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Parallel Universe Experience

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posted on Oct, 8 2012 @ 01:41 AM
This is difficult to explain...

Last night I was lying in bed on my back, in "Shavasana" which is a relaxation posture in yoga. I was just relaxing, and I may have fallen asleep, I'm not sure. I will call this an "experience" and not a dream because I was fully aware that I was in the wrong "place". Fully aware of my "real" life.

All I know is that all of a sudden I was still lying in my bed, but it was day time. The sky was grey. My boyfriend was still lying next to me, busy on his laptop as he was before. It was still the same house, the same room the same town but the details were different.

His clothing was different, our bedding was different and as I said, it was now day time. His mother was still staying with us, but she looked different. As I "arrived" and realized where I was, I panicked. "How am I going to get back?" - I thought to myself. I had the strangest feeling in my legs, they were buzzing so intensely that it was almost painful. I was stuck there for a while, I'd say maybe an hour or two. I remember my boyfriend looking at me funny because I was acting strangely.

In this "other place", I was running a bath. It had been running for so long that the bath overflowed and the geyser had burst. The entire bedroom floor was covered in water and it was starting to run down the stairs.

I had to tell him, because I knew he would understand. So, I explained it to him. He believed me, and I asked him what the time was. He replied - "20 CET" . I said to him, that's not how we say the time where I come from.

All of a sudden I was back in my real bed, in my real time. I freaked out... I was flabbergasted.

Was it just a dream or did I really slip into another parallel universe?
Weirdest experience of my life for sure.

posted on Oct, 8 2012 @ 01:50 AM
20 cet? Sounds like a lucid dream to me. Clocks never work right in dreams. Ive never asked someone the time in a dream though. But, what on earth would 20 cet mean in an alternate universe? And the geyser had burst? Lol.

I often fall asleep meditating. Its a great feeling

posted on Oct, 8 2012 @ 01:59 AM
reply to post by phroziac

Yeah it could be a dream for sure, but it is a bad habit of mine to leave the bath running for too long. The thing is, I was so scared because I thought I was going to be stuck there forever. I knew about my real life and this was so real it was insane, not just like when you know you are dreaming. This was just so different and the feeling in my legs freaked the hell out of me.

Sorry if I seem frantic, but I still am.

posted on Oct, 8 2012 @ 02:00 AM
reply to post by Tripple_Helix

I am sure you were dreaming. Sometimes I have dreams that start out with me being asleep and waking up like I normally would. I don't realize I am dreaming until strange things start to happen, when I know I am asleep.....I always really wake up at that point and think, wow what a cool dream, I had no idea I was even dreaming. I enjoy when that happens, it's a very strange feeling.

posted on Oct, 8 2012 @ 02:03 AM
Next time it happens try some weird shiz. Try flying. Within sane methodologies just incase...dont jump out a window or anything.

posted on Oct, 8 2012 @ 02:26 AM
I've been searching the internet to figure this out and I can definitely relate to this woman - LINK

Also, the major things are the same but the details are different.

But maybe it was a dream because at the bottom of the page the state that time would be symmetrical and in my experience it was day time when it was supposed to be night time. Who knows....
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posted on Oct, 8 2012 @ 02:42 AM
reply to post by phroziac

20 cet probly was 8am central sumthing time,as in cat-central africa time?

posted on Oct, 8 2012 @ 04:43 AM
reply to post by Raxoxane

I live in Africa and I wasn't even sure about that.

posted on Oct, 8 2012 @ 05:06 AM
The following is my opinion as a member participating in this discussion.

"CET" is "Central European Time". (I live in central Europe, btw.

"20 CET" is 8 PM. If it were 8 AM, it would just be "8 CET".

And yes, here we really do use this. Not normally in day-to-day speech -- because after all, we know where we are!
But on the news programs it's not uncommon if they're referring to an event that occurred somewhere else, they'll tell us when it was in "CET". Where I live, they'd give it in Czech, but it still translates to "CET".

