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posted on Oct, 12 2012 @ 10:42 PM
I just saw a trailer for this movie, and am feeling a bit gripy about it.
Because the film apparently turns mostly around the making of "Psycho", and yet apparently, amongst all these scenes of the filming and editting of the film, they did not include in their cast of characters the cinematographer of Psycho- John Russell!
It was he who drew out and planned all those shots (which is what the film is famous for). It was he who was nominated for an Academy Award for Psycho. He worked closely with Hitchcock for years, and they were also good friends. It was his talent and work which made that movie great- and yet he isn't mentioned.

Russell is also the one who originally drew the famous stylized silhouette drawing, but Hitchcock began making claims that he himself drew it after Russell's death.

I wonder if they'll at least show how narcissistic and dishonest Hitchcock was.
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