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Our world as Room of Mirrors

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posted on Oct, 18 2004 @ 05:31 AM
This is just one point of view of our world. Im sure Im not the first one got this idea, Ive met in this chat sonething similar. So, what is? Ive been seen that we live in a Room of Mirrors. All what we see in the sky, around us are just reflexions. OK, it isnt so bad but its easy to think that it should be something out of this Room. Unfortunately, no. There isnt anything out of this Room and everything is here. Because, the borders are infinity. I was trying to travel through the reflexions and all that I saw were new ones. At least I reached the infinity. The place, reached of a lot of travellers, and what a sad! It was again reflexion and I was still in the same plase- in the beging. I have seen that in the reflexion of infinity its so easy to think as outside. And I understood that this mistake is really often and because of it nobody get this idea about our world. Ive met in the net the idea about Mirror Box, built by somebody out of it. And Ive seen that this idea is a reflexion of the Room. So, you can think that there is something out. Unfortunately, no!
In the first moment when I realise this understanding I feel depressed, thinking for myself as a prisoner. Later, Ive got that the freedom is something in us and "to be free" is reality not just a phrase. We dont need to go anywhere for being free. We just need to let ourselfs to be free and this is all. So, once when I let myself to be free Ive got the infinity freedom and happiness and Ive realized that Ok, we live in a Room but this hasnt any importance for our life.
So, my friends, thanks for this opportunity to share with you one more point of view about our world. I hope you will check this idea by your own experiences. In this idea I found all evidences that we live here, we live now. We can travel through the reflexions, its a fun but weve never gone somewhere. We are just here.

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