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The Blind

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posted on Oct, 10 2012 @ 01:32 AM
(If this is the wrong place for this post please move it where it belongs.)
I for the past week have had an odd though in my head. We like to say that the government is lying to us, hiding things from us, out to kill us, etc. But what if the government is what it is now based on how we created it? Now I know that seems to not make sense, but here is a small theory.

Let us put aside our bias against the government, let us put aside all of the things "it" has done to "us". Now let us look at the government as a sort of... parent, or guardian. It hides things from us as if we were a child to /protect/ us to /shield/ us from what it thinks may harm us. They hide things, like money, and worry, like a normal parent, so we do not worry.

Now based on this we will look at how WE have shaped the government.
We asked for rights, so it was given to us, we asked for a military to protect ourselves as a whole, it was given to us, we wanted science to further ourselves to protect ourselves it was given to us. It has discovered a great many things and refuses to tell us not because it has a secret agenda but to /protect/ us.

We have shaped it into the being it is today, requesting protection, requesting money, requesting equality, And like a parent or guardian it was willing to give no matter what even if it could not truly and wholly provide. We then grew angry at the parent for the repercussions we have induced. And drew conclusions based on the lying, and the hiding. Remember I speak of the /Government/ not the filthy people who may run it.

And if we look at it from a different perspective we only believe they are hiding things from us, but all of the information is public it is in plain sight for us to see, we just dont take the time to read it to make sense of it, the information is out there, we are just too slothful to take the time and figure it out.

Maybe it has grown into this "monster" it is today based upon /our/ greed, /our/ filthiness. Our Government is only run based on the people (at least in a perfect world). Maybe it IS our fault the way it is today. Maybe. But this only a thought i've had recently.
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posted on Oct, 10 2012 @ 02:26 AM
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I believe it all began with the social programs, which in theory are good, but in practice, not so much as it drains people of energy and self determination and creativity. And it also destroys the family unit as well.

We soe what we reap, eh?
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