It's quite normal here for times to be given based on the 24-hour clock rather than the 12-hour clock. For example, all TV programs in the TV guides are in 24-hour time. And if someone wants to meet me at (say) 7 PM, they'll typically say "at 19 hours". We do also use "12-hour" time and connect it with the equivalents of morning (rano), forenoon (dopoledne), afternoon (odpoledne), before evening (podvecer), evening (vecer) and night (noc).

It takes a bit of getting used to!

Anywhoo.. In short, I guess he meant "8 PM, Central European Time". The only odd thing is that usually, we'd include the word "hours". Like "20 hours, CET." But if I said to someone "Uvidime se ve dvacet" ("We'll meet at twenty" [literally, "We'll see each other at twenty"]), they'd know I mean 8 PM, even if I don't use the word "hodin" (hours).

If you go to this wiki page about CET, it also has a map that shows what countries use it. It's not only used right in the middle of Europe where I live, but as far afield as Spain, Italy and Sweden...


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posted on Oct, 8 2012 @ 05:20 AM
The following is my opinion as a member participating in this discussion.

reply to post by Tripple_Helix

Now to the details of what you experienced.

Yes, it could have been a dream, but as you know, there are dreams and then there are dreams. Most of our dreams are probably just related to our minds "processing" whatever we've recently experienced and so they rarely make a lot of sense. And then we get the odd dreams and this is sure one of those.

Perhaps you got a glimpse into what's commonly called a parallel universe -- an alternate stream of time and place; one not too far removed from your usual one, but different enough for you to notice and even be disturbed by it. Or, perhaps you simply had a highly creative dream, rather than the more common "processing" variety. It's not really possible for us to be sure.

The fortunate thing is that you were able to recall quite a lot of detail. Hopefully, if you happen upon the same dream "location" again (if that's what it was), you will have a better opportunity to learn more from it.

My favourite dreams involve flying. Not in planes -- just peacefully flying through the air. They are always wonderful experiences and I usually wake up smiling and wishing I could really do that. I had one recently and it was just glorious. Beautiful, rugged mountain scenery, green valleys... And me flying around and enjoying the view. I flew past a few groups of hikers who were heading up some of the trails and it quite freaked out a few of them, especially when I paused in mid-air and waved at them!

Not kidding...

Sometimes dreams can be a worry, sometimes they're a gift.


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posted on Oct, 8 2012 @ 07:21 AM
The fact that you said you were asleep on your back tells me that you experienced what I experience almost every night ..... Sleep paralysis google nightmares sleeping on my back or something along those lines and you will find info on it
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posted on Oct, 8 2012 @ 08:00 AM
Could you of possibley had a false awakening? I assume you were dreaming because you were initially on a bed. A false awakening is when you wake up in your room but your dreaming and there are subtle differences.

One time I had one and I thought I was awake and there was a tiger in my house and skeletons dancing on the wall, I was terrified and it took me awhile to figure out I was dreaming. Also, when you are aware your dreaming you have recollection of your real life, well I do atleast.

posted on Oct, 8 2012 @ 09:22 AM
reply to post by donosh

I've had sleep paralysis MANY times in my life. This definitely was not one of those experiences as I wasn't paralyzed. Sorry to hear that you experience this too though, it is one of the most frightening things ever.

posted on Oct, 8 2012 @ 09:27 AM
reply to post by vendettent

Yeah I suppose, although, I very seldom have the realization that I'm dreaming. On the odd occasion that it has happened, I wake up immediately... This could have been anything. I won't dismiss any theory. Just, none of them feel right if you know what I mean.

I know that no one will be able to tell me what it was. But none the less, I still thought that I'd share as it was strange to say the least.

So thanks

posted on Oct, 8 2012 @ 11:05 AM

Originally posted by Tripple_Helix
reply to post by donosh

I've had sleep paralysis MANY times in my life. This definitely was not one of those experiences as I wasn't paralyzed. Sorry to hear that you experience this too though, it is one of the most frightening things ever.

