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Tomorow 11-oct-2012 sirens of war will sound in Athens

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posted on Oct, 14 2012 @ 10:15 PM
This is the start of WW3 because Turkey will invade Syria. There was a story about Syria launching a missile or something like that into Turkey. Not to mention that odds are a lot more damage has probably been done from both sides but hasn’t been recorded. And Greece is preparing for war from Russia when there eventually join in. Turkey and Greece are not threatening each other and it frightens me to see that people believe this fact.
Anyways it goes like this Turkey invades Syria, with the turmoil going on inside Syria, the army will instantly be on a two front war with the revolutionaries and Turkey’s army. Most of the world watches (citizens) and does nothing because they secretly want the mass killings to end, and the fact that the people will be in uproar if another war is so easily started and might revolt too. TPTB will wait for there moment when they will play the “We have no choice but to fight so we can preserve freedom” card; but ill get to that part later. Above I said most of the world and that’s because Iran will not sit back and wait. Iran will realize that Syria will lose and since they are allies, Iran will declare war on Turkey and that’s when the fun begins.
With Iran declaring war on a NATO ally the TPTB will play their card and have the U.S declare war on Iran. Since Putin will see this as a threat they will declare war on the U.S and allies. Soon China starts attacking Turkey as well, meaning they too will fight against the U.S. With WW3 on the minds of every human on earth, fear will spread amongst leaders. They will want to fight too, so India fights Pakistan, North Korea goes after South Korea and many more. Now this war will rage probably for a few years until it will all end abruptly.
Nuclear Weapons! Of course they will be eventually used it’s WW3 people. The major powers will not use there weapons in the begging because each country doesn’t want the blame for begging the nuclear holocaust; like it matters because there will be nobody to remember it. The weapon will remain silent until the other wars begin to break out like Pakistan and India. Those countries will use nuclear weapons against each other instantly, North Korea will do the same to South Korea. This of course leads the U.S with no choice but to level North Korea, which mean Russian now has permission to use their nuclear weapons. That will mark the end of the human race but wait! Don’t cry because in a KAGILLION years the earth will finally be restored and life can exist again. By then the sun will have exploded, and the milky way will have collapsed.
Oh well we had a good run.

posted on Oct, 15 2012 @ 03:23 AM
reply to post by AmplifiedRedBu1142

is this your opinion or if not why do think this??

posted on Oct, 15 2012 @ 10:14 AM
reply to post by AmplifiedRedBu1142

Nice story! Did you think of it or another genius created it?

The things will go as i said they will go. What has China to do with Turkey?

Are we serious?

And you mentioned that Ellas(Greece) and Turkey aren't threatening each other. Where do you live? Turkey EVERY DAY flies over the Ellenic (Greek) air territory using each time from 4 to 20 F16's! And yet they don't threaten Ellas?

Another bad behavior that shows war threaten. Turkey holds illegally(due to the UN and every country on the world except Turkey) the 37% of Cyprus from 1973 having there 10000 army. Cyprus had and has Ellenic (Greek) residents since 1500 BC and they are the majority of the islands population( there are 8 hundred thousand ellenic citizens, 2 hundred thousand foreign citizens, most of them are English, and 2 hundred thousands Turks the 120000 of which are settlers who came on the island in 1983).

Also, Turkey has casus belli upon Ellas in case Ellas expand its continental shelf from six miles to twelve as the international laws impose. Casus belli means case of war!

Still you don't think that Turkey threatens every day Ellas (Greece)?

If you don't know about a subject then simply don't speak!

posted on Oct, 15 2012 @ 08:45 PM
Some of you are full of delusional fairy tales of your own making it' not even funny.

Greece preparing for war against Russia? The crack must be tainted..

How the hell is this subject, air raid sirens being tested, associated with WW3 topics?

Where the heck are the moderators to actually MODERATE these forums anymore?

This thread is pure nonsense. This is nothing to do with WW3, or any war for that matter.
Are you going to start posting topics on every exercise and event in the Armed Forces of Greece, and/or every other country, and associate it with a fictional WW3????

Greece-Russia going to war against each other. Never going to happen. Pure nonsense of the highest regard.

Here's a few FACTS which I doubt will actually get through to the ignorant robots here.

Russia and Greece have close relations. Relations which the West attempts to sour and poison, because Russia getting a foothold like Greece in the Mediterranean will be very bad news for America and the West in general for a number of reasons.

1) Strategic location in the Eastern Med.
2) Natural resources. Greece is virtually untouched when it comes to mining and oil/gas extraction. There are hundreds of billions of dollars worth of natural resources in Greece, if not more. And that's from the 'light' estimations of what lies beneath. Resources is THE number one reason why there is tension between Greece and Turkey. It is the NUMBER ONE reason why they have nearly gone to war three times in recent times.

The Russian Navy routinely visits Greek ports, from Piraeus(Athens) to Thessaloniki to the many islands.

Russian Marines took part in a military parade on a Greek island not long ago. They are likely to again take part in a parade in Thessaloniki this month. Russian Marines parading along side Greek soldiers, commemorating and remembering those fallen before us. Really sounds like the two countries are going to go to war with each other yeh?? Bloody lunatics on this site.

The Orthodox Church in Greece and Russia are close, which means the people are close.
We aren't talking about Godless people like some of you on here. We are talking about people who have faith, who share a common religion and common beliefs.
The Russian church has been helping the Greek people with donations for those who have been hardest hit by the economic crisis.
Where are your American new age evangelical nut job churches to help their fellow Christians out in a time of need? Huhhh? Too busy preaching about the end of the world and rapture and other new age bullsh@#..or going around knocking on peoples doors preaching PROPAGANDA to them and trying to use any means possible to get into their lives and take their savings, their homes as "donations"..

Do you know some of Greece's most important weapons are Russian in origin?
Same with Cyprus..

And those who dismiss a war between Greece and about STFU AND GTFO?

You are clueless and ignorant beyond belief.

Turkeys most modern weapons are deployed in it's western provinces, near the border with Greece.
Greece's most modern weapons, particularly armor, is also deployed in it's eastern provinces, near the border with Turkey.

Every day there are interceptions of Turkish jets over Greek airspace.

Turkey does not recognize the sovereignty of Greece over parts of the Aegean and Mediterranean. Coincidentally those areas are thought to be rich with natural resources. Hence the tensions and coming close to war.
In 1996 we came close to war, Greece was mobilizing. Over a small islet called Imia. Nobody lives on it. But beneath the ocean around it there are billions worth of valuable rare earth minerals.

In the 1980's we nearly went to war again, the Greek navy was ordered to sink Turkish ships in Greek national waters, after Turkey sent an oil exploration vessel into Greek waters.

Things may have calmed down since then. But that's because America's interests in the nearby region, ie the Middle East and Balkans. The Americans don't want those disrupted, hence pressure has been put on both countries to back off a little to avoid a conflict.

But war is coming. It is inevitable. Because Turkey will not back down from it's claims, and Greece will not back down from defending it's sovereignty. Therefore a conflict will occur at some stage.

Both are in NATO? And your point is WHAT exactly?
One only has to look at the history of both since being in NATO, to realize that NATO membership has only STALLED the coming conflict between Greece and Turkey. Both are in NATO because it is in America's interests to have that region of the world, the Eastern Mediterranean, in it's sphere of influence.

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