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Going Green! [BMHWC]

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posted on Oct, 9 2012 @ 12:01 PM
The tepid swamp water bubbled and churned, giving birth to the low lying mists that shrouded the inland flood plane. The young woman was doing her best to avoid the slimy substance that seemed to be alive at her feet.

"Jimm'ay" she slurred; having had one to many. "I don't like this placee.....its icky..'hiccup'. she giggled.

"Damnit wom'in I told ya to shut your mouth, 'ur loud yap is gonna get us caught." Replied her slightly less inebriated boyfriend.

This obviously highly intelligent young man had convinced his girl to come with him into the swamp in an attempt to find the lost McKreary place. At first her response was as you would think; NO!. As the night wore on however he wore on her, and by closing time she had blown by any stop signs her brain may have erected.

The young man, known as Hoss in town, was unknowingly distancing himself from his ever complaining cohort. Her ceaseless whining just a mild harsh on his buzz. He was focused on finding this place of legend.

"I thenk I sees a a'light up ahead, get low so no one see ya." came the brilliant piece of advice. Hearing an odd slurping sound he turned and saw only his partners hand, slowly dropping below the surface of the frothing green water.


(Later In The Sheriff's Office)

"Yo Chief!" yelled the fat rookie cop. His name was Bert Henfield, but everyone called him Cartman after the cartoon character he resembled not only in appearance but indeed in actions, voice and mannerisms. The Chief often thought perhaps this was no coincidence.

"God-dammit Cartman how many times do I have to say it, if you have something to tell me, get your fat ass up and walk over here." replied the Chief; wondering why he was cursed with idiots for subordinates.

"Sorry chief" breathed the over-weight officer, with a slightly high pitched nasally voice. "Just got'a call in, seems another couple of them dumb ass high schoolers is missing."

"Holy jumin' hell Cartman how many is that now 10...11?' asked the Chief.

"Ummm...." came the reply as the overweight rookie got a puzzled look on his face. Thinking was clearly a stain on his health.

"Good god'dam Cartman are you really as thick as the hide on a hogs arse, or were just dropped to many times by your drunk mamma?" commented the Chief only somewhat sarcastically.

"Actually that would make 12 in the last month Chief" came the reply from the direction of the restroom. Buttoning up his briefs as he walked, the answer came from the only other officer in the small town. A city educated local who came back with a new high and mighty attitude.

"Well you got a answer for everything don't ya Turnik?" the now irritated Chief. "Fine 12, what else do we know?" he asked, answering himself before the know-it-all had a chance to chime in. "12 young people missing...all last seen going into the either we got one hungry gator or our little abode has its very own serial killer."

"Technically" came the correction, the chief flinched in irritation "We haven't found any bodies, so a serial killer is a little presumptuous."

A smile came to the chiefs lips; this time it was Turniks' turn to flinch. "Well since your so interested then you wont mind at all coming out into the swamp with me. One way or another I will find out what the hell is going on here."


(Back In The Swamps)

The Chief and his cocky counterpart made their way through the swamp in the shallow bottom flat boat.

"Chief we've been out here for five hours, what exactly are we looking for?" complained the younger Turnik.

"Any sign of what have might have happened to those kids, I mean a smart guy like you otta know 12 people don't dissapear without leaving something behind." said the Chief. "Wait...whats that odd glow, there off the starboard side."

"What the hell is that?.....its almost pulsating!" came Turniks exuberant response.

As they pulled off the main flow and killed the engine the ship coasted closer to the strange glow. Without the sound of the engine a strange humming could now be heard. The boat came to a rest on the exposed roots of a swamp oak, the chief and Turnik got out and rounded the large tree to get a better view of the glowing mystery.

"Holy-#.....Chief..those are hazardous waste barrels, umm I think thats radioactive waste from the plant that shut down a couple years back." muttered the stunned Turnik.

"Why in the hell are they out here?" asked the Chief. Before an answer came the chief heard a muffled scream and loud splash. By the time he turned around Turnik was gone, a slight ripple marking the spot where he previously stood.

The Chief stood unable to contemplate where his officer had gone. He shouted. "Turnik!! this # ain't funny!" No response.
"Turnik!!!!" he said again. Turning he thought to himself what a tool Turnik was, and as he came around again facing the glowing barrels he saw them. Rising out of the water all around him were RADIOACTIVE SWAMP ZOMBIES!!!

"NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" screamed the chief as they drug him to the bottom.


(Next Day: On The Edge Of Town)

Cartman was the only officer left in the small town, and one of the few remaining sane humans. The radioactive swamp zombies had stormed the town during the night. Now facing a wave of angry green glowing zombies he pulled his weapon; a .44 Bereta, and started firing into the crowd of his former townsfolk.

"Die you SOB...Die!!!!" was the last word he managed before being torn in to.

The zombie hoard continued on, consuming hapless citizens as they went.

posted on Oct, 9 2012 @ 12:31 PM
I knew I shouldn't have dumped those barrels of radioactive waste into the swamp.

Excellent Zombie story.

and an extra
for installing the image of Cartman being attacked by Radioactive Zombies into my brain.


edit on 9-10-2012 by isyeye because: (no reason given)

posted on Oct, 9 2012 @ 02:33 PM
reply to post by isyeye

Thank you isyeye, ill be honest it took all my restraint from running with it and turning out another 8-10 part story.

I was gonna write about mutant eggplant, but you got the food genre covered.

posted on Oct, 18 2012 @ 08:19 PM
Great Job!


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