Well sleep paralysis IS a paranormal or gateway experience 100% of the time to begin with, and it doesnt matter how they've tried to hide that and classify it.

That was like a timeline switch.

I had one dream, it wasn't as vivid as yours, at least what I can remember of it. But something bad was occurring, legally, and my dad was in it. Now there are only a few where a Guide, or my Guardian Angel seems to be telling me something, and its often something while I'm half way inbetween sleep and waking up, in that nano space between states.

So this time, as I was in that inbetween state, She said concerning, the realm I was awakening in, ie this one we share here: This is just another timeline possibiltiy, potential. All the realms are just like in the Double Slit experiment, where 1 electron interacted with itself in ever potential possibility to form the wave like pattern.

Even this one, is just another possibility, where all the questions of what happens if we do this, or that, are answered.

And I want to add something. Many people explain timelines or shifting into these realms of possibility and potential, as if its an empty realm or a shadow, and as if we can just hop realms like that.

However, what I understood in the way my Guide or Guardian flooded my mind with her words, was that ALL THE TIMELINES WERE REAL REALMS AND PEOPLED.

So I'm not quite sure how you shift into them, where the other soul goes. Or if you are shifting into a possible split in the timeline, one that may temporarily be a shadow of that one, unless the management team keeps you there, then it may become real.. Don't know.

Another possibility is that, in the realms where "You" people that body form of yourself here, ie multiple lifetimes of a soul, then its possible you just join up with yourself at the time. So both of you would be experiencing something odd that day.
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posted on Oct, 8 2012 @ 11:36 AM

Originally posted by vendettent
Could you of possibley had a false awakening? I assume you were dreaming because you were initially on a bed. A false awakening is when you wake up in your room but your dreaming and there are subtle differences.

One time I had one and I thought I was awake and there was a tiger in my house and skeletons dancing on the wall, I was terrified and it took me awhile to figure out I was dreaming. Also, when you are aware your dreaming you have recollection of your real life, well I do atleast.

I didnt know that was that common....ive had it happen a couple times. My car had been stolen in one of these dreams. Woke up and checked lol....felt so real..

posted on Oct, 10 2012 @ 01:28 PM
Well that's quite an experience. I would have been totally freaked out as well. I also want to address the post about time not being "normal" in dreams, I have always been able to see normal time or if I ask get normal time in my dreams and in USA time where I do live. I am thinking since it was still daylight it was also possibly still summertime in that alternate place. So in Europe time during the summer. Just saying that's what I think. I think you indeed did get a glimpse of a different place and time, maybe even a past life.

posted on Oct, 10 2012 @ 09:20 PM
reply to post by Tripple_Helix

Hello Triple Helix! I am glad you got to experience this! I wish everyone could experience something like this a few times throughout their life, but at least once.

I personally can't be certain of what your experience would be termed, but it does have several common aspects related to a a few types of dream-state experiences.

I see that you have experienced SP (sleep paralysis) and know how to identify and discern whether this is what you were experiencing or not.

SP is something that is hard to mis-identify, due to the very noticeable traits associated with it. Based on your description, I do not think you were experiencing only SP.

Hints of Lucid Dreaming are found in your description. Being aware that you are dreaming often leads to having complete control of all facets within the dream. This means you are capable of changing anything and everything within your dream world. Defeating monsters, creating fantasy landscapes, etc.

Why I would tend to think you were not experiencing only a Lucid Dream is also based on your description. Even though the dreamer can control every aspect of the dream, Lucid Dreams usually take place in a fantasy dreamscape. These dreamscapes may have familiar features, but they can rarely be identified as a place you have visited, such as a park, your backyard, or your bedroom.

It seems that you were in between SP and complete REM. It is in this in-between zone where OBE’s (Out of Body Experiences) occur.

