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The Least Probable Scenario[OWWC]

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posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 04:29 PM
Well it is the end of November and it is now clear that Mr. Obama is in fact once again the President of the United States. He will serve another four years and most likely continue to destroy our Constitution and civil liberties even more now that he has nothing to lose. I see our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights becoming the primary target of his next four years. He needs to lay the way for the next dictator to take command and continue the downward spiral. The Conspiracy and Alternative Media sites are going crazy with the results of this recount and the coming actions of the President. This is all I have to say but will provide more once the inauguration has taken place.

Fast forward to January and the Inauguration…

It was a cold yet sunny beautiful day in the Capital this morning. As I arrived at the capitol building a somehow was feeling a sense of excitement that I had not anticipated. I never expected the event that happened for even a minute. I was a shocked as the rest of the world with how this day played out. Nobody could have guessed the true intentions of Mr. Obama. I believe everyone had him pegged as a pawn in a much larger game. Today he showed that even a pawn can win a chess game.

As he took the stage this morning there was an unusual number of military personnel present and in close vicinity to the president. Before he spoke he reached in his back and pulled out a nickel plated .45 and turned and placed his aim right on secretary of state Hillary Clinton. At this same moment the military personnel and Secret Service all pulled their weapons and aimed them on to many other politicians and prominent people who were seated on the stage and nearby.

Mr. Obama then took the microphone and began to speak to the terrified crowd. He explained to them the misdeeds that had been committed at the American citizen’s expense. He then went on to explain how he had been forced to go along with the status quo or else be Kennedy’d right out of the white house. He was forced to sign unconstitutional laws and bills and to keep the country running while steadily declining. He was forced to allow a police state to strengthen under his watch. He explained that he only did this in hopes he could enact change.

Now he had come to a point where he no longer felt his life was above the American people. He did not care if he was killed. He wanted to get the truth out. We heard many truths and most just could not believe them. He released untold amounts of secret information to the internet and many people across the globe are currently buried in it learning the ugly truths. He then explained that the traitors were to be held accountable and that justice would be served.

We all know what is to happen tomorrow. The public hangings will begin at noon as the military continues its operation of rounding up any and all that are responsible for the oppression of the human race. I will be up and standing by ready to watch them live. I am glad they chose the Capitol Building steps as a place for the gallows. I think that tomorrow will live in history forever and we will be able to rejoice in the freedom we have been given back.

It’s strange to think that we all hated this savior for the last four years. All of the hatred spewed on the internet and the conspiracies and in the long run he saved us all. Maybe he truly is the Messiah.

posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 05:33 PM
reply to post by usmc0311

Dark and grim...

but if he admitted to such. Would he place himself on the gallows as well? Or ask forgiveness?

Such a scene would defintely cause chaos.


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