more specific messages regarding Rome, in the year 2008. *3 messages a week, you could search and read online if you want to). It particularly says that Muslim extremists will be the butchers of Rome (not a quote). There is no church ruling on Anguera.
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posted on Oct, 28 2012 @ 09:01 AM
I didn't say I believe in pretrib rapture. In fact I am not sure whether we are at the end times at all. Nobody is. jesus himself doesn't know.

I said I hope Extraterrestrial civilization with spaceships will prevent the worst scenario, that is a total annihilation of all life on planet earth. May be because the earth was chosen by God for the incarnation of His Son. May be we are the worst, or one of the worst in the galaxies, that's why God's choice in His mercy reached us and not someone else human that is said to exist over there.

A brief estimation of 2 Esdras the chapter of the time given to the world: 15/16 of the time have passed, only 1/16 remains. Try any numbers for the start of the world. Be it 6000 years according to Jewish calendar, be it any historical period. Esdras lived some 400-500 y before Christ (so you should take that in account too (i.e. 1/16 includes his time. pls check it exactly, im tired of doing that for you for free. As well as the exact chapter of 2 Esdras. ). Any historic years in the equation - you get nonsense. Instead, you could put the age of the Universe or the age of planet Earth. Then you get for the remaining 1/16 something totally different. That is from archangel Uriel who spoke to the old testament teacher Esdras (Ezra). Whether you believe it or not is your problem. Any current estimations of end times might be very limited in scope. We just don't know.

So once again, I do not believe we will fly in the air leaving our shoes on the ground, to go to heaven passing thru clouds. I hope we will fly with more convenient Elijah's chariots to nearby earth-like planets. Some will hide and be saved in underground shelters. But I don't know who the rulers of the shelters are. I know that Elijah was taken by angels = messengers beings that were GOOD. Because the Bible says so, and I believe the Bible. If you want more of extraterrestrial description, you could read Ezekiel 1.
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posted on Oct, 28 2012 @ 10:08 AM
this is my last post in this thread, since no fruitful discussion. Moreover, I am not willing to pour more specialized knowledge that concerns other topics, and that you can find in other threads or online. Sorry I cannot be more convincing than that or to provide more proof than these observations mainly of online info, plus some analyzes. thank you for your concern anyway.

posted on Mar, 9 2013 @ 02:24 AM
I must bring attention back to Fatima because it is crucial for the new pope to do as commanded by Heaven. The problem is we do not know exactly what Our Lady commanded, because we don't have the full secrets! It could be something much more than simple consecration of Russia! If it was that simple, why so many popes failed to do it, while pretending they are devote to Our Lady?

Let me make another guess. The secrets include ET (good and evil). The secrets mention Russia as holding some key in that regard, depending on which side she will turn.

If the new pope is concerned of all of that, he should be concerned to reveal and consecrate. Perhaps Obama is the one to make the formal ET Disclosure in the world. In that way, an American pope could do much about the correct disclosure and naming of proper Extraterrestrials, who are good and who are not good.

Or, we wait for Putin to do it, and his mercy for the Catholic church. As the prophecies go.

There is no other way.

Here is the Russian song "The long road".

We have a long road to go to the stars! Because Jesus wants us to do so, in His final words said on planet Earth before His Ascension to Heaven: Go to the Entire Universe, entire Cosmos, in Greek Mark 16.

"What is it heaven" performed in Kremlin 2011. Word "heaven" is the same as "sky" and what we would call today "space" not only in Russian but also in the Roman languages. Make your conclusions when you read "cielo" and see Angels with Stars on Icons!

posted on Mar, 9 2013 @ 03:08 AM
If Neues Europa is part of the real secret, as Cardinal Ottaviani said, and indirecty proved by the slipped words of John Paul II about millions of people dying from one moment to another...

Then we should expect some rescue from planet Earth on time, for the human race to be saved. God does not want us all die. He promised no second Flood. But Peter is quite clear as saying the second punishment will be with fire, not water (not total flood). In 2 Peter he speaks we will go to a new heaven and new earth. new earth? New planet! Heaven the word in Latin and other languages such as Roman and Slavic, is used for both the heaven of God and for the sky with atmosphere, in a time when the knowledge of the space and universe was none. Today we have between the God's final heaven and the atmosphere, an entire universe filled with stars - other worlds. This is pretty important. Peter may speak of an event equalt to in magnitude and much bigger in severity than the Biblical Flood. Notice Peter doesn't speak of the Second Coming of Jesus ON Earth. He speaks of our taking to a new earth - new planet.

Is it what the protestants name as rapture? I don't know. I prefer the word rescue. A number of catholic prophets today speak of a rescue, some of them speak of other planets as well. JNSR and Lec. Carol Ameche speaks of going to the ends of the universe. Let be open to what God tells us and stop screwdriving the revelations with our very limited minds! Me included.

