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We should all live in an RV

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posted on Oct, 23 2012 @ 10:44 PM

Originally posted by EvilSadamClone
Can't have a library with a few hundred books in an RV.

Can't have your own computer room.

It's too small.

And it can be stolen when you're in a diner.

It can't go off road if you like going off road.

Gas guzzler.

Can't stock up on food for the winter.

Can't have a family and put down roots.

Can't fit on small roads.

Have to tow extra vehicles.

Small uncomfortable bed.

Tiny bathroom with no bathtub.

No swimming pool.

Might not be able to have satellite TV or the internet, depending upon location.

Sorry, but i much prefer a home. I want a big house with several rooms in it so I can have a good library and a good computer room all to myself.

Actually, you can have some of these amenities.

We live in a 5th wheel year round due to our living, so here are a few things that I do know about....

-Since we pull a 5th wheel, we have a vehicle...4x4 dually.
-We do have shelf space for books/movies/games, however Kindle has become my best friend.

-Yes, you can go down small roads, if you're a good driver and not scared. Been traveling for 27 plus yrs. so I guess I'm experienced enough. Can't get much worse than some of those skinny & steep roads in northern Arkansas.
-If you stay in an RV park, they usually have pools, without you having to do the up keep. [some have wifi]
-We have a 42" TV with Directv HD....complete with surround sound system.
-X-Box/PS3/computer/printer.....router to go on-line, such as now.
-Slide outs which open the rooms for more space and some have a computer desk in it. Ours has 2 slide outs, one in living room & bedroom. Makes a world of difference!
-Queen size bed & 2 very comfy recliners in Living room.
-Full size shower....we opted out for a bath tub but they do have garden tubs w/showers available.
-Full kitchen stove/oven/frig...[.our friends put a full blown fridge in theirs.]

But... this life isn't for every one. It works fine for us tho.

You are right about food storage. We have a pantry which we keep stocked up [hurricane area] but in the case of a SHTF scenario, maybe only a months worth, give or take. However, that being said, we do have the advantage of moving out of a danger zone if need be.

There are tons who don't understand how we can do it but I can't imagine being in one place after all these years of traveling.
Itchy feet I guess.....used to traveling, seeing new places and faces. Get to meet all kinds of people.

Our friends have kids & they travel too. Of course, they have a 52 ft. 5th wheel with about 5 slide outs where as ours is only 38 ft. with 2 slide outs....

Life is what we make of it I guess.....


posted on Oct, 26 2012 @ 11:46 PM

Originally posted by XxNightAngelusxX
I was happiest when I was homeless.

It was awesome.

I felt something that I've never felt before then, and I haven't felt since then.

Oh my GOSH does that ever bring back memories!

I was homeless many years ago in Southern Ca. as a young person and what you have described is EXACTLY what I experienced.

I lived in a 65 Chevy Station wagon with my Irish setter and spent weekends at places like Dana Point, Silverado Canyon, Newport Beach etc.

Sometimes I would run out of money for food and pick oranges from the orange groves to eat.

I remember one time when I was sleeping in a rest area and broke and I woke up in the morning and got out of the car and on the ground next to my car was a fifty dollar bill!

I kept a journal and words would just flow so easily onto paper.

It felt as though God was there sometimes...

That probably is the case because I was HAPPY!

posted on Oct, 27 2012 @ 01:29 AM
I am trying to talk the gf in buying an RV tax time.

It will be old and used, but it would be paid for. I really do not want to live in it year round but I would not hesitate if needed.

I do not need satellite or much else than the basics.

We go camping to camp, not watch television.

I am with you O.p, though. It sounds nice.

It seems that most are brainwashed to want the big house, pension, and same job for 30 years. Don't forget the 3scalade that they really can't afford, but hey they can get a loan for years so it makes it alright.

posted on Apr, 28 2015 @ 02:23 PM
My husband didn't have to talk me in to it for very long. We both travel for work so it is something we discussed many times. We came down to southern ca for a convention and every hotel was booked up and about three days later we were searching for our first rv. Because of both our jobs I wanted a vintage or a classic and thats what we got!

It's a little more maintenance than a house sometimes but a lot cheaper.
Yes we have two tv's and we also have sega, atari, wii, nintendo etc as well as wifi and satellite for the computers and tv's. Neighbors at rv parks are the friendliest people we have ever met. Yes almost every rv park we have visited has pools and clubhouses free wifi and some even have rental rooms where you can rent books or movies for the duration of your stay.

I agree its not for everyone (it took me a while to adjust to having less shoe closets) But it is very liberating.

And for the guy who said an rv ends up in the junk yard in a few years must not realize that not everyone buys the same rv's and that some are worth a lot of money when they are classics. The motorhome my husband and I bought we got it for 900 dollars a year ago and fixed it up ourselves- as of last month we turned down the hundredth offer for 30,000 or more. Considering we bought a one of a kind we know ours will end up in a museum not a junk yard.

I have found rv life to be a lot like boat life, it's either in your blood or it isn't, don't let anyone tell you how they think you should live, that's their issue not yours just life the life that makes you and yours happiest.

t reply to: liejunkie01

posted on Apr, 28 2015 @ 03:18 PM

When my RV breaks, guess what? Dip into my savings and get a new one. They don't cost half as much as a house.

Actually, that's probably not a bad estimate, about half the cost of a house.

Personally, I'm a house guy. I want animals, a garden, trees, space, room, etc.
I also like equity. Unlike an RV, when I die and hand the house down to the kids, it will be worth MORE than it is now.

The idea that it can be taken away willy nilly is a bit naive.

More power to you though, if that's your dream. My wife's aunt and uncle spend half the year in their RV and they love it. It's damn nice though, and probably cost as much as a really nice house. I just couldn't imagine even being able to afford to gas it up though. Which is something to consider. Probably about $400 or so on average.

posted on Apr, 28 2015 @ 08:16 PM
a reply to: Gazrok

Yes it costs a bit to gas up, but we don't drive around in the rv all day unless its a long trip, usually gassing up only means putting in the allotted amount to get to the destination, then it sits.

You mentioned you like to have your animals around, we have two extra large dogs and a cat, they live in the rv with us and even though my husband is 6'5 none of us feel a need for more space except when my hubby is in the kitchen there are always a few "MOVE MAX"'s heard when he tells our larger dog not to lay right under the sink etc, but he did that when we had a big house too so no real differences there. We are often in state parks and preserves so we get to see more wildlife than most home dwellers. And if you're a fan of horses many rv'ers take their horses along as well. In fact the park we were at recently had horse stables in every rv spot.

Again, so many people think of the typical rv as being something you can't hand down to your kids, do what we did and buy a peice of history. That way down the road it's worth more than what you paid for it

Also if someone is bent on building equity all that tells me is they have a lot of credit card and other debt. We bought and rv so we could be free from debt completely and it's wonderful! but hey to each his own right?

posted on Apr, 29 2015 @ 08:19 AM
My only debt is the house and student loans. We simply don't use credit cards for credit. We have them to do things like get a hotel room, book a flight, or rent a car, but then we pay outright for it.

Absolutely to each his own though, and I've seen some really nice RV's, that I certainly wouldn't mind living in.

By animals though, I mean I have a zoo that would never fit in an RV, lol.

As I mentioned above, it's a personal preference for a house. I totally get the appeal of RV'ing it.

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