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Have you ever been visited by a deceased loved one?

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posted on Apr, 14 2013 @ 12:43 PM
I know no one has responded to this thread in a few months but hey-I'll post anyways.

I've never personally been visited by a loved one but my mother has many times. I've always been a little skeptical of an afterlife and I see how people can create the idea of an afterlife because they don't know anything else except for existing and to comfort them. After reading your beautiful posts, I am very convinced that there is just more than what meets the eye. I'm not saying an afterlife is exactly what kind of life we are living now but yes, somewhere where we DO see our loved ones. Anyways...

Before I was born she was engaged to a man who was an electrician. From the way she describes him to this day, I wish he had been my father instead of the "father" I have this day. (Even though it would be impossible for her fiancee to be my father, lol. Wishful thinking!) He seemed like such a wonderful man and really treated her the way that she deserved to be treated. One day when he was working on something, he was electrocuted and unfortunately passed away. After his passing my mom remained very close to his parents and sister and they even went to go visit a medium. My mom told me she was so unimpressed with this medium because it seemed as though he was tricking her (trying to get her money) and giving her information that had no relevance at all to her life. She eventually went to another person who was recommended I believe, through a friend? Not positive on that but it doesn't really matter. I can't remember if she was ever given any information about her fiancee (I tend to try not to talk about him a lot since she's divorced from my father and she's really missing her fiancee and I don't want to make her even more sad.) but I know a weird thing happened that had to do with HER mother. The medium said to her that he could see a man and my mom thought "Oh my god, it's my fiancee." And the medium said, "No, no, unfortunately I'm not getting a fiancee. I'm seeing the name Charlie. Yes, Charlie wants you to give your mother his love." Charlie was my grandmother's first husband (not my mother's farther) who died in war. My mom was very shocked because she NEVER mentioned anything about him, not even thinking about him because that's not what she was there for. When my mom told me that story, I was shocked and thought that was really amazing.

Another little amazing thing that happened was after my mom's fiancee died, his mother and her were sitting in the living room watching tv when a familiar scent came through the room. He was a big cigar smoker and that was apparently definitely a smell you would associate him with. The smell of cigar smoke just filled the room and my mom and his mom just looked at each other and were like "He's here." Another time my mom smelled the inside of his truck that had a very distinct smell.

One last thing that really shocked me was about my maternal grandfather. He lived in the town over from us when I was about 5. He'd always call my mom at almost exactly 6:30 every night just tell my mom how his day went and all that stuff. After he died, my mom was making dinner and she got a call from an unknown number at 6:30. She didn't really think much of it and she answered it but no one was there. She hung up the phone and immediately thought "It's Dad! I think it's a sign from him." She felt really comforted knowing he gave her a sign. The exact same phone call happened the next day too. Really amazing. My grandfathers wife passed away 5 years before that, about two months before I was born, unfortunately I'm the only grandchild who never met her which bothers me a lot. This could just be a coincidence but both of us are Leo's and my mom tells me all the time that I am a mini version of her mother. I take great comfort in knowing that.

My paternal grandmother committed suicide when I was two years old and growing up it killed me thinking that she took her own life and didn't even want to see the baby (at the time) of the family grow up. It still kills me to this day, and I will admit I'm angry. Dealing with the loss of a loved one who has committed suicide is very hard in it's own way because mostly everyone gets the feeling "Why didn't they love me?" And I questioned that for a long time but realized that it's not that she didn't love me, it's just the fact she had so many demons in her life taking control of it. But yeah, I would be lying if I said I wasn't still holding on to some anger and I do believe that that is stopping me from receiving any signs from her. I love her but I just don't understand.

I know no one will probably read this because of there being no posts in the last few months but I hope that maybe someone will stumble upon this post and gain a little hope from all these beautiful stories. (Sorry this is so long by the way!)

posted on Apr, 14 2013 @ 02:21 PM
Yes, I tend to lose people close to me right after I give birth. Hence, no more babies.

My grandma passed a couple of days after my first son was born. She had been battling cancer for a long time, went into remission and had it come back somewhere else. She never told us that she was sick again until it was too late. We lived in different states, and there was no way for me to be there before she passed since I had just given birth. My mom called me from her hospital room and told me that she was talking to my grandpa who had passed when my mom was only 4 years old. She gave the phone to grandma and I talked to her for the last time. She told me it was all right and grandpa was there waiting for her to be ready to go. She said congratulations on the little one and she would be there soon to see him. Told me she loved me and had to go because the nurse was waiting to do something. She died that evening. Two days later, I was nursing my then 5 day old son in a dark room, when his head popped up, he turned and looked over my right shoulder, focused and grinned. All impossible feats for a newborn. I felt her hand on my shoulder and she stayed with me while I fed my son.

Throughout my life during difficult times I have always smelled cherry pipe tobacco, it turned out that was what my grandpa smoked, after grandmas death, the smell of vanilla perfume and lilacs have been mingled with the tobacco smell. Sometimes I smell just her, but they are together now.

When my second son was born, my husband's parents came to visit. We spent a day with them at our house. They had something else to do in the area before they made the drive home. We waited for them for hours the next day, when a state trooper knocked on our door instead. They were pulling out onto the highway with crappy road conditions when a semi truck crossed the center line and killed them both. We went to their home hours away to take care of things, and my brother and sister in law drove down as well. As any parent knows a week and a half old baby doesn't sleep on any schedule just yet, so my sis-in-law and I sat up well into the night one night going through old family photos. My baby laid there in front of me. At one point he rolled himself to face their chairs and babbled away for a good hour with them. Us adults were not part of this special conversation but we both witnessed it, it was priceless. And again my newborn son was doing things newborns just can't do.

My father-in-law also spoke to me through coins. There were many times a coin would appear where it had not been even seconds earlier. Once while I was changing the baby's diaper I had .12 cents hit me in the leg. He seems to communicate through coins. Last week my oldest son had a tooth pulled, daddy and I fell asleep on the couch waiting for him to fall asleep. We woke up and went right to bed, forgetting the tooth fairy's visit. The next morning my boy ran up to me and said " Mommy, I left a note for the tooth fairy to leave me my tooth, and she did!" I immediately felt guilty for forgetting when he says to me " and she left me a dollar coin on top of the note". All I can say to that one is Thanks Pa!

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