If millions upon millions will die as Fatima predicts, if fire will fall from Heaven (or sky, or space) as another approved apparition predicts, that of Akita Japan, then we have little choice than that of Elijah to board whatever vehicle is sent to us by God's cherubs and to "escape all those things" as Jesus said - the Prophet of the Prophets.

if we refuse, we are left behind by our own choice. I guess many of the most fanatic catholics, protestants and orthodox christians will find themselves left behind and suffer unnecessary death. That is not all. Their generation lines will be ceased (unless their children and grandchildren are smarter than them). Perhaps someone wants to make exactly that, to cease humanity, and especially that part of it that believes in Jesus (whichever church). That isn't gonna happen! There are enough sane people who will see that God wants them to continue the life elsewhere outside the doomed planet Earth, and to bring it back here when the Earth is restored again to life.

Is it that Fatima secluded imprisoned banned secret by hi catholic hierarchy? Or what is it? That satan goes into Vatican-2? Please, do not mess the things with the Satan. It is just too much rhetoric of the medieval time. If there is a time machine, it is a good idea those who buy it to go back in that time. Satan may be evil, but the decisions are made by humans. And we will be offered a choice: to be or not to be. To continue God's life and Gospel outside a dying planet, or to cease the fulfilment of God's plan, pretending "martyrs".

posted on Mar, 9 2013 @ 03:37 AM
reply to post by 2012newstart

I was raised VERY catholic - I have read all of the things you have eluded to, searching for truth... Now, just my opinion.

The vatican has been over-run by satanists for centuries... Please, look into the history of the jesuits, and the black pope. JFK even spoke of the vatican hoping for a sanctum (?) over all the soveriegn nations of the world (strangely enough, it was the 1st catholic president that spoke out agaisnt this ).

the vatican has had it's own space observatory in arizona for decades. The "aliens" you seem to be hoping for are just demons.

The vatican is now building soloman's temple and has it's own "seat" there - by the jews "who are not jews", but money changers at the temple, that Jesus threw out. The illuminati. The khazar jews, the royal lines, the banksters - who control the money *world banks", the big-pharma companies, and the food (see monsanto, ect.)

To see the controlling lists of companies, and people that "control the world", see the trilateral commission, the council on foriegn relations CFR, and the bilderberg group.

Yes, the vatican controlled and LIED about any possible real apparations to the fatima children,

Seriously, look at padre pio and his history - all the same aspects that are inherent in demon possession, per the catholic church.

I, also, do not believe in the "raptures" that are being propaganized about, through the masonic controlled "other christian religions" They are going to try to create a "world religion" which will be pagan, but hope to make the jews, christians, islamists, and pagan worshippers (global warming, world-wide carbon taxes) happy.

I, do believe, that the Holy Trinity, does exist, and that God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit knows each one of us indiviually, and that They know us more than we know ourselves - They created us.

TBTP - much which is controlled and created by the jesuits, the black pope (as leader), and administrated by the IMF - knows their lies are not sustainable, and that their time is coming to an end - by the powers of GOD.

Look in the news -- are they going to resurrect pope john paul 2 to enslave the world in demonic worship? They have completely destroyed the financial systems of the world, to engrandize themselves - are they going to hide themselves "in the caves" in the hope of living through God's apoplyclypse (spelling?)

We are going to see much in the coming few years.

posted on Mar, 9 2013 @ 04:51 AM
In my opinion one could find flaws and contradictions in any religion if willing to dig enough into them .After all the stories have been changed and re visioned by their narrators and interpreters all throughout the history to suit the needs of their era......I think believing in some kind of divinity and sets of morals make people live a healthier happier life despite all short comings of the religios leaders and their stories...All these little details and legends and prophecies and books are in there so we can all reach out to one divine conclusion which is the existence of the almighty itself...The rest is just bits and pieces to pave the road and lead us to a much bigger picture.

posted on Mar, 11 2013 @ 06:39 PM
hi all.

for what it is worth, I had a dream about a month ago.
seemed to be *a* secret document written by Jacinta!

my Dream of finding an old dusty manuscript.

dream: an ordinary beginning. i am in some dim old city and it looks definitely European. looks like Italy, or france or spain or Portugal. old old buildings.

i wander around a bit, the streets. a really old city. I eventually enter a old building, probably hundreds of years old.
I find an old desk in a room, i open a drawer in this desk and slide it open. within this drawer is just one sheet of an old letter, a manuscript.
i can read it, looks written in english. i read the pre-amble, the header. i see Names of people, i think that i see three names, each a lady.

