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Why mocking intelligent design believers scientifically is not fair

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posted on Jun, 1 2013 @ 06:07 PM
Not sure if this fits your post, but here goes.
Though not stating this is fact or even my belief,
But as far a creationism/intelligent design/evolution,
Can't it be all of it..? Ponder this : God creates man out of thought and willed
It so, how is that not intelligent design? If we are to get anywhere
My belief is that we can believe in the creator and still believe in intelligent
Design. We can relate to what we know through science and we have our
Beliefs, be it spiritual or religious it can all be so, we need to ponder things and
Use our imaginations while staying true to ourselves and dealing in the real world.
I just think its so much more than we can comprehend, at least at this time.
I know that I look forward to hearing new ideas and perspectives, and continue
To learn what I can.

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