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Goldman Sachs - The bank that controls the world

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posted on Oct, 12 2012 @ 12:39 AM
Goldman Sach's is claimed to run the whole world . Nobody dares to challenge its authority

A few days ago the Austrian state television ORF ran a documentary titled: GOLDMAN SACHS - The bank that controls the world.

So far, no government in the world has dared to lash out against Goldman Sachs

There are entire states among Goldman Sachs’ customers. That Greece is one we know since a long time. But mentioned are also the United States, Russia and China.

We are informed that 30,000 people do nothing more than to move untold billions. The only thing that matters is profit

Austria is one of its foremost strongholds where it controls politics and the media, and owns half of the country’s real estate

Video : Goldman Sachs - Die Bank die die Welt dirigiert! [Sorry no English subtitle present]

Link :
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