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‘Square’ Earth - ‘Money' (no longer) makes the World go ‘round.

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posted on Oct, 8 2012 @ 05:49 AM
reply to post by doobydoll

When I think of the horrors our brave grandads and their friends endured through the world wars, risking and giving their lives so that we can have a better life - what would they say to us I wonder, if they could see the state we have let our world become?

My God, isn't that the truth. It makes me squirm to think about it. And I try not to because I end up right back where I started wondering what the hell I can do.

I mean - it's so like you and others say in the next few posts - 'they' will not even listen.

I try to tell people - kindly - by asking what they'll 'get' for all the 'ease' but prison and they look at me like I'm nuts. I ask them 'What will you do when you've not paid your taxes and 'they' just take it out of your bank anyway?' I had one person actually say 'I wouldn't have to go through the BS a doing my taxes would I'.

Oh my God.


posted on Oct, 8 2012 @ 05:51 AM
reply to post by havok

See this new currency is already in it's last stages.
All we need is a way for the actual present currency to fail...which we see now.
Then our slaveowners will present the new global electronic currency.
Either you accept it and use it or you lose everything.

And here I used to think the 'Amero' was the 'thing' to watch out for! What a fool I was!

And WHEN not IF this global crash takes place? Oh yeah, you can bet they'll be all ready with the new system. I'm sure they are already.


posted on Oct, 8 2012 @ 05:57 AM
reply to post by Screwed

People are really dumb cattle who need to be led.
I don't LIKE it!
I don't laugh about it.
It brings me no joy.
But the truth is the truth.
We, collectively, are too stupid to govern our own lives.
Don't agree with me????

Look outside your window.

I'd quote your whole post but above is enough.

Honestly I left the States a number of years back. I used to feel bad - like I was 'chickening out' or 'giving up without a fight' - but even back then NO ONE would listen.

I recently went back (after nearly 15 years away) and I was SICKENED with what I saw. I kept notes even - silly me - thinking I would make a thread on 'America Revisited' - but I gave up even before finishing the rough draft of the thread - and all for the very reasons you listed in your post.

I was sickened by what I saw. The freakin prison 'my people' are living in. The cell phones and the lines and the sitting at stop lights etc etc. At one point I was crying and shouting at a friend saying 'How can you live like this! My God it's sickening' - and my friend? Just sat on the edge of the bed looking at me like 'Wow, she's changed...what a freako.'

And guess what. It's that 'look' my friend gave me that gives me strength. I would so much rather have them look at me like I was a freak, than like I was one of them.

So here I am back outside of the States - still feeling like I abandoned 'them' - but at the same time? Talking to them was useless. Very much like opening a sheep pen to 'let the sheep free'. They will not go on their own. You have to chase them out. And then what? They run right back into the 'safety' of the pen again. Even though they're at the slaughterhouse.


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posted on Oct, 26 2012 @ 04:47 PM
reply to post by silo13

A bit late into the thread Silo but My view is thus:

There are segments of society that would not have access to 'electronic money'. Barter will be the order of the day for those segments, and out of barter arises tokens, otherwise known as money. In effect a two tier society would be created.

There are other segments of society who have access to 'electronic money' but would prefer not to use it. Why do they prefer not to use it? Because of the traceability. Who are these people? The wealthy and the criminally wealthy. Wealthy people do NOT like credit cards and electronic cash. Sure they are useful for some things but cash is better. Cash is not traceable, cash does not say who they are etc.

Whilst the ordinary public embrace a cashless society the ordinary public are being sent there by the wealthy, and the wealthy will return to gold coin, and silver coin, and some form of notes backed by a private gold standard. The wealthy do not wish to be controlled and have the means not to be. We do not. The very poor will not be controlled either because they will be outside the system.

Now add to that the general push to move people into the cities and what do we have? Controlled people in a controlled environment. On the outside will be the people living off the land, and yes there will be land to live off because food production will eventually be synthesised and there will be no need for vast swathes of land to be used.

It is possible that in the distant future these cities will be in a completely controlled environment as well. Then will come the problems of population growth. No problem. Euthanasia once you become a useless eater.

But in all this there will still be people poking at the system trying to bring it down, and the more automated the system is the more easily it can be disabled. Take out a city power grid and the results would be catastrophic for the city dwellers. Even a 'system error' such as we have seen recently could leave huge groups of city dwellers with no 'cash', no means to electronically pay for their food and utilities. Nothing much happened when the banking systems went wrong recently because people could still draw out cash. Some friends of mine were in that situation.

And what would happen in the future when that cannot be done? With no alternatives even a short term system problem of a few days could lead to hungry people running riot. And it may not be just the people. One thing that will happen is that in a cashless society which has managed to achieve segregation from the 'have nots' is that the control is electronic and not physical. The numbers of police on the streets would be drastically reduced over time and in the event of a system breakdown would be ineffective.

The whole system of a cashless society would be inherently unstable in the event of a large system failure. People have a very thin veneer of civilisation. It would not take many days for that to vanish. The results would not be pretty.

I think that we should just barricade the city gates and let them eat each other

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