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Looking For Others... You Know, that Like What I like.

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posted on Oct, 8 2012 @ 04:07 PM
Yes there are literally over 100 forums here on ATS that vary into so many subjects, (which can be found here, and we start threads with the intent of teaching, or informing others with things that we think could be useful entertaining, eventful, or educational, but I wanted to try something different based on a thread I started here called Seriously has anyone else noticed this

So I would like to put my money where my mouth this.... I would like to start a few threads and other members as well to find similar interests that are not so much looking for a debate, but to share a particular subject that they enjoy and research a lot, and want to share what they know with similar or like minded people.

Not to say AT ALL that there is no participation of others, as that is not my intent, but sometimes I see posters and I enjoy their threads and info and want to share more or less what I know with them as well, and gain more knowledge without having to present it in a "normal" type thread fashion.

Such as sharing books, ideas, out there theories and such in a cool environment. I do that with a handful of people outside of ATS, where we just compare notes, or exchange books, and ideas, and it has helped my research immensely, so I can imagine with just few what I have learned, how about with thousands of people all over the world?

We are not all knowing in everything, but I am fully aware that there are many of us that have a few things that we hold dear to our hearts and research with an open mind, but sometimes are reluctant to share due to possible ridicule, I would like to change that.

I cannot keep writing about complaints and not try to offer any solutions either, then I am just wasting ATS' time as well as yours.

So if this goes over well and others want to participate we can share just a few things that we like/love, and see the others that like/love the same subjects and we can share. If others out there aren't familiar about the subjects either they can easily read through what we add and learn and maybe participate when they find something new or interesting.

I look forward to this very much, thanks for reading, NRE.

posted on Oct, 8 2012 @ 05:00 PM
Ok, so here it goes, I love the areas of mind control, subliminal messages and NLP a.k.a Nuero Linguistic Programming. I have been trying to find easy to follow semantic PDF's but have been unsuccessful, and hopefully someone here might be able to lead me into the right direction.

I have lots of info, papers, PDF's, and videos about this subject, and have even participated in a research project here on ATS about this.

So I knew I may have to start this one up, and that's great, looking forward to others coming in and sharing, Peace, NRE.

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