[the header describes three ladies who are involved with the "project" that seems to be what this sheet of paper is describing.]

I see one of the names is "Jacinta".
when i see this document, i say to myself, in the dream, "this is *another* Fatima document"!

[which means, i see now, that this paper was either written around the time of the Fatima visitations, or this IS a fatima document!!]

[I have come to the conclusion that that this is *a* fatima document. either an original, translated into english just for me to read, or a summarization of what Mother Mary intended to convey to the world through these kids.]

[the akashia records copy!]
[the akashia records copy of the LAST document, in this series! in other words, that hidden "third secret" that is supposed to lie in the vatican archives!]

[could I have the "etheric" copy of the third secret, in my hands?!!]

to recap.

I have now seen a document that i think is either a copy of a Spirit-given message to the Fatima three ladies, or at least something that was given to them that was textured just for me to be able to read.

it was one sheet, just like that suspected third secret that is thought to have never been shown, even though it is claimed by the church to have been shown.

that alone, that one-sheet-article, in that nice wiki article, makes me suspicious.
and I *did* tell myself "this is another Fatina document"!
one of the names of the "writers" was one of the fatima ladies, Jacinta herself..

the three secrets were made in summer of 1917.

the subject header read like...[my words]
"apocalypse" or "end times", or "end of the world"!!

there is something that was NOT in this paper!
two things. dates.
2...not a hint or word about war!

I was actually able to see the entire thing. to read it all and to recall most of the literal wordings.

so here....DRUM perhaps the real third secret of Fatima!!

what will cause the end of the world? [header]

Spirit will approach the earth from above.
the end times will be accomplished as spirit descends through four levels.
[a sense of "time" is given as if each level might be done, one level at a time, but not necessarily so.]

when spirit comes down to the first level, this is the level of AIR. when this happens the amount of weather events will increase dramatically. storms, rain, floods, drought, and the likes, will increase in numbers and severities.

when spirit comes down to the second level, *disease* will be the result. more sicknesses, new diseases, will happen.

when spirit comes down to the third level, there will be more earthquakes and volcanoes.

when this has been [activated. the three levels] , God himself will Come down to the Surface of the earth and this will be the fourth level! God himself will appear on earth and when this happens ALL of the previous three levels will be Invoked [at the same time] and invoked to an extreme level far far above what was happening before!!
this will end the world.
that's It.
does not read anything like the "Official version" in the pope's archives.
sounds Total and Final. no date is given. And God comes down upon the earth's surface.

oh dear.

only a dream. no hard facts. no mention of time. since 1917, i suspect that many of the "stages" have already been done.



posted on Mar, 12 2013 @ 03:16 AM
reply to post by freestonew

That's a lot more believable than the pope will get shot, and then forgive the shooter.

That would make the satanist pope's sweat.

posted on Mar, 12 2013 @ 03:41 AM
The 4th secret is God has ADD. He got off to a great start with us, had all these plans but then there is that Amazonian Planet in Andromida. He found it more interesting and forgot about our destiny. Your now on your own and your life is finite.

posted on Mar, 13 2013 @ 08:53 AM
reply to post by Happy1

thanks for writing. The world you believe in seems terrible.
Well we don't know many things, that's for sure. May be some of the things are close to what you say, and others are not.
I believe in both the rapture and the space beings to exist on other planets, different from spiritual beings. It is hard not to believe when there are millions of possible planets in our own galaxy alone. And the rapture is referred to in a dozen of verses in the Gospels. There are more erudite people online, on youtube, who prove it in detail, so I don't have to spend my time on that.
Sure there are evil Et as well as there are good ET. Discernment is needed.
Hitler was a human btw, and he nearly reached the things done by Nero. So if we are looking for demons or antichrists we might be looking at some historical persons, or future ones who are pretty earthly.
God has provided the way out of today's total crisis (be it end times or not). We don't know the exact texts of Fatima. I speculate they include some kind of ET intervention.

posted on Mar, 13 2013 @ 09:28 AM
reply to post by 2012newstart

I have found your post to be interesting, I am a christain and former catholic, why do you believe in the rapture, it is not biblically based?

posted on Mar, 14 2013 @ 02:50 AM
I join spiritually to the cardinals and therefore to the newly elect pope for a full disclosure of the real Fatima secret.

I posted my congratulations and expectations from the new pope Francis in the thread ExoVaticana.

(about the rapture pls read what I just wrote above - internet is full of exact quotes of Gospel and awesome interpreters).

After the marathon in pre-election period that was quite time consuming and energy consuming for me, I feel pretty tired and will take my time for reflection, prayer and expectation of what pope Francis will start. If someone wants more of my reflections on fatima and other topics, pls click on my profile and then go to the threads.
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