People enter OBE’s in different ways. Some are completely aware from the time they lay down in bed to the time they separate from the physical body and enter the OB (Out of Body) world. Others become aware after the experience has already begun. They kind of just ‘come-to’ and realize they are in their room, or where ever they fell asleep at.

There are many different ways to have OBE, including induced and accidental experiences.

Induced are much easier to enjoy, as you can control the time you are there and when you want to leave - granted something from the ‘real’ physical world doesn’t wake you.

Almost every report I have ever read involving OBE explains how frightened the person was while seeing this different world for the first time. The terrible thing about this sort of fear is that it wakes you up and ends the experience early. Many times you will feel as if you have dropped from above and landed back in your body upon awakening - feels like a jolt as you awaken.

What leads me to think you probably experienced and accidental OBE is the description you gave of the dream world. OBE’s typically take place in the exact location you fall asleep in. If you go to sleep on a couch in the Living Room, your experience will begin in the same room and 99% of the room will seem identical to the real room, with only subtle changes here and there. Some say these changes are how the space should look, as opposed to how it does look in physical reality.

Seeing people you know is common, though it is not common to see reports of interaction with those people. There are reports of interaction with individuals the dreamer doesn’t know, but meet later in life.

Seeing the room you were asleep in, the person next to you in the room, the similarities to your waking reality, the subtle differences coupled with your previous experience with SP (sleep paralysis) all seem to point to you experiencing an accidental OBE.

The up side, if you enjoyed it and want to do it again, is that you seem capable of developing skills to induce future OBE’s.

Practice and you will find out what your body needs to induce future OBE’s.

Sleep paralysis is the stage just before OBE becomes possible, but there are other steps in the process…

Lay down in a comfortable, quiet place and remain perfectly still. The next step is one of the hardest to achieve, but once you do, you can experience OBE’s much more often…

You need to remain aware, consciously, but you must allow your body to fall asleep.

When your body begins to fall asleep, you will notice a slight warming sensation wash over your body. Then a very strange tingling sensation - literally an electric shock sensation, followed by the lead blanket.

To Be Continued...

posted on Oct, 10 2012 @ 09:20 PM
reply to post by Tripple_Helix

... Continued

The lead blanket is a crucial checkpoint, because it identifies the stage leading to separation. As your body falls asleep, but your mind remains awake, you will feel something you have most likely never experienced before and it can be scary. Don’t be frightened, you are not dying! Haha, many do believe they are dying during this! Controlling your fear is crucial from this point forward.

Most commonly, starting at your feet, you will feel a sensation that can be compared to having a lead blanket laid onto you. Your feet will get heavy, they will feel as if they are being pushed into the mattress by an unknown force.

The sensation will travel up your calves, to your thighs, then your torso, and finally over your neck and head.

Reach this point and you are ready for lift-off!

Separation is a very, very , very strange and alien sensation and can be difficult to achieve the first few attempts.

When you are ready for separation, all you will need to do is simply ‘roll-over’ and out of your body. Many people have trouble with this and some find it easier to sit up and then stand up. Another good method to separate is imagining you are climbing an endless rope. You will pull yourself right out of your body.

You will notice a strange, but familiar sensation when you attempt separation. It really feels like pulling 2 magnets apart. As if your dream body and physical body are magnetically attracted, it feels as if you are trying to break the attraction and you must break the attraction in order to achieve separation.

You can stand-up and explore your room after separation. You can turn and look at yourself and you will probably be surprised to find the person on the bed only slightly resembles you, even though you know it is your body on the bed.

After separation, you will be able to do whatever you want in your dream. You can walk around your home. You can walk through walls. You can fly. You can go to the moon or other outer-space places. You can fly over your city. You can visit old friends, etc.

It is quite incredible and limited only by your own mind.

Everyone has different experiences with OBE and you will too, if you can ‘Get-Out’!

Good Luck, Hope this helped a little.

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posted on Oct, 10 2012 @ 09:32 PM
Ive had an experience kinda like yours OP, i called it the multiverse trip.

All to do with your awakening

enjoy the strange

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