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gillard from oz on slippery slide?

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posted on Oct, 9 2012 @ 09:18 PM
according to a melbourne astrologer, gillard is on the way out. the following may be part of what propells her. i think she was placed in her job as pm of oz purely to get the carbon tax in. so for her and her handlers the job has been done. i hope her nefarious activities do get the light of day in the near future. not that the opposition is any better as both insist the illegal war in afghanistan should continue everytime an oz soldier dies. even the ex greens leader bob brown wants a new world order. so picking a trustworthy leader is nigh impossible.

For those who may not have seen this, here is a recently released challenge to left-wing law firm Slater & Gordon by Larry Pickering. I wonder if he will draw any cartoons about it?

Larry just isn’t prepared to let the Gillard/Thompson/AWU scandal fade away, despite what he perceives as a well orchestrated covert campaign by the Left to sweep it all under the carpet.

Here he deliberately, directly, and publicly accuses Slater & Gordon and various prominent Labor figures of complicity in fraud and misappropriation of union funds. It’s a direct challenge to Slater & Gordon to sue him because he believes they won’t do it.

Why does he think won’t they do it? Because he believes they’re very much aware they’re sitting on a powder keg of corruption and it would only take one lighted match – a law suit in any way connected with his accusations – to blow the whole thing wide open.

Apart from having the sort of head you’d never get tired of kicking, AWU boss Paul Howes’ record of protecting workers’ interests is abysmal.
Police can’t act without a complaint and there are no complaints coming from Howes or the HSU East’s Williamson.

It is no secret as to why.
When someone like the HSU East’s Kathy Jackson files a complaint, Bill Shorten shuts her down by placing the union in administration. Anyway, Craig Thomson is nothing but a small fish among schools of sharks in an ongoing feeding frenzy.

Howes’ union crony and co-Rudd assassin, Bill Shorten, does nothing either. (Except to plead it's an isolated case.) In fact, he goes to extreme lengths to obfuscate the blatant theft.

Left wing law firms have become union savvy and unions have become Left wing law firm savvy. Paul Howes, makes no effort to recover those stolen members’ funds. I wonder why.

The Gillard Government is a creation of corrupt unions, is stacked with ex-unionists (more than 50 of them) and protected by corrupt union bosses. The people who could bring down this corrupt Government (Craig Thomson, Doug McClelland and Ian Cambridge) have either been dumped or promoted to the union controlled FWA.

Oakeshott and Windsor will not walk the plank for the sake of this nation.

As an official of the ARU I quickly learnt the modus operandi of major unions. It wasn’t pretty then.. it’s grotesquely ugly now.
The silence is deafening from the Left wing law firm, Slater & Gordon, as accusations continue to fly from credible sources.
It seems strange that a law firm would not immediately sue or at least take out an injunction against its accusers.

Well, here you go boys, I’ll make it easy for you.
• You (Slater & Gordon) have been complicit in fraudulent activities involving AWU officials.
• You aided and abetted union officials in the theft of funds rightfully belonging to AWU members.
• You knew the accounts those stolen funds moved into and out of were fraudulent accounts set up by a certain Julia Eileen Gillard, your Partner.

How’s that? Enough for you yet? Okay, here’s some more:
• You aided and abetted a Bruce Morton Wilson in the dispersal of those stolen funds.
• You represented your client (the AWU) in clear conflict of interest.
• You provided a loan to Bruce Wilson when you knew the loan assisted in the fraud.
• You have done nothing to recover or assist to recover funds misappropriated by your clients, Bruce Wilson and Ralph Blewitt.
• You refuse to release documentation detailing the above.

Is that enough boys, or should I go on? Come on, it's not that hard, surely Sue me! You’re a law firm aren’t you? You can even give yourself mates’ rates.

There are more than 250,000 people who will see this article via blogs, 10,000 viral emails, Facebook, “The Pickering Post” and its Facebook. God knows how many they will share it with!

I notice you have bumped up your TV advertisements to convince people of your newfound “ethics”. Are you feeling the pinch?
Waste of money I’d say. Oh, unless it’s not yours.
What is it you say, “No Win, No Fee”? Well, you won’t win this one, so you’re home free. You can’t really lose can you?
Oh, yes you bloody can... and you know it!

You are a disgrace and menace to the industrial law you espouse, the people you represent and to the legal profession in general.

Come clean or come get me, you thieving, degenerate shysters!


posted on Oct, 9 2012 @ 11:08 PM
I find it strange. All signs point to Labour winning the election because Abbot certainly isn't PM material. The thing I have noticed on my online betting website is the bookys have Labour paying $3-4 to win the election. And with that, Kevin Rudd to be the next Labour Leader before or even after the election..

Maybe Gillard is on her way out it more ways than one, but it certainly wont stop me putting a few bob on Labour because i am confident they will win.

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