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Robert F. Kennedy’s Cuban Missile Crisis Era Papers Released

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posted on Oct, 12 2012 @ 05:41 PM
I haven't browsed through the material yet but, it does contain various material from 7 boxes of information including telegrams, meeting transcripts and handwritten notes by Kennedy.


Nearly 3,000 pages of material from the papers of Robert F. Kennedy are being released by the National Archives and the Kennedy Library.

They are newly declassified and include notes jotted down by Robert Kennedy, then the Attorney General, at national security meetings during the 13-day Cuban Missile Crisis.

There is also a memo he sent to his brother, President Kennedy, after a meeting with the Soviet ambassador.

Peter Kornbluh, who directs the Cuba Documentation Project at the National Security Archive in Washington, has been waiting a long time to see these papers.

(Alternative source)
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posted on Oct, 12 2012 @ 06:56 PM
Looks like I'll be doing some reading tonight! Thanks for the share. I'm a bit of a historian and this is like Christmas come early for me. For such an amazing and scary time in our history, there is never enough material to soak it all in. In my humble opinion, I'm very thankful to have had the Kennedy's in power while we were on the brink of nuclear annihilation. Someone like George W. Bush or Barack Obama may have not handled it as eloquently, it helps appreciate what we had, and have.

As John Kennedy wrote in his book Profiles In Courage, "A nation which has forgotten the quality of courage which in the past has been brought to public life is not as likely to insist upon or reward that quality in it's chosen leaders today." And in fact we have forgotten. Pieces of history like this I pray will help us remember.

posted on Oct, 12 2012 @ 06:58 PM
If robert kennedy didn't really die and his death was staged/hoaxed,
would that change things?

The Robert F. Kennedy "assassination"

I believe all of the above bay of pigs/cold war drama was theatrically staged/concocted in order
to further Rome's one world agenda, and to keep the people docile and cowed in terror.
The kennedys, being elites, were part of the acting cast.

What if jfk's death was also staged/hoaxed?

The "JFK-MURDER" was a STAGED EVENT / JFK wasn't "KILLED" on 11/22/63!

The pieces come together.

It is time now for men to be men, and women to be women.
To hell with (false) fear.

posted on Oct, 12 2012 @ 07:05 PM
What a coincidence.
Just right before the Iran Nuclear Crisis,
America releases the Cuban Missile Crisis documents.

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