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I Believe I Was Visited by Spirit of Kitty!

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posted on Oct, 10 2012 @ 03:23 PM
I often wonder - obsess might be a better word? - whether humans actually do have souls and if there is anything to the various human beliefs of afterlives, pre lifelives and so on. I certainly hope there's more because there's way too much to be limited by 70+ years in this realm, much less if there are other dimensions, planes of existence, etc. my personal feeling is - IF we have souls - then I fully expect animals to as well, perhaps that energy or whatever it is is what gives physical existence it's very basis.

I certainly don't know, but neither does anyone else. So regardless of how improbable or mad it may seem from the perspective of some belief systems to have a belief involving spirits and afterlife visits, no one can say with any definitive knowledge that its not real or didnt happen. Science demands proof, but such activity is quite possibly beyond the limits of any detection system in the physical realm. Sort of like denying that sub atomic particles exist because you can't see them, even with the best microscope, but not understanding they are below the threshold that even light operates on. We certainly don't know everything yet, and someone convinced such things are utterly impossible is most likely going dismiss any potential evidence to the contrary. And even if its a completely wacky belief, if it isn't hurting anyone and actually giving you comfort, then I think to try to take that away is pointless and perhaps even cruel.

I hope there's more to life than just these small flashes of existence, for us and our animals, and even the naysayers. And since no one knows for sure either way, I think going with the more beautiful and comforting idea is far more logical than not. :-)

posted on Oct, 11 2012 @ 06:43 AM

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posted on Oct, 11 2012 @ 09:55 PM
Well Meow was a very lucky kitty to have an owner as kind and caring as you Char-Lee, she was a beautiful cat, and what a gorgeous garden to play in!
I had an experience last year when I had my cat Heidi put to sleep (after 15 fantastic years
), she used to curl up on my knee every night when I'd sit down to watch tv, which would never fail to cheer me up after stressful days at uni. The day we got her ashes back, I put them on my mantlepiece, and sat down in my usual spot. After a minute or so, I felt a slight pressure and warm sensation on my lap, and another of my cats legged it into the room looking slightly confused and stared at me, then my lap. The feeling only lasted for around 30 seconds, and it's probably just wishful thinking on my behalf, but I'd like to think maybe that was Heidi letting me know she was still around.
I hope all our beloved pets are waiting for us at that Rainbow Bridge

posted on Oct, 13 2012 @ 11:17 AM

Originally posted by humphreysjim
Not to detract from your story, it obviously has meaning to you, but for me, only a person reasoning irrationally due to grief could ever make the link between experiencing a cold spot and encountering the spirit of a dead cat.

Making such a link is just completely without merit. If anyone but you, who were attached to the cat, and thinking about him, experienced the same sensation at the same time, in the same place, they would shrug it off as mundane and carry on with their day, but you were looking for something special, and you found it.

Treating this as evidence of ghosts is understandable for you, who has lost a cat, but for anyone else to go along with it is madness.
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Have you ever experienced a cold spot...and I don't mean one that can obviously be explained by a draft or anything reasonable? I'm talking the very unique identifiable kind that paranormal investigators are familiar with. My husband thinks as you do. He prides himself on being a sensible skeptic. Then one of the several "ambulatory cold spots" that my daughter and I have been in contact with for a few years now finally made its presence felt to him and it shocked him speechless. He can't even discuss it. He can't come up with a conjecture or rational explanation for an icy blast of refrigerated air coming up the stairs as I did (it had enveloped me in one of the ground floor rooms) and flinging itself from me to him in a heated toasty warm house.

I don't know what or who our cold spots are, but I used to be afraid of them until this past summer. My daughter and I were out on our garden patio in the summer heat, it was without exception a scorcher of a day until our friend the cold spot materialized out there. I checked to see if a draft was coming from our air conditioned house via any leaks around the windows. There was not.

Even if there was it would not explain why there was an adult man sized spot of very cold air standing out in the garden with us. My daughter and I poked at the cold spot and she asked me what it was and would it hurt us. She was 7 and afraid of it. I said I didn't think it would, since it had been living with us off and on for years now. I said I am guessing it's sort of a "ghostie" but I had no way of knowing for sure and that maybe someday science could explain what it really was. I said "lets just let it know we mean no disrespect to it, and accept that this is its home, too, if it treats us kindly, too." So far, it's not been as "in your face" with us like it was before. It used to be a bit, well, obnoxious and I could never feel at home here. I guess it just wanted acknowledgement. I feel a bit more able to relax in this house now. Fall and winter will be the real test, that's when the atmosphere turns hostile and I start experiencing shadow beings and my daughter reports feeling being watched by a threatening presence.

There are other cold spots like it in the woods behind our house. They move not like a breeze or a draft, they are discreet blobs of cold air you can poke an arm into and even walk into and through. edit to clarify: when I say they move, I mean that like people, one moment they are in one spot, then seem to move to another spot while retaining size and shape. Walking among them is like walking among several very cold people because that is roughly the size and shape they suggest: the silhouette of an adult human. And they are not out all the time. Sometimes theu are out there, sometimes not. Day or night, most noticeable in the daytime when the contrast between hot daytime temperatures to their own is more noticeable. I've not been able to come up with a logical explanation for their presence and it's a phenomenon independent of weather or any other logical causes. That's not to say they are ghosts. I've no idea what they are. But they are not something easily explained and I've never experienced anything like it until I bought this property.

Nobody has died in this vicinity in the last 100 years that we've ever heard of. There are very many pets buried in the woods by us and by neighbors over the years as well as wild animals that have died back there. I'd like to think the cold spots are animal spirits but they are man-sized so I just can't really figure it out. Perhaps long ago this was a Native American tribal area. That would had to have been over 150 years ago, though. This land was farmland for well over 100 years before the land was turned into a suburb 30 years ago.

Char-Lee I'm sorry for the loss of your kitty. I know what that is like, I lost my feline love of my life under harsh circumstances too. Amazingly a twin of her in looks and behavior entered my life a few months later. I'm still in happy shock about that turn of events. I feel like my kitty saw my grief and engineered a match to say she approved of the home I gave her while we were together and to believe in myself and the life and love I gave her. I don't feel you are making too much of your experience. Your heart knows what it knows.
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