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October surprise: US and Israel prepare to strike Iran

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posted on Oct, 18 2012 @ 01:10 AM

Originally posted by Kang69
reply to post by mbkennel

...My point exactly. Look, there is a big difference between Mass Murder and taking down a Government.

no, there isn't in this case. They want NO ISRAEL... They think that should be Palestine. This means get rid of Israeli government and call it Palestine. If people could acknowledge that they live in Palestine and are either a Palestinian or a foreigner then perhaps there would be no conflict at all.... as in disappear Israelis, go on vacation somewhere else.

It's got nothing to do with genocide. It's economics and politics. If anyone thinks that Iranians OR Palestinians simply want to kill all Jews broaden of your knowledge of those two areas of the world... as in make a little short study of them and their people and their government. The reason they want to put an end to Israel is the conspiracy, not the race. They're not just a bunch of jew haters.

posted on Oct, 18 2012 @ 04:34 PM
reply to post by NotAnAspie

Jew haters? The leader of Iran opposes Zionism, and thousands of Jews live in Iran in peace. Israel is a Zionist funded state. That's why he hates it.

The only reason why Palestinians don't like Israel is because when the state of Israel was created, over 700,000 people were displaced. What did Palestine have anything to do with WW2? If you're going to say, "well it was Jewish land a thousand years ago, so they deserve it." Wrong. Homelands are created, moved, and destroyed. It's not rightfully theirs. Even then, at what cost? Displacing 700,000 people, (And btw, before 1948, most Jewish people and Muslims got along in Jerusalem.) and then turning a once peaceful area into a concentration camp?

Gaza is now a concentration camp where mass murder is being performed by Israel's military. Gaza is a hell hole. Why? Well I know your going to say, "Palestinians are killing Israelis." Why do you think Palestinians hate Israel? Is it the concentration camp harboring hundreds of thousands of innocent people? Is it the fact that Palestine had nothing to do with WW2?

The following video I'm going to show is a an anti-Semitic rabbi preaching his antisemitism all over Israel and New York.

Remember, Israel is a Zionist ran State.

On top of everything I said, the US sends billions of dollars of tax payer's money to fund the concentration camp around Gaza. The dollar could collapse within a few years, and were sending Billions of dollars to this State. Gee, I wonder who's pulling most of the strings in this country? Who controls the FED? Zionists. Who controls the media? The CFR. Who controls the congress? AIPAC. Military Industrial complex CEO's? All Zionists.

Hell, even Joe Biden is a Zionist. Preaching against Zionists has nothing to do with antisemitism.

I know I will be bombarded with your pro Zionist bs of calling me antisemitic, well, since you don't have truth on your side, you have to resort to pulling the antisemitism card.

Anyway time to wake up, the longer you sleep the harder the awakening.

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